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Jash mehta erd assignment


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Syracuse University IST 654 Information Systems Analysis

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Jash mehta erd assignment

  1. 1. HEALTHCARE SELF INSURANCECOUNSULTING GROUP JASHMEHTA 1 ASSIGNMENT3: ERD(Wellness Activity Tracking System) JASH MEHTA GROUP 3 Mentor: KshitijChug Weekly meeting time (Groupmeeting): Wednesday 3-4pm Weekly meeting time (Group+ Mentor meeting): Wednesday4- 5pm Venue: Ice Box, Hinds Hall
  2. 2. HEALTHCARE SELF INSURANCECOUNSULTING GROUP JASHMEHTA 2 Overviewof the company, current scenarioandthe future. Healthcare in the USA is going through a serious crisis.  The spending of the USA on healthcare is 2X per capita than other industrialized nations.  Medical billsare amajorfactorinmore inmore than60% of the personal bankruptciesintheUSA, 75% have health insurance.  Between 2000 and 2006 health insurance premiums rose 87% and the average wages rose by 3.8%. In spite of this the USA ranks 37th in healthcare system.  The fullyinsuredplansare expensive andhence one of the reasonforthe crisisinhealthcare economy.  The alternative tofullyinsuredplanisthe self-insuredplan.Inthis,the employerretainsa portionof the risk andinsteadof large premiumsthe employerpaysthe administrative billsand stoplosscompany’sbillswhichare generallymuchlowerthanthe monthlypremiumof fully insured. Healthcare self-insurance andconsultingGroupoffercustomerswithvarietyof servicestoourclients. We encourage manywellnessactivities,promoteself-managementthroughhealthcare Appsand increasedpatientclinicianinteraction.ProvidingsuchservicesrequiresbuildinganITinfrastructure and systemswhichcansupporthuge volume of customers. In thisdocumentwe have designedanERD to capture the requirementsof the backend.Designa systemsuchthat it can queriedtogetall kindsof data. Oursystemiswellnesstrackingsystemandwe capture all kindsof healthmetricsbefore wellnessactivityandafter wellnessactivity,feedback,wellness activityteamparticipationetc.These metricsare capturedtoanalyze andmake decisionsonthe success of wellnessactivities.
  4. 4. HEALTHCARE SELF INSURANCECOUNSULTING GROUP JASHMEHTA 4 Entity Attributes Description WellnessActivity WA_ID: PrimaryKey WA_type WA_name Initial Date Initial location RSVPCount Final Date Final location Attendance WellnessActivitytablecontains all the initial plansdata,RSVP count,finalizedplansdata, attendance of customers. WA_ID isthe primarykey Customers Customer_Id:PrimaryKey FirstName Last Name Age Gender Phone Number Email The enrollmentdepartmenthas all thisdata. Thisdata is related to the customers. Customer_Idisthe primarykey. Restall is customer’spersonal and general information. Login Username:PrimaryKey Password Customer_Id:ForeignKey Loginis the table with verificationandvalidation componentof the system.This database containsusername and passwordforall the users. Therefore,Customer_Idisthe foreignkeyhere.Foreach customerthere will be one username andone password. Medical Information MI_ID: PrimaryKey BloodLevel Sugar CholesterolLevel Bloodpressure Sleepperday Stresslevels Weight Height BMI ratio WA_ID: ForeignKey Customer_Id:ForeignKey Thistable iswithmedical trackingand alertssystem. Here all the healthmetricsare capturedfor a particular wellnessactivityforaparticular customer. Therefore,there are two foreignkeys:WA_IDand Customer_Id. WellnessTrackingSystem WTS_ID: PrimaryKey WA_ID: FK Customer_Id:FK Team Number Team Members WA_minutes RSVPStatus The WellnessTrackingsystem tracks the wellnessactivity teamparticipation,wellness activityminutesandthe RSVP statusof the customers. Therefore there isalso Customer_IdasFK.
  5. 5. HEALTHCARE SELF INSURANCECOUNSULTING GROUP JASHMEHTA 5 CustomerFeedback Cust_Feed_Id:Primarykey PostBloodLevel Sugar PostCholesterol Level PostBloodpressure PostSleepperday PostStresslevels PostWeight PostHeight PostBMI ratio WA Overall Rating WA Overall Feedback WA_ID: ForeignKey Customer_Id:ForeignKey MI_ID: ForeignKey The customerfeedbacktable contains feedbackaboutthe activity.Alsoitcontainsall the healthmetricspostthe wellness activity.The healthmetricscan be comparedpost andbefore wellnessactivitywas conducted.Thiscan be easily queriedandcomparedas WA_ID, Customer_IdandMI_ID are the foreignkeys.