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What to write in your introduction


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What to write in your introduction

  1. 1. Introduction/What are my intentions Your introduction needs to detail what your aims are, what we should expect to see in your final work and how you got to that point briefly. This is different to your artist statement, your introduction needs to detail your process and development and works as a clear starting point so that the examiner will be clear on what to expect from your work. This needs to be mounted on the first page of your sketchbook – it should be the first thing the examiner reads in your sketchbook. i.e. My chosen exam question is ___________. Initially I experimented with ideas on ______ but soon decided to specifically focus on the concept of ________ (e.g. natural light and its effect on the landscape). I came to this decision because my favourite time of day is the morning, a new day brings new hope and this is what I will reflect in my final pieces, photographs of real beauty that evoke peace and serenity. My artist research on __________ gave me the idea to experiment shooting at different times of day and using filters, slower shutter speeds etc etc. By making my work personal and having the focus of _________ this has shown my development by _____ and my ideas have progressed by _______.
  2. 2. EXAM DATES Monday 31st March - Block F Tuesday 1st April - Block F Wednesday 2nd April - Block C Thursday 3rd April - Block C Friday 4th April - Block B Monday 7th April - Block B Sketchbook deadline: Monday 28th April. This needs to be handed in to college services from 10am – 1pm. If you fail to hand in your sketchbook you will risk failing the exam.
  3. 3. Workshops Every Tuesday and Thursday 13.30 -14.15 in Q10 During Easter there will be a workshop day for both Art1 and Art2 sketchbook work. This will be on Thursday 24th April from 9am – 4pm
  4. 4. What are my intentions and Label 1. A5 label stick on front cover 2. Stick A4 what are my intentions page on the first page in your sketchbook  Centre Name: King Edward VI Form College  Centre Number: 31190  Candidate number: - Jaskirt will give individually
  5. 5. Resources Start to write a list of what resources will you need? How many final prints will you produce? What size? How much mount board?
  6. 6. Resources Start to write a list of what resources will you need? How many final prints will you produce? What size? How much mount board?