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Documentary photography: Creating Narrative with different types of images


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Documentary resources for AS Photography Students at King Edwards Sixth Form College Nuneaton

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Documentary photography: Creating Narrative with different types of images

  1. 1. AS Digital PhotographyEstablished, Detailed, Main andConcluding – different types of images.
  2. 2. Documentary Photography• What is it?• What sub genre’s fit into documentary photography?Documentary Photography is a narrative or story being told through photographs that involves real events to provide a factual record or report (and sometimes this is complimented with text).• Portraiture, documentary landscape, photojournalism, live events, street photography, self portraiture, sports photography.
  3. 3. TYPES OF IMAGES• narratives : – a story or an account of a sequence of events in the order in which they happened. – the art or process of telling a story or giving an account of something. Compositionally you can use the following types of shots to create a story:• Establishing• Detailed,• Main and• Concluding shots.
  4. 4. EDMC• Establishing• Detailed• Main• Concluding
  5. 5. Establishing• Is the beginning of a narrative – sets the scene. And’Art, 2009. All images © Jaskirt Dhaliwal. For more info go to: http://www.jaskirtdha
  6. 6. Detailed• Looks at specific detail of an item that is part of the narrative. Close up, detailed.
  7. 7. MainShows the main part of the story. Could be portraits of people involved or ashot of the main part of the event.
  8. 8. Main
  9. 9. ConcludingCompletes the story
  10. 10. College Poster – your narrativestudent example using different types of images
  11. 11. Establishing
  12. 12. Main shots
  13. 13. Detailed
  14. 14. • On your new post it note write down the following:• What Makes a good documentary project?• Key skills you might use• Any other photographers you could name• Once complete - stick it next to your original post it note onto the wall
  15. 15. • Plan and prepare to produce your own narrative / short story at home.• For instance this could be someone cooking dinner, going to college etc• You should have 4 – 6 photographs, printed on normal paper at least A5 in your skecthbook.
  16. 16. Artist Examples
  17. 17. Fistful of Dreams by Nishant Ratnakar• Watch the multimedia project:
  18. 18. Sarah Fishlock - Middlemen•