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Magazine front covers


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Magazine front covers

  1. 1. MS1 Analysing Magazine Front Covers
  2. 2. Masthead Cover lines (Puffs) Dateline Main image Main cover line Selling line (Slogan) Barcode
  3. 3. Masthead The name of the magazine displayed in the typeface in which it is designed. This is the visual branding of the title and is often done in a specially designed typeface to be very recognisable and unique. The masthead is usually used on the contents page inside as well as the front cover, and as a logo for advertising and branding purposes
  4. 4. Dateline Month and year of publication, often with the price. Note that a monthly magazine usually hits the news-stands the month before the cover date
  5. 5. Main Image In the case of this front cover there is a single image of the singer Mariah Carey. The image is used in a classic way, the face is big enough to stand out on the news-stand, with the model making full eye- contact
  6. 6. Cover lines (Puffs) Cosmopolitan magazine uses a lot of cover lines, which are distributed around the main image without detracting from it too much. A mistake often made with cover lines is that they run over an image that has a lot of colour changes, rendering the words invisible.
  7. 7. Main Cover line This is large - taking up almost a fifth of the magazine cover - and comes in three layers, each with a different colour. It promotes the ‘Amazing real life stories’.This is the first things that captures our attention after the image. Therefore it is a major component of the success of the magazine.
  8. 8. Magazine codes and conventions Magazine front covers always have strong generic conventions: • Price, barcode and issue number/date • A photograph relating to one of the featured articles • A recognisable masthead • Various plugs and puffs on the front cover to entice the audience to buy the magazine • A thematic link between the colours and the type of magazine or time of year
  9. 9. Connotation The secondary meaning associated with something. Example: The connotation of a rose is love
  10. 10. Denotation The primary meaning of something Example: The denotation of a rose is that it is just a rose
  11. 11. Some Golden Rules “Young is better than old. Pretty is better than ugly. Rich is better than poor. Movies are better than music. Music is better than television. Television is better than sports…… and anything is better than politics.” Dick Stolley (1974) (‘And nothing is better than the celebrity dead’) Added 1980