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General Hospital Love Notes (Part 2)


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Valentine's Day love notes for General Hospital couples: Jason & Sam and Sonny & Brenda.

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General Hospital Love Notes (Part 2)

  1. 1. General HospitalLove Notes Celebrating True Love
  2. 2. Friday, January 20, 2012 8:18 PMI am a mother of eight. Crazy as that sounds to most it has been my world for the past thirty-five years. Ichose to be a stay at home mom after my first son was born. I quickly fell in love with soaps and General Hospital. I have been watching this show for thirty years now and besides Luke and Laura or Sonny andBrenda; Jason and Sam are the most beautiful couple Ihave ever seen. They are completely in love with eachother and that love made us all fall completely in love with them. I know that sometimes people don’t get their happy ending, but I have never witnessed a couple that deserves it more than Jason and Sam. Jason “Run to Me” Sam “What?”Jason “Run into my arms like you did that night…..Just Run to Me” She did and she always will. Jennifer, 65, Virginia
  3. 3. Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:40 PMDecember 3, 2003, June 6, 2006, August8, 2006, September 6, 2006, August24, 2009, September 21, 2011-- Random dates tosome people, but to me these dates will forever beimportant because they are just a handful of themany JaSam moments that I have enjoyed over theyears. My mom has been watching General Hospitalfor as long as I can remember and since first layingeyes on JaSam, while watching with her, I havebeen captivated by their love story. Their love foreach other has managed to survive every trial thathas been thrown at them--a true soap opera staple!They have an open, honest, real relationship that isworth investing in and rooting for. I havecompletely fallen in love with watching JaSam andwill never stop rooting for them.Abby Paris, 23, Kentucky
  4. 4. Friday, January 6, 2012 8:22 PMHappily Ever After, the Romance BookBlog interviewed me on 1/3/12 and knowing Im alifelong ABC Soap fan, asked who my favorite Soapcouple is and why. The answer came to meimmediately - Jason Morgan and Sam McCall fromGeneral Hospital with respectful apologies to Jason andLiz fans, but no. They never worked for me! Why Jasonand Sam? In all soap history, Ive never seen a coupleso well suited, who understand each other, flaws andall, and who accept who the other person is. They GETeach other, without all the longing and angst.Well, except for the current storyline and I hope thenew writers get rid of the whole Franco/baby thingpulling them apart because thats not who they are orhow they handle things – hint hint! Anyway, Sam andJason, to me are the couple I, as a romancewriter, admire.Carly Phillips~
  5. 5. Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:40 PMI have loved Jason and Sam for nine years. Since theirfirst meeting on 12/03/03, they captivated me and hadme rooting for them 100%. Jason and Sam haveamazing chemistry and the ability to take you on ajourney filled with happiness, surprises and evensometimes sadness, but I love how they come out evenstronger from all their trials. I remember rushing homefrom school, so I could be home in time for GH and seejust what Jason and Sam were going to do next. LovingJason and Sam brought me to the soap opera genre. Afew of my favorite things about Jason and Sam, is thefriendship they share, the way they support each otherand most importantly how they love each other sopassionately. I also love how their union connects twoof my favorite core families, the Cassadines and theQuartermaines. Jason and Sam are one of the bestcouples that I have seen in the soap opera genre, and Iam so excited to see the next chapter in their story.Miranda, 20, Texas
  6. 6. Saturday, January 7, 2012 5:29 PMIn my 18 yrs. of watching soaps there has been characters andcouples that Ive hated and loved from almost every soap butno character or couple has ever effected me as much asSamantha McCall Morgan & Jason Morgan have. Separatelythese characters are great but together they are brilliant! Nocouple in the history of soaps, or any show for that matter, hasmade me grin, laugh, smile, cry, or scream as much as Jasamhave. When they shared their first kiss I squealed, When Samlost her baby I wept, When they played Dominoes Ilaughed, When they danced in the rain I swooned, When Jasonlost his memory but then fell in love with Sam all over Icheered, When Sam was shot in Jasons arms, and when hebegged her to live I bawled, and When they finally became Mr.& Mrs. Morgan and gave each other rings that hold so muchsoap history I sat on my couch crying out of completehappiness. These two have over come some of the hardestthings and are stronger for it. Mr. & Mrs. Morgan are a truesoap couple! I love Jason and I love Sam but the love I have forthem together is 100xs more. Jasam is Love!Bethany, 28yrs, from California
  7. 7. Monday, January 2, 2012 3:21 PMJason and Sam are the best couple EVER! Ivewatched a lot of TV/couples over the years andJaSam are my absolute favorite. No couple hasever made me feel as much as Jason and Samhave and continue to do. They have beenthrough hell and are still standing strong. Theymake you believe in true love and the concept ofaccepting one another as they are. A relationshipbuilt on trust is everything and thats exactlywhat Jason and Sam have. I will never stoprooting for these two and I am excited to watchthe continuation of their journey. For me, itsJason and Sam......always!Samantha Lyman, 22, MO
  8. 8. Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:03 PMAs far as Im concerned, Sam and Jason are absolutelymeant to be. Jasons "stone cold" exterior is no match forSam, as she manages to melt that away, and bring hislove for her to the surface. Jason and Sam haveovercome so many obstacles together and I truly feellike theyre a team. My favorite thing about this couple isthe way they love and accept one anotherunconditionally, because I feel like neither of them ever100% had that before. Steve Burton and Kelly Monacohave terrific chemistry, and they say so much justthrough their eyes and their facial expressions. I couldnthelp but get teary-eyed when JaSam got married thispast September, and I cant help but smile when theyshare cute scenes like "Youve been dominoed." Thiscouple is extremely relatable because theyre down toearth and dont need huge over the top gestures toexpress their feelings, but rather use simplicity andsweetness instead. I love to root for this couple, and willalways do so!Ashley, 18
  9. 9. Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:43 PMIn the 25 years Ive been watching soaps I have never loved acouple as much as I do Jason and Sam Morgan. I would racehome after college just to see them on screen and at one pointI began scheduling my course load around the show. Theirfirst scene on 12/03/03 began in an interrogation room andimmediately I could see the amazing chemistry between thecharacters, making it impossible not to imagine themtogether. Through the years I have grown with these twocharacters, watching a friendship blossom into love. This loveJason and Sam share has had to overcome obstacles andheartache that brought me to tears, but my love for thiscouple has never faltered. On September 22, 2011, GeneralHospital bonded Jason and Sam Morgan, aka The Dragon andThe Phoenix, in marriage with the legendary rings of LilaMorgan Quartermaine and Alan Quartermaine. As they begintheir journey, I look forward to what General Hospital and thewriters have in store for them. Two core families, theCassadines and Quartermaines, have bonded providing Jasonand Sam Morgan with limitless storyline.Victoria Tewell (29) Indiana
  10. 10. FROM: Elizabeth KingTO: jasam.morgan@yahoo.comSunday, January 15, 2012 10:16 PMJason and Sam are not just magical but everything youcould ever want in a true super couple. They havesurvived so many trials as a couple and even when theywere torn apart and changed completely they still cameback to one another stronger than ever. Their love is socaptivating that you can never get enough of them. Theymake me feel every single emotion that they feel whenthey feel it. Their love for one another makes you longdesperately for that kind of love in your own personallife. Their relationship isnt just the standard loveydovey soap opera couple kind of love, it isreal, open, honest, passionate and the chemistry thatSteve and Kelly have are off the charts. Despite how badour show can get I continue to tune in specifically forthem because even with the shortest amount of air timethey make their scenes the most powerful with only 30seconds of footage. I have fallen completely and utterlyin love with Jason and Sam and will never stop rootingfor this amazing couple because they are a keeper.
  11. 11. Monday, January 2, 2012 4:14 AMI have loved Jason and Samantha McCall-Morgan since Iwas a small kid, watching General Hospital with mygrandmother. They are fellow JaSam fans andmy, modern day super couple. I watch GH for them, theirlove, and their history; their chemistry is undeniable andcan’t be obtained with anyone else. Kelly Monaco andSteve Burton bring to JaSam what the past super coupleslike Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena andJessie and Angie have to daytime television. Jason andSam love one another, they support one another, andthey stick together through thick and then, rich andpoor, sickness and in health like a true love should. TheJaSam love story has kept me glued to GH; their lovestory has kept me watching and loving them more andmore. A love story like theirs should always exist for GH;they’re General Hospitals last existing super couple.They are and will forever be my super couple and theepitome of true undying love.Kay, 18, Texas
  12. 12. Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 2:26 PM December 23, 2003 was the start of an everlasting bond between the two best characters in daytime television, Jason and Sam. The story of JaSam is the story of perfect love. It is trust and acceptance, something neither one has everfound anywhere else. JaSam show the meaningof real true love, not the glorified soap version. They have overcome so many obstacles and have still ended up on top. JaSam keep thehope alive that even in a messed up world you can still find your soul-mate. Steve and Kelly can play JaSam with pure perfection whether it is with angst or happiness they pull it off! Fans deserve to see this kind of love every single day. Thank you, Tori, Connecticut USA
  13. 13. Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 10:42 PMI started watching GH and fell in love with Jason and Samin the midst of them growing apart in 2007. Theirheartbreak captivated and pulled me in and I found myheart ache at their obvious love for each other not beingenough to keep them together. I watched through theiranger and resentment towards each other, hoping forthem to remember the love they once shared and itfinally, finally paid off. They again started interacting andI could see the underlying need for one to protect andsave the other when one of them was in trouble andneeded help. Their friendship was restored, theyremembered their love and once again their feelings forthe other could not be contained. For me I can clearly seethat Jason and Sam are the loves of each others lives andthey are finally married, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. I hope youwill let their love story continue to thrive through upsand downs, relying on each others love, the way I knowin my heart that it is meant to be. To me they are simplymagical.Sincerely Frida Welin, 36, Gothenburg Sweden
  14. 14. Sonny & Brenda
  15. 15. Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:58 PM SnB are like fire! They are my all time favorite couple ever, because their love for each other is so deep and so passionate. My heart always skips a beat when I watch them together. I have never had a couple that made my heart beat so, and the angst makes me want more of them. They are such a beautiful couple together, and without them on my screen GH does not feel the same. SnB have been on a roller coaster ride since they got together in 1993. We SnB fans can never get enough of them. We would love it if they came back and Ron wouldfix the mess that GH made of them and the show. SnB fans are very passionate about there couple and we waited so long for them. Love them more today then yesterday. SnB are Crazy love for us. Thank you, Sylvia Hartman Portland OR
  16. 16. Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:30 PMI have been a fan of GH for 20 years. In that time Ihave seen MANY couples come and go. Not one ofthem has left a lasting impression on me lie Sonny andBrenda have. Maurice and Vanessas chemistry isunmatchable. Theyve created a true love storythrough the characters of Sonny and Brenda. Theintensity between them draws fans in and keeps themwanting more. When Sonny and Brenda are on screentogether, viewers can truly feel the love, passion, anddesire that they share for each other in their ownsouls. Sonny and Brenda are without a doubt the bestcouple in daytime history. These soul mates deserveto be together. Please give them (and their fans) whatweve all been waiting for after all these years- a"Happily Ever After" for daytimes royal couple. SnBAlways!!!:-)Donna
  17. 17. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:10 PMMy name is Samara Reese fromAtlanta, GA and Ive been watching GH sincethe late 70s. I love Sonny and Brenda becausethey have a chemistry that Ive never seenbefore. I was instantly intrigued by the modeland the mobster. They can just look at eachother and you can feel the heat and intensity.They were instantly drawn to each other andwatching their love story unfold was a trulymagnificent thing to watch. When they aretogether, Im mesmerized. The connectionMaurice and Vanessa have radiates on thescreen. Its almost hard to put into words theexcitement and intensity that Sonny andBrenda bring to the screen.
  18. 18. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:28 PMI love SnB because they have taught me thatno matter what love will always prevail!They taught me what true love means! Sonnyand Brenda were each others first real loveand that can never change! Even though theyeach have issues, somehow they fit! Theylove each other for not just the good thingsby also the bad! I will forever and alwayslove Sonny and Brenda! No other couple caneven come close!!Tara Grindstaff
  19. 19. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:35 PMI have been watching GH since 1980.The mostcaptivating and sexy couple ever on GH is and wasSonny and Brenda!!Brenda and Sonny were a sexy andhot couple right from the start! The hot, sexy flirtingscenes at the car dealership captivated me! Thechemistry and the attraction between Sonny andBrenda can never be duplicated by no other!!,hencethey Daytimes hottest sexiest couple!!!I Could never getenough of Sonny and Brenda, was always dying to seethe next episode, hoping that Sonny and Brenda wereon my TV screen! All Sonny and Brenda fans got tofinally see them get married, so beautiful, brought tearsof joy to my eyes! Although, it was so disappointing notto see the 18 honeymoon scenes that Sonny and Brendawere in! Please bring back our favorite hot couple onceagain and write them like the 90s!!! Please let us seethe 18 honeymoon scenes too!!Lisa MA
  20. 20. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:34 PMMy name is Alax Martin and I started watchingGH in 2010. One of the most magical momentsfor me and the main draw for me was the loveconnection between Sonny Corinthos and histrue love Brenda Corinthos. The wedding thattook several show days we were anticipatingevery day and the wedding itself was sobeautiful and when Brenda went missing wegot so worried but when S&B got reunited wewere all so happy. We loved the scene inDecember of 2010 in them in bed and I knowthere were so many of those in the past. I lovethe connection even from the beginning in1993. Few couples in daytime can match thatconnection and it is wrong that we dont havethat on our show on a daily basis. I will tune itagain if you have VMG come back and the S&BSL.
  21. 21. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:32 PMIm from Maryland and have been watching GHsince 1979. Sonny and Brenda are THE hottestcouple ever to hit daytime television. From themoment Brenda saw Sonny at the strip club whenshe was spying on Karen, there was an instantah, ha, moment for me. Hes hot, shes hot, they willburn up together. I love the way they love eachother, no matter what has happened to them, whothey are with romantically, their connection isforever. When on the phone letting Brenda knowhe was on his way to the Qs to pick her up fortheir first date, Brenda said "Let the fireworksbegin" and Sonny said "You and me Brenda, itsguaranteed" You knew you were in for a great ride!I love this coupled and cannot wait for thefireworks to begin again!San
  22. 22. Monday, January 16, 2012 11:33 PMWhat can I say about Sonny and Brenda??? Youcant say much about them except they areendgame. Brenda is the best thing that hashappened to Sonny. She brings out the best inhim. She gets him. The wedding between to thewas perfect because it was about time they tiedthe knot. They did not get a fair chance this timearound but I still have hope they will be togetherin the end. All I heard and saw on the magazinecovers were Sonny and Brenda. Thats all I knewwhen I was growing up watching GH with myfamily. They are one of the reasons I startedwatching GH all those years ago.Thank You,Katrina, 29, Oakland, CATwitter @KES828385
  23. 23. Monday, January 16, 2012 10:01 PMSonny and Brenda had it all, they weretumultuous, passionate, and at times, co-dependentand unhealthy as hell. They were also (along withJax) one of the greatest love triangles in soaphistory, and General Hospital’s last trueSupercouple. Theyre soul mates and just simplymeant to be together when its all said and done.The connection they share and their intensechemistry and love is just not as strong andpassionate when they are with anyone else. A lovelike theres just doesnt vanish. Its always going tobe there. He would move heaven and earth for her.He would do anything for her and that feeling isnever going to go away. Brenda was his first love.His first real home. She taught him how to love.Theyll never forget each other and I believe thesetwo are truly soulmates. That will never change nomatter who Sonny is with, true first loves never goaway.Love,
  24. 24. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:54 PMHi, I have been watching GH for over 30years...Im 45. I first fell in love with Luke andLaura and then Blackie. And of courseSNB, and have been addicted ever since!!! Myfavorite moment(And there are so many) Butmy all time fav is when Sonny finally tellsBrenda he loves her! The emotions in thatscene the look on Sonnys face when he thinksshe will leave...PRICELESS!!! And also some ofthe best acting on both parts! So real to me Ireally forgot they were actors. I believedeverything and on Fridays I nearly diedwaiting for Mondays.Thanks,Mary Beth
  25. 25. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:50 PMI have watched Sonny and Brenda from thebeginning! They set my world on fire!! Theiron screen chemistry can be felt through theTV. They always managed to put a smile onmy face and for the moment I could forgetabout the problems of the day and hope that Icould find a love that could compare! I wouldlove it if Vanessa could come back and reclaimher status as Mrs. Corinthos. Thank you!!"Why settle for a spark when you can set theworld on fire!"Pamela Blair
  26. 26. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:58 PM They say "seeing is believing," I never understood that or Chemistry fully until that fateful day in December 1993 when I witnessed it right before my very eyes and the eyes of countless others. Nothing my Chemistry teacher ever said made sense until I saw that spark and felt that cosmic pull that is still there. You feel theenergy, the love, the pull when Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) are in a scenetogether. They gravitate towards each other in a way no other actors have on GH and none ever will. Imitations have been attempted, but, they (Sonny and Brenda) are and always will be THE Ultimate Super Couple of Daytime and the other actors who share scenes with them feel it too! Please rekindle this flame, cosmic pull, to its rightful owners. Bring back Brenda and reunite Sonny and Brenda and witness the chemistry for yourself! Respectfully, Barbara Del Regino