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UC and Prototyping


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Syracuse University IST 654 Information Systems Analysis

Published in: Data & Analytics
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UC and Prototyping

  1. 1. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 1 ASSIGNMENT3: UC and Prototyping (Wellness Activity Tracking System) JASH MEHTA GROUP 3 Mentor: KshitijChug Weekly meeting time (Groupmeeting): Wednesday 3-4pm Weekly meeting time (Group+ Mentor meeting): Wednesday4- 5pm Venue: Ice Box, Hinds Hall
  2. 2. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 2 CONTEXT Overviewof the company, current scenarioandthe future. Healthcare in the USA is going through a serious crisis.  The spending of the USA on healthcare is 2X per capita than other industrialized nations.  Medical billsare amajorfactorinmore inmore than60% of the personal bankruptciesintheUSA, 75% have health insurance.  Between 2000 and 2006 health insurance premiums rose 87% and the average wages rose by 3.8%. In spite of this the USA ranks 37th in healthcare system.  The fully insuredplansare expensive andhence one of the reasonforthe crisisinhealthcare economy.  The alternative tofullyinsuredplanisthe self-insuredplan.Inthis,the employerretainsa portionof the risk andinsteadof large premiumsthe employer paysthe administrative billsand stoplosscompany’sbillswhichare generallymuchlowerthanthe monthlypremiumof fully insured. Healthcare self-insuranceandconsultingGroupoffercustomerswithvarietyof servicestoourclients.We encourage many wellness activities, promote self-management through healthcare Apps and increased patient clinician interaction. Providing such services requires building an IT infrastructure and systems whichcan supporthuge volume of customers.In this documentwe have designedthe use case diagram and a prototype. The purpose of the use case diagram in this document is to describe the system from perspective of all stakeholders.The use case diagrambringsout all the requirementsof the systemfrom the viewpoint of all the stakeholders. The actor glossary, use case glossary, use case table and the use case narrative are provided along with the diagram to understand the diagram in detail. This document also includes a prototype for the login, browsing and customer RSVP. Our company is the only consulting group which uses various technologies so it becomes necessary to remain competitive in the market. In short the UC and prototype brings out the requirementsfrom the viewpoint of the stakeholders.
  4. 4. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 4 Actor Glossary Actor Description Wellness Activityand Planning Centre (WAPC) The WAPC plans all the wellnessactivitiesbasedonthe alertsgeneratedbyMTAS system.Itdecidestoplanfornutritionseminarif the MTASalertsthat many customersare sufferingfromdiabetes/heartdisease.Itsendsthese plansto EnrollmentDepartment(ED).Basedonthe RSVPcountof the patientsitfinalizes the planswiththe nutritionspecialistsanddecidedvenue,timeetc.Afterthe wellnessactivityitalsocollectsonlinefeedbacksfromcustomers.Italsocollects feedbackfromMTASregardinghealthof the customerspostthe wellnessactivity. Thisdepartmentanalysesthesefeedbacksandcreatessuccessreportsbasedonthe feedbacks. Enrollment Department (ED) It receivesthe initial plansof the wellnessactivitiesfromthe WAPC. The ED gives the access of its system information(database) tothe NAFcomponentof the wellnessactivitytrackingsystem.The information fromthisDatabase containsthe informationof all the customersenrolledinthe university. Medical Trackingand AlertsSystem (MTAS) Thissystemalsogivesaccessto the ED regardingthe medical informationbasedon thisinformation WAPCplansactivities. Thissystemalsogivesthe accesstothe NAF componentof the wellnessactivitytrackingsystem. The information fromthis Database containsinformationregardingthe healthof the customers.People havingdiabeteswill be alertedbyNAFregardinganupcomingnutritionactivity. Thissystemisalsoresponsibleforreportingthe healthstatusof the customerspost the wellnessactivitiesasfeedbacks.ThishelpsWAPCdeterminethe successof the seminar. Verification and Validation (V&V) Thiscomponentinthe wellnesstrackingsystemhastworesponsibilities: 1) Authenticationwhenuserlogininthe system 2)Testingeligibilityof the customersforthe RSVP (if someone hasbreathing problemshe/shecannotparticipate inthe marathonwellnessactivity) Finance Department The job of thisdepartmenttoaccess the informationfromthe of the wellness activitytrackingsystem todetermine the RSVPcustomers.Basedonthe RSVPcount the budgetforthe wellnessactivitiescanbe decided. Customers (University) The user/customerwill receivenotifications viahealthcare AppsorWebPortal.The user/customerwilllogininordertoRSVPforthe seminarprovidedthatthe customerisregistereduser.Once he/shesuccessfullylogsinthenhe/she canRSVP for wellnessactivitiesbasedonthe eligibility,thisnotificationissenttoNAF componentwhichregistersintothe DB. Whenthe customerisattendingthe wellnessactivityhe/sheshouldswipe the IDcardin the system, thisgivesanideaof howmany customersturnedupforthe seminarafterRSVP.Customerscanalso provide IDno.on the website if theyare attendinglive orrecordedwebinars. After the wellnessactivitythe customerswill be askedtofill online formswhichwill be a short survey/feedback. Thesefeedbackare receivedbyWAPC. Notification and Fetch (NAF) Thiscomponentisa part of the wellnesstrackingsystem. Itreceivesnotification fromvariousactors and alsosendnotificationstovariousactors.It sends notificationstothe customers viahealthcare Appsandwebportals. Also,inthe case of erroneouslogincredentialsorerrorin RSVP,thiscomponentnotifiesthe customerregardingthe error.
  5. 5. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 5 Use Case Glossary Use Case Name Use Case Description Participating Actors AccessingDatabase of WellnessSystem Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the WAPCor/and Finance Departmentaccess Database of the wellnesstrackingsystem.This database isaccessedto getan estimate of howmany customerswill attendthe following wellnessactivity.Dependingonthisestimate the WAPC finalizes(venue,time etc.).Also, dependingonthisestimatethe Finance Departmentdecidesthe budgetforthe event. Finance Department, WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) PlanningWellness Activities Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the WAPCcreatesinitial plansforthe wellness activities.Thiswellnessactivitiescouldbe planningayoga session,marathonsor nutritionseminar.The WAPCreachesoutto the sponsors, yogateacheror dieticianto conduct seminars. However,theseare rough plans(approximate dataandvenue). WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) PlanningMental HealthActivities Thisuse case describesthe eventof planning activitieslikeYogasessionsandMeditation sessions. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) PlanningPhysical FitnessActivities Thisuse case describesthe eventof planning physical activitiessuchasmarathons,morning jogs,gymtrainingetc. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) PlanningNutrition activities Thisuse case describesthe eventof planning seminarswithdieticians. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) SendingPlans Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the initial orroughplansof WAPCare senttothe EnrollmentDepartment. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) Finalizingbasedon RSVP Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the WAPCfinalizes (date,venue,timeetc.) plans basedon RSVPcount.Thisuse case comesinto the picture afterthe wellnessactivitytracking system’sinformation isaccessedbythe WAPC. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) Receive Feedback Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the WAPCreceivesfeedbackfromthe customers. Customerswrite onlinefeedbacksforthe wellnessactivitiestheyhave attended.The WAPCalsoreceivesthe medical health information,of the customers,asafeedback fromthe MTAS on regularbasis. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) Analyze Feedback Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the WAPCanalyzesthe feedbackgivenbythe WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC)
  6. 6. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 6 customers.Italsoanalyzesthe medical health informationwhichisthe feedback givenby MTAS. Analyzingthese feedbackshelpsto decide whetherthe wellnessactivitiesare goingwell anditis onthe righttrack. Generate success Reports Thisuse case describes the eventpost analysesstage. Itbasicallygeneratesreports for eachwellnessactivityforthe top managementof the company.These reports are generatedbasedonthe numberof people attendedthe wellnessactivity,positive or negative feedbackgivenbythe customers, positive ornegative medical health informationreceivedfromMTAS. WellnessActivityPlanning Center(WAPC) Receive Plans Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the ED receivesthe initialorthe roughplans from the WAPC.As soonas the department receivesthe plansitknow ithasto give the access of the information of the customers enrolledinthe company.The accessisgivento the NAFcomponentof the wellnessactivity trackingsystem. EnrollmentDepartment(ED) GivingAccessof DB to NAFcomponent Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the ED givesaccessof the customerinformation to NAFcomponent.Givingaccessmeansgiving importantinformationof the customers (customerID,customername etc.) viawhich theycan be notified. The MTASalsogives access of its systeminformationtothe NAF component.Forexample:suppose the NAF componentfindssetof customerswith diabetesandthe upcomingwellnessactivityis nutritionseminar,inthiscase NAFwill send special notificationstothese customers. EnrollmentDepartment(ED) & Medical Tracking and AlertsSystem(MTAS) TrackingMedical Informationand givingalertsto WAPC Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the medical informationof the customersis trackedregularly.Eachvisitto a doctor is trackedand the resultsof the medical health are recorded.Thissystemalsotracksthe medical healthof the patientpostthe wellnessactivities.Thissystemalsosends alertsto varioussystems.Forexample:If there are setof customerswhohave problemsin concentratingoranger managementthenthis will be alertedtothe WAPC.The WAPCcan use thisinformation tomake roughplansOF Yoga Sessionsinthe future. Medical Trackingand Alerts System(MTAS)
  7. 7. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 7 Use Case Table ReportingMedical Healthof customers postwellness activitiesasa feedbacktoWAPC Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the MTAS monitorsthe healthof the patientpost wellnessactivities.Thiscanbe achievedby askingthe customerto update the health informationintheirsystem.Thisinformation issentto the WAPC.WAPCusesthis information todetermine the successof the wellnessactivitiesandalsotoplan future activitiesafteranalyzingthe health informationof the customers. Medical Trackingand Alerts System(MTAS) Checking Authenticityand Eligibility Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere V&V justhave the job of authenticatingthe login and verifyingthe eligibilityforRSVP. VerificationandValidation (V&V) DecidingBudget basedon RSVP Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the Finance departmentdecidesthe budgetbased on the RSVPcount. Finance Department Login Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the user/customerlogsintothe systemviathe healthcare Appsorthe website. Customers(University) RSVP Thisuse case describesthe eventwherein afterlogginginthe system, the user/customer RSVPwellnessactivity. Customers(University) SwipingCardsinthe System Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the customersattendingthe seminarswipesthe card to registerinthe systemhis/herpresence for the wellnessactivity. Customers(University) ProvidingIDno.for webinars Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the customerprovidesthe IDcard no. inthe event of attendingwebinarforthe wellnessactivity. Customers(University) Providingonline feedback Thisuse case describesthe event whenthe wellnessactivityhasconcluded.The customersare askedto fill the online feedback regardingthe wellnessactivity.The customer can fill the survey/feedbackformviaAppsor Website. Customers(University) Receive /Send Notification Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere the customergetsnotificationregardingthe wellnessactivityfromthe wellnesstracking systemandthe wellnesstrackingsystemgets notificationfromthe customersintermsof RSVP. Customers(University) & Notificationand Fetch(NAF) FetchInformation of Customers fromED and MTAS for sending notifications Thisuse case describesthe eventwhere NAF fetchesinformationfromEDand MTAS for sendingnotificationstothe customers. NotificationandFetch(NAF)
  8. 8. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 8 Actor/External agent Event Trigger Dependency Responses Finance Department, WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) Accessing Information of Wellness Tracking System Adhoc (These department accessesthe informationfrom the databases whenrequired) IT adminmust give proper controlsinorder to access the information. The informationof the customersissentacross these departments WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) PlanningWellness Activities Adhoc (WAPCmakes roughplansfor the wellness activity) These plansare made basedon the availability of wellness expertsand wellness partners. These plansare thensentto the ED WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) PlanningMental HealthActivities Adhoc (WAPCmakes roughplansfor the wellness activity) These plansare made basedon the regular feedback receivedfrom the MTAS. Alsothese plans are made after discussingthe schedule with yoga firms, yoga experts, meditation expertsand meditation firms. These plansare thensentto the ED WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) PlanningPhysical FitnessActivities Adhoc (WAPCmakes roughplansfor the wellness activity) These plansare made basedon the regular feedback receivedfrom the MTAS. Also these plansare made after discussingthe schedule with gyms,Zumba These plans are thensentto the ED Notifyingerroneous credentials Thisuse case describesthe eventwhenthe user/customerlogsinthroughwrong credentialsorthere issome errorwhile RSVP. NotificationandFetch(NAF)
  9. 9. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 9 experts, and Zumbafirms. WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) PlanningNutrition Seminars Adhoc (WAPCmakes roughplansfor the wellness activity) These plansare made basedon the regular feedback receivedfrom the MTAS. Also these plansare made after discussingthe schedule with dieticiansand nutrition experts. These plansare thensentto the ED WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) SendingPlans Adhoc (The plansare sent across to the ED viaa clickof a button) Before sending out the plans the plansneed to be reviewed by Wellness planningcenter. The plansare receivedbythe ED at the otherend WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) Finalizingbased on RSVP Adhoc (The plansare finalizedand postedinthe systemviaa buttonclick) Thisrequires the RSVPcount of the customers attendingthe seminar. Confirmingand bookingthe schedule with wellness partnersand givingthema count of people that will attend the event. The final plansare postedon the website andApps WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) Receive Feedback Adhoc (The WAPC receivesfeedback intoitssystemvia buttonclickfrom customersand MTAS) The customers shouldfill relevant feedbackand the MTAS shouldbe upto date withthe medical health information WAPChas customerand MTAS feedbackcritical for analyzes
  10. 10. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 10 WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) Analyze Feedback Adhoc (The WAPC analyzesfeedback and raw data by the toolsthey have intheir system) To analyze feedback,the WAPCmust receive feedbackinthe desiredformat whichmakes analysisvery easy. The analysisof the wellness activityisdone andthe reportsare to be prepared WellnessActivity PlanningCenter (WAPC) Generate success Reports Adhoc (Afteranalyzing feedback,success reportsare generated which are sentto the higher managementin the company) In orderto generate reportsanalysis of information of customer feedbackand medical health statusis necessary. The reportsare generatedfor the highermanagement Enrollment Department(ED) Receive Plans Adhoc (Receivedviaa buttonclickfrom WAPC) A rough/initial planshouldbe made by the WAPCsuch that it can be notifiedtothe customers Plansare receivedthusED realizestogive permissionto NAFto access the informationfromitssystem. Enrollment Department(ED) & Medical Trackingand AlertsSystem(MTAS) GivingAccessof informationfrom ED andMTAS to NAFcomponent Adhoc (Givingpermission to access the informationviaa buttonclick) The reportsof medical health shouldbe ready withthe MTAS. The ED should have complete informationof enrolled customers The NAF hasall the informationinordertosend notificationtothe customers. Medical Trackingand AlertsSystem(MTAS) TrackingMedical Informationand givingalertsto WAPC Adhoc (Thisisachieved by doctoror customerentering theirhealthdetails intothe system) Someone needs to feedthe correct medical informationto track the information. The informationistrackedin orderto make regularhealth reports. Medical Trackingand AlertsSystem(MTAS) ReportingMedical Healthof customerspost wellnessactivities as a feedbackto WAPC Adhoc/Time (Asregularlythe medical health infoisupdatedin the system.At regularintervals the medical health Propermedical health information shouldbe capturedinthe system. The healthreportsare regularlysenttothe WAPCso theycan track successof wellnessactivitiesandalso planfuture wellness activities.
  11. 11. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 11 isreportedto the WAPC) Verificationand Validation(V&V) Checking Authenticityand Eligibility Adhoc (Thisisdone only when user/customer clickson submit buttonwhile logginginor when clickingonRSVP seminar) The customer mustattemptto loginintothe system. Verificationisdone asa resultthe user/customeris able to performhisroutine tasksor an erroris thrown due any error. Customers(University) Login Adhoc (Clickona button) The user must be registeredto loginintothe system. The user/customerlogsinas a resulthe getsaccess to the system. Customers(University) RSVP Adhoc (ClickonRSVP button) The customer musthave successfully loggedintothe systeminorder to Login. As the user/customerlogsin the usercan browse different wellnessactivitiesandcan RSVPthe seminar.The RSVP isregisteredforthe customers inthe system. Customers(University) SwipingCardsin the System Adhoc (Swipe Cardsinto the device) The customer musthave ID cards As a resultthe system registersthatthe customer attendedthe activity. Customers(University) ProvidingIDno. for webinars Adhoc (Provide IDand clickon submitto view webinars) The customeris not able to attendthe seminarand wouldlike to take benefitof the seminar fromhis/her workplace or home via webinar. As a resultthe system registersthatthe customer attendedthe activityviathe webinar. Customers(University) Providingonline feedback Adhoc (customerclicks on the button afterwritingthe feedback) The customer shouldhave attendedthe seminarinorder to fill the feedback. As a resultthe system registersthe customer feedbackintothe system. Customers(University) & Notificationand Fetch(NAF) Receive /Send Notification Adhoc/Time (The customer clickson buttonto RSVP.The NAF componentsends the notification For sendingand receiving notificationthe customermust be loggedinto the system. As a resultthe systemgets notifiedwhenthe customer clickson RSVP.Whenthe systemsendsthe notification,the customer
  12. 12. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 12 whenitis triggeredbyother actors or componentsin/of the system) getsnotifiedviahealthcare Appsand website. NotificationandFetch (NAF) FetchInformation of Customersfrom ED andMTAS for sending notifications Time (The NAF component fetchesthe informationwhen it istriggeredby otheractors or componentsin/of the system) ED andMTAS shouldgive access request fromWAPC. The informationis successfully fetchesasresult of grantingpermissiontothe respective actors NotificationandFetch (NAF) Notifying erroneous credentials Adhoc (Thisuse case is performedwhen the userclickson the buttonwith wrongcredentials ) There shouldbe some error while loggingin or while registeringfor the seminar The customeris notifiedfor the erroneouscredentialsor error inRSVP. Use Case Narrative: Use-Case Name Tracking Medical Information and giving alerts to WAPC Priority High Actor (Primary): Medical Tracking & Alerts System Interested Stakeholders:  Medical Tracking & Alerts System – The MTAS is interested stakeholder because this system keeps track of all the health parameters. ThissystemworkswithWellnessTrackingSystem in order to fetch and store historical medical history. Description: Thisuse case inour systemisveryimportantasthisisthe pointwhere the medical healthhistoryof the customercomesintothe picture.This
  13. 13. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 13 use case deals with storing and analysingpast medical history. This is a point where. Pre-condition:  Customer must be updating their health parameters in the system via periodical feedback  Hospitals or Doctors must be updating patients’ health parameters regularly. Trigger: The event is triggered when the user/ customer fills the periodical feedback/ survey form. Or when the customer visits any health services, physicians or hospitals in the network the physician/health services updates the information in the system. Typical Course Event: Actor Action: System Action/Response Step 1: As soon as the customer fills the feedback/ surveys the system captures the health history. Step 2: This health history/ information’s access is given to Wellness Activity Planning Centre’s Database. Step 3: The historical medical data and current medical data is analysed and then the patient satisfaction is determined. Alternate Course: Alternate step 3a: If the Medical Tracking system is not able to give access to wellnesstrackingsystemthenthe dataneedtobe sentviaa private secured network Alternate step 3b: If the data needs to be sent via private secured network, employees need to track the transfer of huge volumes of data. Conclusion: Thisuse case concludeswhenthe Medical Trackingsystemsuccessfully captures the medical data and gives the access to WAPC. Post Condition: After the MTAS has given access to WAPC, it is the WAPC’s job to analyse the past medical data to determine improvement/ deterioration in the patient’s health. Business Rule:  The system should allow the user to enter the health parameters in the feedback/ survey forms.  The backendsystemmustcapture the healthparameters into the Medical Tracking system.  The system should allow the WAPC to compare the current data with past data.  The system should point out the trends from the current and the past data. Implementation Constrains & Specifications:  The medical tracking system is very sensitive system as it contains medical data of the patients.  Giving access to another system may have serious security implications. Assumption: The Medical Data Tracking System and Capturing system are compatible.
  14. 14. HEALTH CARE SELF INSURANCEANDCONSULTINGGROUP JASHMEHTA 14 Open Issues: Needstrongsecurityalgorithmstoavoidattackssuchasbrute force so that access is not given to any unauthorized user.