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Aperture themes


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Different examples of photographers that use aperture

Published in: Art & Photos
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Aperture themes

  1. 1. Aperture concepts
  2. 2. Immediate family by Sally Mann
  3. 3. Rineke Djikstra• Beach series
  4. 4. Youthful Bliss by Andric
  5. 5. Jonathan Worth
  6. 6. Lee Freidlander
  7. 7. Nadav Kander – Chernobyl, Half Life
  8. 8. Miranda Hutton – the rooms project
  9. 9. Zwelethu Mthethwa
  10. 10. The Miracle of Death, 2000 by Breda Beban Beban’s husband, Hrovje Horvatic died in 1997, which caused Beban to produce a series of images (other images shown to the left) using the box that contained her husband’s ashes. She photographed this box in the different rooms of their home, which still held her husbands possessions.
  11. 11. Yassine Hakimi
  12. 12. Bernice Abbott