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Get out of debt with CuraDebt


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Getting out of debt is a concern for many people. Instead of paying your credit card bills with high interest rates every month, why not find a better solution? If you found my CuraDebt slideshow with hopes of finding the answer to your money issues, then you are at the right place at the right time.

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Get out of debt with CuraDebt

  1. 1. Get out of debt with CuraDebt By: Jasmin Grady
  2. 2. About Curadebt Curadebt is a debt consolidation company that helps individuals and business owners get out of debt fast. The counselors who work for Curadebt are very experienced in their expertise and have gone through a rigorous training program to stay educated about everything debt-related.
  3. 3. Curadebt’s services ● Debt settlement ● Debt consolidation (Consumer Credit Counseling) ● Tax Debt Relief ● Bankruptcy, or other options. Source:
  4. 4. Debt settlement Debt settlement is a program designed to help getting out of debt as easy as possible. You don't have to worry about making large payments to your lenders with high-interest rates included. Instead, you can make arrangements to make one monthly payment that fits your current budget. Your credit lenders will eventually come around to negotiate with you to help you get out of debt fast.
  5. 5. Debt Consolidation (Consumer Credit Counseling) Debt consolidation is a bit different from debt settlement. Another phrase to describe this option is "Consumer Credit Counseling." You won't have to worry about getting harassed by creditors and lenders after getting signed up for this program. The only reason they harass you is simply that they want their money. That is all they care about. The benefits associated with this program are: smaller monthly payments along with smaller interest rates and late fee elimination.
  6. 6. Tax debt relief Tax debt relief is a program that is very similar to the other 2 programs I covered. This option is for the people who are having a hard time paying their taxes every month. This program was designed to help customers find the best solution for their tax problems. The sooner you find a solution, the better off you'll be. The last thing you need is to get an unpleasant surprise from the IRS.
  7. 7. Bankruptcy, or other options Bankruptcy should be the option of last resort because it comes with a laundry list of long-term consequences. It may take a huge financial load off your shoulders, but the consequences are very damaging to your credit. Not only that, it stays on your record for up to ten years and you won’t be able to take out any loans for that time period. It would also hurt your chances of qualifying for good car and credit card offers. It’s best to weigh out every option you have before filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  8. 8. Debt relief options for business owners are the same, except the requirements are different
  9. 9. Requirements for business owners In order to qualify for this type of program, you have to have an unsecured debt of at least $50,000. Regular individuals only need a minimum of $10,000. An exception is made for the business owners who make at least $150,000 yearly and have $15,000 of debt to pay off.
  10. 10. This service is unavailable in the following states 1. CO 2. CT 3. GA 4. IA 5. ID 6. IL 7. KS 8. ND 9. NH 10. SC 11. VT 12. WA 13. WI 14. WV
  11. 11. It’s time to look back ● I covered the main details regarding CuraDebt. ● CuraDebt has been rewarded by various programs for it’s outstanding work. ● I covered every option that this company offers. ● I discussed the requirements for struggling business owners. ● I have the list of states that CuraDebt’s services are unavailable to.
  12. 12. Want a free consultation? If you’re interested in getting a free consultation, go to my blog at http: //makemoneyandgetoutofdebtwithcuradebt.
  13. 13. Do you want to call CuraDebt instead? No problem! I have the toll free numbers for tax debt relief and debt settlement listed below: Debt Settlement Department: 877-935-6172 Tax Debt Relief Department: 866-972-7151
  14. 14. Thank you for viewing my presentation!