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apprupt Company Presentation


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apprupt Company Presentation

  1. 1. apprupt® - App Affiliate Network As seen on: © 2010 apprupt GmbH •
  2. 2. apprupt is the first affiliate network for mobile apps. To be Zanox for mobile apps with a strong Vision focus on delivering relevance and affilliate- / Google-like revenue models. © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 2
  3. 3. 1. iPhone Application Market Challenges for Developers, The apprupt App Affiliate Approach 2. apprupt for Publishers 3. apprupt for Developers © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 3
  4. 4. 3 bn. downloads and 130.000 + applications during 18 months. Developers struggle to market apps and to get „seen“ within the App Store. Major challenges in the market from a developer‘s perspective Where do my users come from? How do users find my app? Bücher Bildung ? ? Spiele Musik Medizin Sport Reisen Wetter News “There’s no way Apple could prominently present these 36,000 applications to users without overwhelming them…nobody is going to find your app on their own.” Jason Kinkaid,, April 2009 © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 4
  5. 5. apprupt aggregates and distributes apps to users based on relevance and their preferences within a wide-reaching network of mobile publishers. apprupt Application Network target group specific app distribution through customized publisher app stores App Market apprupt Platform Publishers / Channels Aggregation Optimization Distribution Finance Filtering App Developer User Lifestyle Games Sports Tracking News © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 5
  6. 6. 1. iPhone Application Market 2. apprupt for Publishers Individual App Store Solutions, Contextual App Discovery 3. apprupt for Developers © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 6
  7. 7. apprupt offers individual app store solutions to every kind of publisher with relevant content for users and devices – e.g. Men‘s Health Fitness App Store visit with your iPhone mobil.freenet .de © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 7
  8. 8. Users find relevant apps at a mobile point-of-interest and are led to the App Store – e.g. finance apps at the Financial Times Germany Finance App Store. visit with your iPhone via © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 8
  9. 9. Users also discover apps contextually within publishers‘ mobile websites. apprupt AppConneX connects content to apps at a certain point-of-interest. visit with your Contextual App Discovery iPhone m.menshealth. 1. Point-of-Interest: the 1.  de user reads an article to a certain topic (e.g. fitness / work-out) 2. Context: AppConneX 2.  1. connects content to a relevant app and provides a recommendation based on what the user 3. has just read (e.g. „Hundred PushUps“ 2. app) 3. Application: the user is 3.  then led to the publisher‘s app store, where he is enabled to purchase the app via iTunes © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 9
  10. 10. 1. iPhone Application Market 2. apprupt for Publishers 3. apprupt for Developers Pay-Per-Download App Distribution, Performance Marketing Analytics © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 10
  11. 11. Developers can have their apps listed with apprupt on a riskfree pay- per-download basis or by premium top listings within the network. A. Relevance App Listings Based on relevance and preferences of publisher‘s users CPO: 35 Ct. or 30 % Rev. Share B. Premium App Listings Highlighted and promoted in publisher‘s top / recommended category CPC and CPL basis © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 11
  12. 12. apprupt Performance Analytics serves as a central service for developers by providing them with extensive marketing know-how and statistics. “All of my traffic goes straight to the App Store and I have no idea what drives it or how to influence it.” iPhone developer, apprupt Performance Analytics… ...enables developers to:   analyze success and outcome of their app marketing within different channels (apprupt App Affiliate Network, Twitter, blogs etc.)   manage and track performance of marketing campaigns   profit from apprupt’s core conversion tracking solution free of charge for developers. © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 12
  13. 13. Contact apprupt® - App Affiliate Network apprupt GmbH Mittelweg 146 20148 Hamburg Germany Tel. +49 40 – 40 18 50 15 Fax + 49 40 – 40 18 50 26 Selection of Publishers: © 2010 apprupt GmbH • 13