A2 Photography ART3 printing and presentation ideas


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A2 Photography ART3 printing and presentation ideas

  1. 1. Printing and mounting your final outcomes
  2. 2. Printing Prices • A4 = £1.25 each • A3 = £3 each • A2 = £6 each A2 Mountboard = £1
  3. 3. Websites Websites made to specifically for your body of work, to create a commentary and more social interaction. Remember you have an audience of billions online. This may also help for future portfolio purposes too.
  4. 4. Websites
  5. 5. Exhibiting your work Think about framing your images – looks more professional
  6. 6. Artist Statement • You will need a succinct artist statement that discusses the concept of your body of work. • You need to print and mount this with your final images and have a copy of this in your sketchbook too. This will also need to be emailed to jkb@kinged6nun.ac.uk
  7. 7. OIL - Artist’s Statement "When I first started photographing industry it was out of a sense of awe at what we as a species were up to. Our achievements became a source of infinite possibilities. But time goes on, and that flush of wonder began to turn. The car that I drove cross-country began to represent not only freedom, but also something much more conflicted. I began to think about oil itself: as both the source of energy that makes everything possible, and as a source of dread, for its ongoing endangerment of our habitat. I wanted to represent one of the most significant features of this century: the automobile. The automobile is the main basis for our modern industrial world, giving us a certain freedom and changing our world dramatically. The automobile was made possible because of the invention of the internal combustion engine and its utilization of both oil and gasoline. The raw material and the refining process contained both the idea and an interesting visual component for me."
  8. 8. Projection Akram Zaatari: On Photography People and Modern Times
  9. 9. Zaatari is widely known for his expansive practice in photography and filmmaking which reflects on the collecting, archiving and dissemination of such images and the performative role they play in the formation of individual and communal identities and histories.
  10. 10. Installation
  11. 11. Taryn Simon
  12. 12. Diptychs – use two images together Uta Barth’s diptych • Colour as a unifying element • What images speak to each other James Mollison
  13. 13. Suki Dhanda
  14. 14. Jonathan Worth
  15. 15. Corinne Day
  16. 16. Grouping images If you want to group images together in a certain formation then you can arrange them, take a picture of how you would like it and print this to go with your submission. This will clarify how you want your work to be seen to the examiner. You can also number the images on the back in the order you would like.
  17. 17. Large Grouping of images Nick Turpin
  18. 18. Magazine Layouts • Create a fashion layout or a feature article. • This could work for fashion or documentary
  19. 19. Mag layout. • Look at the way you use your images together across a 2 page spread.
  20. 20. Documentary feature
  21. 21. Lead image for your mag
  22. 22. Concertina Mounting
  23. 23. Book • Front cover – include an image, body of work title and your name • Artist statement should introduce your body of work • Photographs – how do you sequence them? • Will you include captions or text?
  24. 24. Nick Turpin Book
  25. 25. Use text with images Fazal Sheikh – from the book Moksha: http://www.fazalsheikh.org
  26. 26. Moksha by Fazal Sheikh Fazal Sheikh – from the book Moksha: http://www.fazalsheikh.org
  27. 27. Nick Turpin Book