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General Hospital Love Notes

  1. 1. Love NotesCelebrating True Love
  2. 2. Jason & Sam Morgan Married: September 22, 2011
  3. 3. Friday, January 20, 2012 8:06 PM “You make me feel safe” such simple words to the average person but to me the most beautiful words ever spoken. That line, those specific words are the reason why I fell in love with Jason and Sam. I will never forget that day; June 16, 2004 and everything changed after that. Since that moment I have been a Jasam fan and I will never stop being one. They have endured so much, been through so much but their love has allowed them to overcome it all. My couple was once torn apart so viciously but I never gave up hope, us JASAM fans never gave up hope, and we never will. I mean we have been waiting years for them to have their baby girl and we are still waitingbecause we know that one day, one beautiful magical day, you will let them fulfill their destiny and that little girl we have been waiting all this time for will finally arrive. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me one more thing to love. It always has been and always will be JASAM. Anna Lynn, 31, Virginia
  4. 4. Friday, January 20, 2012 8:18 PM I am a mother of eight. Crazy as that sounds to most it has been my world for the pastthirty-five years. I chose to be a stay at home mom after my first son was born. I quickly fell in love with soaps and General Hospital. I have been watching this show for thirty years now and besides Luke and Laura or Sonny and Brenda; Jason and Sam are themost beautiful couple I have ever seen. They are completely in love with each other and that love made us all fall completely in love with them. I know that sometimes people don’t get their happy ending, but I have never witnessed a couple that deserves it more than Jason and Sam. Jason “Run to Me” Sam “What?” Jason “Run into my arms like you did that night…..Just Run to Me” She did and she always will. Jennifer, 65, Virginia
  5. 5. Monday, January 2, 2012 4:33 PMThis one is from my 8-year old daughter. One spelling correction made, but other than that, its all her. JaSam is so cool and I cried when they got married. They have really cool romances (I love romance). I snuggle up when they have good days. They love each other very much. Jason and Sam are totally awesome like me! Alyssa, age 8, Maryland side note: Shes been watching for 2 years Thanks! Jenn Corb
  6. 6. Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:40 PMDecember 3, 2003, June 6, 2006, August 8, 2006, September 6, 2006, August24, 2009, September 21, 2011-- Random dates to some people, but to me these dateswill forever be important because they are just a handful of the many JaSam momentsthat I have enjoyed over the years. My mom has been watching General Hospital for aslong as I can remember and since first laying eyes on JaSam, while watching with her, Ihave been captivated by their love story. Their love for each other has managed tosurvive every trial that has been thrown at them--a true soap opera staple! They have anopen, honest, real relationship that is worth investing in and rooting for. I havecompletely fallen in love with watching JaSam and will never stop rooting for them.Abby Paris, 23, Kentucky
  7. 7. Friday, January 6, 2012 8:22 PM Happily Ever After, the Romance Book Blog interviewed me on 1/3/12 and knowing Im a lifelong ABC Soap fan, asked who my favorite Soapcouple is and why. The answer came to me immediately - Jason Morgan and SamMcCall from General Hospital with respectful apologies to Jason and Liz fans, but no. They never worked for me! Why Jason and Sam? In all soap history, Ivenever seen a couple so well suited, who understand each other, flaws and all, andwho accept who the other person is. They GET each other, without all the longing and angst. Well, except for the current storyline and I hope the new writers get rid of the whole Franco/baby thing pulling them apart because thats not whothey are or how they handle things – hint hint! Anyway, Sam and Jason, to me are the couple I, as a romance writer, admire. Carly Phillips ~ ~ ~
  8. 8. Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:40 PM I have loved Jason and Sam for nine years. Since their first meeting on 12/03/03, they captivated me and had me rooting for them 100%. Jason and Sam have amazing chemistry and the ability to take you on a journey filled with happiness, surprises and even sometimes sadness, but I love how they come out even stronger from all their trials. I remember rushing home from school, so I could be home in time for GH and see just what Jason and Sam were going to do next. Loving Jason and Sam brought me to the soap opera genre. A few of my favorite things about Jason and Sam, is the friendship they share, the way they support each other and most importantly how they love each other so passionately. I also love how their union connects two of myfavorite core families, the Cassadines and the Quartermaines. Jason and Sam are one ofthe best couples that I have seen in the soap opera genre, and I am so excited to see the next chapter in their story. Miranda, 20, Texas
  9. 9. Monday, January 2, 2012 4:14 AM I have loved Jason and Samantha McCall-Morgan since I was a small kid, watching General Hospital with my grandmother. They are fellow JaSam fans and my, modern day super couple. I watch GH for them, their love, and their history; their chemistry is undeniable andcan’t be obtained with anyone else. Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton bring to JaSam what thepast super couples like Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena and Jessie and Angie have to daytime television. Jason and Sam love one another, they support one another, and they stick together through thick and then, rich and poor, sickness and in health like a true love should. The JaSam love story has kept me glued to GH; their love story has kept mewatching and loving them more and more. A love story like theirs should always exist for GH; they’re General Hospitals last existing super couple. They are and will forever be my super couple and the epitome of true undying love. Kay, 18, Texas
  10. 10. Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:35 PMI have never loved a couple more than I have loved Jason and Sam. From the first start of their relationship in 2003 I believe their chemistry was off the charts. There are some “people” in “Life” that just belong together. Jason changed Sam from a drifter, con artists who was out for herself, to a confident, loving and beautiful women. She blossomed like a flower when she met Jason. Sam changed Jason from a stone cold unfeeling robotic man, to a sensitive, loving man who became interesting and enjoyable to watch. To see them go from Jason just giving her a place to live, tofriends, to confidantes, to lovers, to husband and wife has been the best ride of my life with General Hospital. I want to see more, much, much more for this couple. They are the sole reason I switched over to GH and the sole reason I have stayed with GH since 2003. Let’s give this couple some happiness and definitely more air-time because they deserve it and have earned it. JaSam is solid GOLD in my opinion! I just can’t wait until Jason finds out Sam is pregnant. Sam would make an excellent Mother and she should be blessed to have a child of her own. It’s time for Jason to be a husband and the man that only Sam can make him. Solid, strong love doesnot come along often in a couple like this. Thank you GH for making me love your Soap!
  11. 11. Sunday, January 15, 2012 9:27 PM I have been watching GH for a very long time and even though we recorded it I would watch when I got home from school but once I got a job after school I started watching it in theevening with my mom. After I moved out I would still go over and watch with her but when I got married and moved farther away I recorded it also then would call each other and talk about it. My mom passed away in 2000 so she never got to watch the amazing chemistry that Jason and Sam have together but I am sure she, like myself and so many others, would have loved this couple and their ability to make you feel everything they. You can’t help but smile, laugh and even cry right along with them. They make you feel the excitement of the action scenes, their strong friendship, the pain and sadness of losing a child and most of alltheir immense love for each other and the total acceptance of everything about the other and how they will always stand by each other’s side and support them completely. I personally don’t think there is a more perfect couple than Jason and Sam and having them together iswhat makes GH my favorite show to watch. I hope that not only will GH continue to be on for many more years but so will this amazing couple. Kathy Hedrick, 46, Nokesville, VA
  12. 12. Saturday, January 7, 2012 2:43 PM In the 25 years Ive been watching soaps I have never loved a couple as much as I do Jasonand Sam Morgan. I would race home after college just to see them on screen and at one point I began scheduling my course load around the show. Their first scene on 12/03/03 began in an interrogation room and immediately I could see the amazing chemistry between the characters, making it impossible not to imagine them together. Through the years I have grown with these two characters, watching a friendship blossom into love. This love Jason and Sam share has had to overcome obstacles and heartache that brought me to tears, but my love for this couple has never faltered. On September 22, 2011, General Hospital bonded Jason and Sam Morgan, aka The Dragon and The Phoenix, in marriage with the legendary rings of Lila Morgan Quartermaine and Alan Quartermaine. As they begin their journey, I look forward to what General Hospital and the writers have in store for them. Two core families, the Cassadines and Quartermaines, have bonded providing Jason and Sam Morgan with limitless storyline. Victoria Tewell (29) Indiana, US
  13. 13. Ever since the day Jason saw that dark eyed, dark haired angel at Jake’s, he knew she was his destiny. His lack of coherent thought process on December 3rd, 2003 when she walked into the interrogation room where he could not take his eyes off his gift from God, I have been in love with this couple. The words from Jerry MaGuire come into play here: “You had me at hello.” Through their ups and downs, sadness, happiness, Jason and Sam Morgan are each other’s rock, their other half that makes them whole. They are lost without each other. Theone woman who makes Jason feel truly loved and accepted without ulterior motives, the one man who makes Sam know that she is perfect just the way she is and is very much wanted and loved. When Jason finally got the courage to dash aside his fears and hers and asked Sam to be his wife, it was like a fairy tale that played out on my screen. They were finally getting what they both wanted most, which are each other. Jason and Sam’s very unique love story inspires that love, destiny and happiness is very real and possible! The Morgans cause me to think of my own relationship with my husband the last 8 years. Meeting under ‘odd’ reasons, through trials, tribulations, health problems, outside forces… That they overcame it all and stayed together is just amazing! Jason and Sam, Kelly and Steve, are just beautiful and I love them and their love. Plain and simple. Brandy
  14. 14. Sam: You chose to look for me. Jason: It wasn’t a choice. It was necessary… like breathing. Jason: Thank you for standing by me. Sam: I didn’t have to choose to stand by you because it was as natural to me as breathing because I love you. Jason: I love you Mrs. Morgan. Sam: Well, I love you more Mr. Morgan. *Side note: I am beyond the moon and the sun with happiness that Sam is pregnant with Jason’s baby (it WILL BE Jason’s baby, no more of this sick Franco stuff), I wouldlike their baby to have a unique name that doesn’t fit into the cliché soap names or naming after one’s dead relatives that has prevailed through the years. My personal favorite is Ava Natasha Morgan (it will be girl). I have seen other namessuch as Lillianna, Scarlett Alana Morgan (initials being S.A.M. for the mother who has always wanted her), Isabelle, Alexandria, Jada Sabrina, Jasmine Scarlet, Madison, Ava Sophie, and Sophia. I think the name should be beautiful and unique to fit her parents’ love. Just an idea. Brandy
  15. 15. I have loved Jason and Sam for many years. Since their first meeting on 12/03/03, they have me coming home right away to watch my GH and can’t wait to see what happens next. Jason and Sam are amazing and their chemistry on screen is so hot. I love all the adventures they take each other thru and the trials they need to go through for their relationship to work. I have loved Jason and Sam in this soap opera as my favorites for the longest time now. A fewof my favorite things about Jason and Sam, is the friendship they share, the way they support each other and most importantly how they love each other so passionately. Jason and Sam are one of the best couples that I have seen in this soap opera in the longest time, I just love those two together, and I am so excited to see the next chapter of their story. I got to meet them in a meet and greet in NYC for their wedding reception like party in November 2011. The sparks were flying even then you could see It that they are very good at what they do. The fire between them on screen is awesome and so nice to see them look at each other so much in love. Best wishes to you both we love this union on the show keep it up, you guys are the BEST!!! Name Cindy Russo, 53, Wappingers Falls, NY
  16. 16. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:23 PMSome people think love is just a word that it can never be felt or established just by spending time with some one but with Jason and Sam Morgan Love isnt just a word to them, it is their life. I have been a fan of them since their birth which is 12/03/03. After that the rest was history and I do mean history time aftertime the writers have tested them threw so much some of us started to believedthey were over with for good. Atlas I never gave up hope that one day Jason and Sam will be reunited and happy now its almost Valentines day and Jasam are stuck in a hell hole what I would love is for them to be able to bring their child in this world on my birthday of next month, which is March 23,2012. I have been a fan for nine years and no soap couple has ever moved me the way General Hospitals Jason and Sam has Im sure you guys hear this everyday but honestly the trails these two go threw everyday is enough to make a person really go insane, "Hey I guess I am" insane because I love JaSam Morgan. An I hope you will love them as well do not try and break this couple up yet again allowed their fans some true warm happy moments instead of the same dark angst scenes their getting. Yours truly Robin M.
  17. 17. FROM: Nohely CantoTO: jasam.morgan@yahoo.comMonday, January 16, 2012 9:06 PMI love Jasam they complete each other. They accept each others flaws and theyhelp each other when they are down and rise from the ground.I love how there a sentimental Jasam and hardcore Jasam.I love how they love each other unconditionally.I hope that you do not destroy or break up Jasam there the reason I actuallybelieve in love again, they showed me to never give up on love.
  18. 18. From: ess Fanai Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:56 Subject: Jasam love note To: I DONT watch soaps that is before I came across JASON & SAM! 1st GH episode I saw was Jasam w Hope, I didnt change the channel only coz I LOVE the actress (Kelly Monaco) hairstyle, that was when I was in high school HAH! Jasam works because of the actors IRREPLACABLE chemistry ,it helps ALOT that the characters are two-sides of the same coin! I ADMIRE JASAMs full acceptance of each other, I want to have a relationship like theirs. JASAM were a family even before they got married, they influence their FAMILY to believe in TRUE LOVE and JASAMIS THE ONLY REASON I WATCH GENERAL HOSPITAL. It intrigues me to theCORE that a CASSADINE married a QUARTERMAINE. Sad to say GH went offair in 2006 here in INDIA. For me JASAM is Synonymous with SOULMATE :) ESTHER BIANCA, age-22, Country-Delhi (INDIA)
  19. 19. Monday, January 16, 2012 1:23 PMHi, just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know why Jason and Samantha Morganare my all time favorite couple on Daytime TV. I have followed these two since thebeginning and suffered thru their hard times and rejoiced in the good times. I havenever in my 4 years of watching soaps, rooted for a couple like I have these two. Steveand Kelly have a onscreen chemistry that you only see once in a while. I just hope newregime will write for them and keep them together because they are the reason Iwatch General Hospital and I would hate to lose that soap along with the ones thathave already been cancelled.Your devoted fan,Jean Jarratt, Virginia
  20. 20. FROM: Chivonne Dell TO: Monday, January 16, 2012 1:03 PMI have Been a fan of Jason and Sam since the Very Beginning since that First meeting at The PCPD October 3rd 2003 I saw The chemistry Right away ..I knew they could be SomethingSpecial and I was Right. What Steve and Kelly Bring to the Screen as their Characters Jason and Sam is pure Magic They make me fall For them MORE and More. I have never Been Soentranced By Soap Couple Like these Two .can Barley Express What this Couple does to me ...adore ,love this Couple They are True Love To me ..They are The Reason I Watch GH JaSam are Just one of those Destiny Couples Signed Chivonne Dell One Of JaSam Biggest Fans , Country (Trinidad)
  21. 21. Monday, January 16, 2012 8:59 AM Jason & Sam are my all-time favorite daytime couple I support theirpairing 100%. I fell in love with them in 2003 and can’t wait to see moreof their love story. Jason and Sam are the only reason I tune into General Hospital daily. The chemistry between the pair is amazingly off the charts, and seems so real. I am looking forward to watching you continue to write their love story. I can’t wait to watch their friendshipgrow their passion deepen and their unconditional love for one another to take over Port Charles . Brandi Starr, 28, New Jersey
  22. 22. Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:03 PMAs far as Im concerned, Sam and Jason are absolutely meant to be. Jasons "stone cold" exterior is no match for Sam, as she manages to melt that away, and bring his love for her to the surface. Jason and Sam have overcome so many obstacles together and I truly feel like theyre a team. My favorite thing about this couple is the way they loveand accept one another unconditionally, because I feel like neither of them ever 100% had that before. Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco have terrific chemistry, and they say so much just through their eyes and their facial expressions. I couldnt help but get teary-eyed when JaSam got married this past September, and I cant help but smile when they share cute scenes like "Youve been dominoed." This couple is extremely relatable because theyre down to earth and dont need huge over the top gestures to express their feelings, but rather use simplicity and sweetness instead. I love to root for this couple, and will always do so! Ashley, 18
  23. 23. FROM: LATOYA FOUCH TO: Sunday, January 15, 2012 10:38 PM The beautiful Phoenix have waited patiently for the heart that belong to the Dragon. She knew she love him when he chose to take care of her n her child but the baby never came. However, Jasons heart was there for Sam to cherish andprotect as if it was her own. They became one, husband and wife, the Phoenix and the Dragon. A love that will survive many live times. A promise made that can never be broken. Two spirits that were always meant to be; JaSam Morgan.
  24. 24. FROM: Elizabeth KingTO: jasam.morgan@yahoo.comSunday, January 15, 2012 10:16 PMJason and Sam are not just magical but everythingyou could ever want in a true super couple. Theyhave survived so many trials as a couple and evenwhen they were torn apart and changed completelythey still came back to one another stronger thanever. Their love is so captivating that you can neverget enough of them. They make me feel everysingle emotion that they feel when they feel it. Theirlove for one another makes you long desperately forthat kind of love in your own personal life. Theirrelationship isnt just the standard lovey dovey soapopera couple kind of love, it isreal, open, honest, passionate and the chemistrythat Steve and Kelly have are off the charts. Despitehow bad our show can get I continue to tune inspecifically for them because even with the shortestamount of air time they make their scenes the mostpowerful with only 30 seconds of footage. I havefallen completely and utterly in love with Jason andSam and will never stop rooting for this amazingcouple because they are a keeper.
  25. 25. FROM: Haley SargentTO: jasam.morgan@yahoo.comSunday, January 15, 2012 10:12 PMJason and Sam are what drew me into GH when I first started watching a few years ago.There was just something about them, and I was hooked immediately. After catching up ontheir history I loved them even more. Jason and Sam have been through everythingtogether, but through it all they loved each other and always find a way to make it through. Ihave enjoyed watching their relationship grow over the last couple of years, and I hope tocontinue watching it grow and evolve as the years go on. I will always be rooting for them;they are everything I think a soap couple should be. Hopefully 2012 will bring good thingsfor Jason and Samantha Morgan! Haley, 18, WA
  26. 26. I love Jason and Sam who we their fans affectionately refer to as "Jasam" because of how much they inspire me and make me believe in true love. I have watchedtheir relationship from its inception as two people who were brought together as a result of circumstance but then realized how fated that coming together was. Jason and Sam unintentionally came into each others lives and yet once in there realized they were exactly what the other needed. In Jason, Sam found a friend and a lover who taught her what true love was and accepted her with her flaws and all and embraced her without holding back, and in Sam Jason found atrue friend, a lover unlike another, one who accepted him without any conditions or judgment, one he could confide in his innermost fears without the fear of being judged, one around whom he could for once in his life expose himself completely and not be afraid of driving her away because of what she might see, one on whom he could lean on and know that no matter what she was always willing and ready to fight for and with him. Together they have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and yet when it was all said and done, it was and still is their love for each other that always comes through. Jason and Sam are a once in a lifetime love story that keeps me tuned in to GH everyday because I cant wait to see where each new day takes them. I just love Jason and Sam or as we say it "Jasam". FROM: Sarah Berotho TO: Sunday, January 15, 2012 10:11 PM
  27. 27. Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 4:38 PMJason and Sam are the best couple on GH. And they are the only reason why I amwatching. No other couple comes close to the love that JaSam have for each other.This couple have been through a lot together and I sat back and watched everyminute of it. Some days were hard to watch but I knew they would always makeit through anything that comes their way. After all, true love lasts forever andthat is just what they have:) I love JaSam and I hope you guys continue to writeGOOD/HAPPY things for them. xoxo Michelle Adkins, 19, Virginia
  28. 28. Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 2:26 PM December 23, 2003 was the start of an everlasting bond between the two bestcharacters in daytime television, Jason and Sam. The story of JaSam is the story of perfect love. It is trust and acceptance, something neither one has ever found anywhere else. JaSam show the meaning of real true love, not the glorified soap version. They have overcome so many obstacles and have still ended up on top. JaSam keep the hope alive that even in a messed up world you can still find your soul-mate. Steve and Kelly can play JaSam with pure perfection whether it is with angst or happiness they pull it off! Fans deserve to see this kind of love every single day. Thank you, Tori, Connecticut USA
  29. 29. I love Jason and Sam because they have complete trust in each other.Even in not so happy times, they still had that trust. Always there to helpor save or be back up in a shootout for the other when needed. Theyhave never judged each other, but always accepting the other for whothey are, and seeing who the other truly is. Jason and Sam have a perfectmix of adventure and romance. Showing the true moments of falling inlove. Making Jason and Sam the perfect soap couple. From: Laura White Date: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 12:07 AM To:
  30. 30. Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 10:42 PMI started watching GH and fell in love with Jason and Sam in the midst of them growingapart in 2007. Their heartbreak captivated and pulled me in and I found my heart acheat their obvious love for each other not being enough to keep them together. I watchedthrough their anger and resentment towards each other, hoping for them to remember the love they once shared and it finally, finally paid off. They again started interacting and I could see the underlying need for one to protect and save the other when one of them was in trouble and needed help. Their friendship was restored, they remembered their love and once again their feelings for the other could not be contained. For me I can clearly see that Jason and Sam are the loves of each others lives and they are finally married, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. I hope you will let their love story continue to thrive through ups and downs, relying on each others love, the way I know in my heart that it is meant to be. To me they are simply magical. Sincerely Frida Welin, 36, Gothenburg Sweden
  31. 31. From: Tyhesha Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 7:24 PM To: I love Jason and Sam, because their love is tried and true, and therechemistry is one a kind. Their good apart, but better together. Jason andSam love each other unconditionally and they accept each other for who they really are. Being with each other is as simple as breathing. Sweet_Cheeks622
  32. 32. Sunday, January 15, 2012 1:32 AM I have loved JaSam since Sam was carrying Sonnys child and Jason agreed to raise Sam and Sonnys kid as his own. Ever since then I have been hooked. I have not ever been so investedin a daytime couple as much as I have JaSam. What I love about them is that they accept eachother for who they are and they dont try to change each other. Its funny because they hatedeach other in the beginning which made me root for them even more. Their romance was not rushed when they first got together which made me fall in love with them just as they were falling in love with each other, I felt like I was right there with them on their journey to find happiness. They make me believe in LOVE and they create the fantasy of what love is: the good, the bad and the love in between to make you realize this person is it for me. From every break-up, make up, adventure, touch, hug, kiss, I have been rooting for them. They make me laugh and cry even when I get mad at them. They are the phoenix and the dragon, they can get and make it through anything together, they are a team. Thank You, Katrina, 29, Oakland, CA twitter name KES828385
  33. 33. Thursday, January 12, 2012 3:15 PM Every day I am excited to see Jason and Sam on my screen as I have never seen a couple so perfect for each, on any other show, be it daytime or primetime. Jasam personify true love! Every day they bring magic to General Hospital with their passion, love and sense of adventure. Like any other true soap opera super couple Jasam have been through so many hard times but always find their way back to each other. In a time when super couples are in decline, Jasam are a breath of fresh air- their love and understanding of each other isamazing, inspiring and continues to draw in fans day after day. Its not very often a couple is so well-suited for each other that they make you believe in love all over again!! FROM: Jordana Woroniak TO:
  34. 34. Sunday, January 8, 2012 11:07 AM I have been watching General Hospital for as long as I can remember. I used to sit on the couch with my mother after school and watch it. Jason and Sam were one of the first television couples I ever got hooked on. Much like my mother did with Luke and Laura back in the day. I watched their love story from the very beginning and there were times I wanted to turn the TV off because of all the drama and angst but I kept watching and saw them survive it all. They have had many soap staples and angst over the years including amnesia, evil twins, both having babies with other people, lies, secrets, betrayal, death threats and to this day they are solid and in love. Steve and Kelly have amazing chemistryand while I sometimes dont like the writing for their characters, they give it their all. I cantwait to see what is in store for them next under the new regime and I will continue to watch General Hospital as long as they are on the screen. Kaitlyn, 19, Pennsylvania
  35. 35. Saturday, January 7, 2012 6:18 PMI am a huge Sam fan and Jasam fan because Jason is the best person for her. Theycompliment each other very well because they accept each others flaws. Jasonand Sam accept each other for who they are and because of that they are able tomove through life without putting up obstacles for each other. Their love is purebecause it has been built on honesty. Yes they have had hit hard times, such aswhen Jason kept the truth of Jake from her, but they have overcome this. As a fanI have been invested in this couple since 2003 because they give a perfectexample of how a relationship should be. There is good and bad but a strongcouple who is invested will make it through. I look forward to seeing them showthat a marriage can work by cherishing the good and handling the bad together. Christie Rogers Florida
  36. 36. Saturday, January 7, 2012 5:40 PM I have never loved a fictional couple as much as I love Jason and Sam from general hospital. Its amazing how much chemistry and spark they bring to myscreen sometimes I forget its all fiction. Their love story is the most unique love story to ever to be known. Im blessed to have witnessed a love like theirs. Godbless Kelly Monaco & Steve Burton for blessing our TV with their acting and love for our Jasam. Thank you so much - Kelly 19 yrs. old from New York City <3
  37. 37. Saturday, January 7, 2012 5:29 PM In my 18 yrs of watching soaps there has been characters and couples that Ive hated and loved from almost every soap but no character or couple has ever effected me as much as Samantha McCall Morgan & Jason Morgan have. Separately these characters are great buttogether they are brilliant! No couple in the history of soaps, or any show for that matter, has made me grin, laugh, smile, cry, or scream as much as Jasam have. When they shared their first kiss I squealed, When Sam lost her baby I wept, When they played Dominoes I laughed, When they danced in the rain I swooned, When Jason lost his memory but then fellin love with Sam all over I cheered, When Sam was shot in Jasons arms, and when he begged her to live I bawled, and When they finally became Mr. & Mrs. Morgan and gave each other rings that hold so much soap history I sat on my couch crying out of complete happiness. These two have over come some of the hardest things and are stronger for it. Mr. & Mrs. Morgan are a true soap couple! I love Jason and I love Sam but the love I have for them together is 100xs more. Jasam is Love! Bethany, 28yrs, from California
  38. 38. Ok why is Jasam so special to me. I know this might sound crazy to some but it is the absolute truth. I lost myDaddy to cancer November 7th 2003. Jason and Sam met in December of that yr. and I would watch them andwould forget my grief for that short amount of time. I would get lost even then because I was seeing somethingspecial happening right before my eyes. I had watched soaps enough to know when magic was happening and Isaw it with JaSam from the beginning. During that year I used Jason and Sams story as my distraction, myescape from the pain and grief of loosing my Daddy. See I am the oldest daughter of 3 and had 2 kids of my ownthat adored their Papaw and I didnt allow myself to show my emotion. I didnt cry because I had to be strongfor my mom and everyone else. Then on November 8th 2004 , 1 yr. and a day from when I lost my Daddy, Samand Jason lost baby Lila. For the first time in a yr. I cried. I mourned my loss as they mourned baby Lila onscreen. I will always be loyal and fiercely defensive of Jason and Sam for this reason. They helped me get pastmy emotional lock down and start my healing. Oh but then their love story really started and I was completely hypnotized by JaSam. I was watching a once in a life time romance play out right in front of my eyes. The fact that he kissed her pregnant belly before her lips is amazing. I love that Jason and Sam have been written so completely and so intimately. I can honestly say that in all my yrs of watching soaps no other couple even comes close. i love how they love so deeply , love the way they laugh and make me laugh, cry and make me cry , and how I can get lost in them for hour on end watching YouTube clips and vids. I love that I can quote their dialogue and tell you dates of when this or that happened with JaSam. I feel like I know them and like they are real. I sat with tears running down my face when Jason proposed to Sam again and during the wedding as well. I cannot wait for Sam to finally be pregnant with Jasons child which will be conceived in so much love. And for Jason to finally place that child in Sams arms. For me and I know for millions others their is no one like JaSam, and I will be a fan forever. I guess if Jasam ever ends my soap days will end too, because there is no other couple for me even after over 30 yrs of soap viewing. Thanks for the opportunity to share my JaSam love, Angelia Pugh
  39. 39. Thursday, January 5, 2012 12:01 PM I have never loved a couple more than I have loved Jason and Sam. From the first start of their relationship in 2003 I believe their chemistry was off the charts. There are some “people” in “Life” that just belong together. Jason changed Sam from a drifter, conartists who was out for herself, to a confident, loving and beautiful women. She blossomed like a flowerwhen she met Jason. Sam changed Jason from a stone cold unfeeling robotic man, to a sensitive, lovingman who became interesting and enjoyable to watch. To see them go from Jason just giving her a place to live, to friends, to confidantes, to lovers, to husband and wife has been the best ride of my life with General Hospital. I want to see more, much, much more for this couple. They are the sole reason I switched over to GH and the sole reason I have stayed with GH since 2003. Let’s give this couple somehappiness and definitely more air-time because they deserve it and have earned it. JaSam is solid GOLD in my opinion! I just can’t wait until Jason finds out Sam is pregnant. Sam would make an excellent Mother and she should be blessed to have a child of her own. It’s time for Jason to be a husband andthe man that only Sam can make him. Solid, strong love does not come along often in a couple like this. Thank you GH for making me love your Soap! Carol A. Byrd Administrative Assistant JamesCare East Hospital Columbus, OH 43205
  40. 40. Why do I love Jasam ? Let me tell you why ...Jasam is PerfectionP their love is PureE their love is EternalR their bond is RemarkableF they are Fearless yet funnyE Enchanting is what they areC Cute they always areT Total awesomeness describes themI Immensely popular no doubt !O One minute of them is worth watchingN No other daytime couple trended worldwide on twitter but Jasam !!! Oh how I love these two , They light up my screen They brighten my mood They take my pains away And all I do is watch ! Please dont take them away from us Dont break Perfection ! They are the reason I watch Sincerely , Connie ( einnoc115) Wednesday, January 4, 2012 6:02 PM
  41. 41. FROM: Megan TO: Monday, January 2, 2012 4:43 PM Jasam is my favorite couple on GH. They have great chemistry and arevery exciting. Please give this couple a break. They have been through somuch and just want to be together. All I want is for Jasam to have a great life together. They are the whole reason I watch GH. Please keep them together.
  42. 42. Monday, January 2, 2012 4:30 PMJason and Samantha Morgan have had me hooked for 8 years now. As a long time Jason fan, Iwas instantly captivated by JaSam, and the character of Sam, the moment they met, at thePCPD in lockup wearing matching leather jackets. I loved that in each other they foundeverything they needed but didn’t know they were missing. Jason finally got a true love whotruly loved all of him, both good and bad; he was given acceptance, devotion and honesty, allthe things he craved. Sam learned what love was and how worthy of it she truly was; shewas also given true acceptance, honest and devotion, which were things she never believedshe deserved. They found their greatest happiness together, when it is just the two of them(like their song says), and all they needed was some Chinese food with their dominoes andtequila. The phoenix and the dragon, dancing on the roof, stars, home may just seem likewords for most, but for me, they are the true symbols of the greatness of JaSam, their loveand why I love soaps. My greatest wish is that their greatest dream finally comes true, withthe birth of their baby girl. Brittany S., 22, Virginia, USA.
  43. 43. Monday, January 2, 2012 3:21 PM Jason and Sam are the best couple EVER! Ive watched a lot of TV/couples overthe years and JaSam are my absolute favorite. No couple has ever made me feel as much as Jason and Sam have and continue to do. They have been through hell and are still standing strong. They make you believe in true love and the concept of accepting one another as they are. A relationship built on trust is everything and thats exactly what Jason and Sam have. I will never stop rooting for thesetwo and I am excited to watch the continuation of their journey. For me, its Jason and Sam......always! Samantha Lyman, 22, MO
  44. 44. Monday, January 2, 2012 12:34 PM December 3, 2003, the day a seven-year-old little girl fell in love with thecouple now known as JaSam. I am one of those kids who watches soaps, I am oneof those kids who was teased through out their childhood for watching them and loving the characters and couples and storylines. I have watched soaps since the day I was born, no joke, and out of all of them, my favorite is General Hospital. I have never seen a couple like JaSam and I have never loved a couple as much as them. JaSam are epic, they have the "epic love story" that every single person onthis planet wants whether they know it or not. Jason and Sam truly have the bestwritten soap love story, they surpass Luke and Laura by a long shot, considering all the triumph and troubles they have overcome. So, if there is one couple that the fans deserve to have, and one couple that deserves to be together, happily, and start a family, please let it be Jason and Sam Morgan. Thank you, Alyssa Moore, age 15, Colorado, USA
  45. 45. No pairing on daytime comes close to JASON AND SAM. The upcoming babystoryline is like a dream come true. 8 years weve waited. So happy...words cant express the joy their fans feel. We watched Jason and Sam fall in love. Their love story is amazing…..and strong..and beautiful....just like they are!When you watch them on almost feel like they arent working with a script. Thats how natural and believable they are. Steve and Kelly are awesome together in their portrayal of their characters. Wouldnt it be wonderful if they had twins. Each of them lost a child that saved another childs life. It their time now to be happy. FROM: Darlene Grosser TO: Monday, January 2, 2012 10:18 AM
  46. 46. Monday, January 2, 2012 7:53 AMI have watched General Hospital for almost 25 years and no couple has ever touched me theway Jason and Sam have. Their love, based in friendship and respect, grew right in front ofour eyes and is so deep and so passionate and yet so simple and so real. Some of thatrealness plays out in how versatile they are onscreen;comedy, angst, passion, family, love, Jason and Sam make every scene worth watching. Ihave never before been so moved so consistently by a couple. Watching Jason and Sam gothrough their trials and joys has made me laugh harder and cry harder than any othercouple, even in scenes where they don’t say a word! It is an honor to watch the love story ofJason and Sam. They never pretend to be perfect, or that their love is, but they value everyminute that they have, love each other without reserve, support each other fully, and graceour screens with a presence that is not to be taken for granted. Reminds me of my ownmarriage… Jennifer Corb, Maryland
  47. 47. I have loved Jason Morgan and Sam McCall from their first meeting at the PCPD and thestoryline of Baby Lila McCall made me fall in love with the pair. The magic that Steve Burtonand Kelly Monaco bring to the screen together is just breathtaking. Sam accepts Jason forwho he is and would never try to change him and the same goes for him with her. Jason andSam not only have a beautiful romance, they also have an unbreakable friendship. GeneralHospital has gold in Jason and Sam; they have beauty, chemistry, fun, love, and sadness. Thepairing of Jason and Sam should always be one of the front and center on General Hospitaland I cannot wait to see their story go even further in the future because the love betweenthe Morgans’ has the power to move mountains. Let’s keep the JaSam magic alive! Jason and Sam Morgan; Simple and Strong ~Ashley, 21, Michigan.
  48. 48. Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:41 PM Jason and Sam are magical! I watch the show every day just for them! This couple has been through so much, but continues to draw you inwith their love story. The way they love one another is so inspiring andmakes you really believe in the old fashioned fairy tale love. GH keep up the good work with Jason and Sam. This couple is definitely a keeper! Miranda, 20, Texas
  49. 49. Sunday, January 1, 2012 2:30 PM Ive been a fan of Jason Morgan since Monica wouldnt allow "IT" in the mansion allthose years ago. After watching him in every relationship hes ever had from Keisha toRobin and all the others. I can say that there has NEVER been a better or more perfect women for Jason than Sam. She gives him the love that I have always wanted for Jason, so different from the others that only loved PART of who is he, she has loved ALL of him from the beginning. They have suffered so many hardships but their love was ALWAYS strong enough to over come them. Jason has never loved anyone the way he loves Sam and he melts my heart when he looks at her with so much love and adoration in his eyes. There is only one thing missing and that is the child that theyhave wanted TOGETHER for so long. Jason has never wanted a child with ANY woman besides Sam and I hope he finally gets his wish. The love that they share being passed on to their child would be a beautiful thing to watch. Stephanie, 47... Los Angeles, California
  50. 50. I have loved Jason and Sam since the first time they were on our screen. Talkabout a SUPERcouple, Jason and Sam now known to us Jasam fans as TheMorgans have such a rich history, since that fateful day they met in the PCPDInterrogation room. They went from hating each other, to liking andunderstanding each other (like no one else had before) to loving each other. Theyhave been destroyed by lies and hate, have lost kids , hit rock bottom andbounced back to a love like never before. Jason and Sam are the perfect match.The Dragon and The Phoenix together are force to be reckoned with.Caite FROM: Caity Thomas TO: Sunday, January 1, 2012 2:04 PM
  51. 51. Sunday, January 1, 2012 1:51 PM I have been a fan of General Hospital since 1998 and have seen the majority ofJason Morgans relationships, but none of them have made me feel anything likeJason and Sam (JaSam) have. I fell in love with this couple during their first real meeting at the police station. They were both put in the same holding room for helping their friend Sonny. I felt the sparks and chemistry right away between these two. It was like magic was happening right in front of me. I have enjoyedover the past 9 years watching them fall in love with one another, breakup, and falling back in love and proving that their love can overcome anything. It has been an amazing journey watching Jason and Sam. I hope that there is many more moments and memories between these two that I can enjoy. Mary HB, Canada.
  52. 52. Jason and Sam Morgan are the reason I watch General Hospital . I had always been a CBSsoap fan until one night while clicking thru the channels, I came upon Soapnet and SamMcCall was in a small jail cell talking to a dog about escaping. Something about the characterjust caught my eye. From that night forward I became a General Hospital addict. I followedSam’s storyline and loved her with Jax & Sonny, but from the moment she and Jason were ina room together, it was like fireworks going off. I knew at that moment, Sam & Jason weremeant to be. I had no idea what a super couple they would become but I have continued towatch during the good times and the bad times and never stopped rooting for them as adestined couple. The chemistry between Kelly and Steve is unbelievable as they make youbelieve in that fairytale romance that comes only once in a blue moon. I am excited to see thenext chapter in “JaSam’s” story. (A new little baby girl would be nice!) Carol Age – 61 State – Virginia Thursday, December 29, 2011 7:47 AM
  53. 53. TO: Saturday, January 7, 2012 5:38 PM I cant even explain how much I LOVE the couple of Jason & Sam , they are amazing ,breathtaking . The first time they met you could feel the whole room shake Kelly & Steve justhave that natural chemistry that we their fans are lucky to witnessed every time they are on .The way Sam accepts and loves Jason flaws and all is just epic since there was never anyone who loved Jason unconditionally, the other girls just wanted him to be this good guy but thats not Jason and never will be. I love how they tell each other EVERYTHING and theynever keep secrets from each other. I love the way Jason just smiles every time hes with Sam shes the only one who can make him smile. They are just the best couple on daytime they are far from perfect but the one thing you can say about them is that they LOVE each other and respect each other like no other couple on daytime. Kelly from New York City
  54. 54. Sonny & Brenda Corinthos Married: February 18, 2011
  55. 55. Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:58 PM SnB are like fire! They are my all time favorite couple ever, because their lovefor each other is so deep and so passionate. My heart always skips a beat when Iwatch them together. I have never had a couple that made my heart beat so, and the angst makes me want more of them. They are such a beautiful couple together, and without them on my screen GH does not feel the same. SnB have been on a roller coaster ride since they got together in 1993. We SnB fans can never get enough of them. We would love it if they came back and Ron would fix the mess that GH made of them and the show. SnB fans are verypassionate about there couple and we waited so long for them. Love them more today then yesterday. SnB are Crazy love for us. Thank you, Sylvia Hartman Portland OR
  56. 56. In all my years of viewing Daytime television, Ive seen some good love stories come, go and return, but none of them was able to match the type of chemistry, passion, intensity and sex appeal that Sonny and Brenda possessed. Sonny and Brenda captured my heart the first moment I saw them. I started watching General Hospital in 1993 at the age of 15. Watching their first introductionon the docks was the day I fell in love with the Handsome Sonny Corinthos and the Gorgeous Brenda Barrett. I was so mesmerized, I couldnt move nor could I speak. They were so intoxicating I was hooked from that point on. Regardless the challenges awaiting them, I wanted them to make it as couple more than anything.I stayed along for the ride through the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. During Lowestmoments , I cried and so did my heart. One of the lowest points that truly broke my heart was Sonny leaving Brenda at the Altar on their wedding day. Though I knew Sonny did what he did to protectBrenda, It felt like my heart had been ripped out. My heart broke for them, especially for Brenda and I was bitter about what happened for a long time, but grew to realize Sonny actually showed the depth of his love for Brenda when he sacrificed his happiness at a life with Brenda in exchange for her safety, yet despite it all I still wanted them to find their way back to each other. Raquel Richardson Newyork, NY Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:32 PM
  57. 57. Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:30 PMI have been a fan of GH for 20 years. In that time I have seen MANY couples come andgo. Not one of them has left a lasting impression on me lie Sonny and Brenda have. Mauriceand Vanessas chemistry is unmatchable. Theyve created a true love story through thecharacters of Sonny and Brenda. The intensity between them draws fans in and keeps themwanting more. When Sonny and Brenda are on screen together, viewers can truly feel thelove, passion, and desire that they share for each other in their own souls. Sonny and Brendaare without a doubt the best couple in daytime history. These soul mates deserve to betogether. Please give them (and their fans) what weve all been waiting for after all theseyears- a "Happily Ever After" for daytimes royal couple. SnB Always!!! :-)Donna
  58. 58. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:28 PMI love SnB because they have taught me that no matter what love willalways prevail! They taught me what true love means! Sonny andBrenda were each others first real love and that can never change! Eventhough they each have issues, somehow they fit! They love each otherfor not just the good things by also the bad! I will forever and alwayslove Sonny and Brenda! No other couple can even come close!! Tara Grindstaff
  59. 59. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:10 PMMy name is Samara Reese from Atlanta, GA and Ive been watching GH since thelate 70s. I love Sonny and Brenda because they have a chemistry that Ive never seen before. I was instantly intrigued by the model and the mobster. They can just look at each other and you can feel the heat and intensity. They were instantly drawn to each other and watching their love story unfold was a truly magnificent thing to watch. When they are together, Im mesmerized. Theconnection Maurice and Vanessa have radiates on the screen. Its almost hard toput into words the excitement and intensity that Sonny and Brenda bring to the screen.
  60. 60. I love Sonny and Brenda Corinthos because they are the hottest, most passionatecouple, and they have so much chemistry. They are in a scene together and my TV screen hasalways melted. We want to see their romance on the screen again, their love has always beenintense, and they deserve to be happy together. Another reason I love them, is that they dotheir best work together, whether it be in drama, romance, adventure, together they rock thehouse! S&B Forever and Always!Sonny (To Brenda): Are you going to settle for a spark or do you want to set the world on fire? Sonny Weve only just begun. Between us, we can make the angels sing. Brenda You promise? Sonny Guaranteed, youll see. Name: Clarissa Samples City & State: Keller, TX Years As a viewer of GH: 23 years... Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:09 PM
  61. 61. My heart was excited when I heard in 2010, Vanessa was coming back to GH. Not only was I excited by I was elated beside myself with excitement. I had been waiting for so very very long. I have been watching GH since 1981, My husband was in the Air Force, we did not have many choices onwhat we watched on Armed Forces Network but I quickly became engrossed in GH and have been a fan ever since. I did get hooked on the Luke and Laura saga. It was exciting. I fell in love with Frisco and Felicia and also I loved Robin with Stone and Jason (she is a wonderful actress). But.....I absolutely LOVED the connection and the chemistry that Vanessa Marcil had with Maurice Bernard. The feisty young rich girl/model and the Mobster. They oozed chemistry and I was totally engrossed. As I started to work more full time and had children, I always tried to tape the show. Sonny and Brenda had me at the very beginning. There was no build up it was instant. As one of their many fans, I could not get enough of them, there was such a dynamite connection. It was sizzling. When she came back this last time, you could still feel the connection but somehow the writers took it into another direction but you could see how still very connected they were to one another. In and out of character they are still connected as their characters and as friends. I feel and WANT to see these two tobecome Endgame! Its only fair to their many devoted fans. I truly hope to see that happen and that they canmake the wrong that was done to these two characters at the end of her leave in July 2010 and bring Vanessa back!!! My favorite line is: "No matter where you are, (or go), I will always Love you" Please bring our most beautiful characters/couple on GH Vanessa and Maurice as Brenda and Sonny back together again. Sincerely, Debbie A. McClendon Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:39 PM
  62. 62. My name is Fatyma, Im 18 and I started watching GH regularly since 2010 (Vanessas return) I have always been a fan of VMG since Las Vegas and followed her onto GH. I started watching a bunch of S&B clips on YouTube when I found out shed be returning and MY GOODNESS, I was AMAZED, ADDICTED and IN LOVE with them. I love Sonny and Brenda because this couple captures audiences hearts through their dynamic and very realistic relationship. Theirups and downs, highs and lows are just what every couple goes through and people relate as well as escape through the magic that is S&B. Maurice and Vanessas chemistry and passion are off thecharts and their fans love and crave them together. They dont have to try or force anything, its just instant chemistry and likability with them and both actors are down to earth, fun, admirable andinspirational people. I love them just as much as I do Sonny and Brenda and respect them a great lot. They are good people. Keeping the faith, praying and hoping they and us fans get the best happy ending with this couple. S&B fanbase is a huge and tough fanbase ranging from teens, young adults and adults. No matter how old we are, S&B make our hearts BEAT! :) They make me believe in true love and both characters especially Brenda has inspired me beyond belief. Praying for S&Bendgame. This 18 yr. love story should get justice and end on a kick-ass, happy and memorable note. Fatymata London England Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:38 PM
  63. 63. So many people, including myself would like another reunion for Sonny and Brenda portrayed byMaurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. This supercouple along with amazing writingincreased ratings and helped win Emmys consecutively. The 2010 reunion also lifted ratings andtheir wedding brought the attention of local news stations and national entertainment shows. Theyhave some of the best chemistry I have ever seen. Their tale is epic and I remember my friends (inhigh school at the time) watching and recording the episodes so much we memorized the dialogueand swooned over Sonnys handsome looks. Those memories of their first meeting on thedocks, Brenda saving his life after a shootout, their dates, the nurses ball, the wire, her hit and runaccident, Puerto Rico, "The Amazing Grace Montage" and their last courtship and subsequentmarriage are still rich in my heart and mind. I am in my early thirties and have watched GH for mostof that time since the eighties Scorpio WSB era and was so intrigued then. When Brenda Barrettjoined the teen storyline with Jagger & Co. in the nineties it led to this destined pairing with Sonnyand changed daytime. No one can compare. Every story should have a good, beginning, middle and end and they deserve a happy one: respecting the passion and intensity with an alluring arc. General Hospital has been entertaining so many times before with the help of S&B and this fanbase is BIG! They are all stay positive and support each other, the actors and the show so much, always brightening my day, just like Maurice and Vanessa every time they are on screen together. People describe this duo with the same enthusiasm as great supercouple Luke & Laura. The two characters have been connected to the history and almost every character of the show during their tenure. We would like Vanessa back as Brenda a.s.a.p to unite with Sonny for good (portrayed by Maurice Benard. We appreciate your time and attention in this matter. Thank you, Kia Diggs Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:36 PM
  64. 64. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:35 PM I have been watching GH since 1980.The most captivating and sexy couple ever on GH is and was Sonny and Brenda!!Brenda and Sonny were a sexy and hot couple right from the start! The hot, sexy flirting scenes at the car dealershipcaptivated me! The chemistry and the attraction between Sonny and Brenda can never be duplicated by no other!!,hence they Daytimes hottest sexiest couple!!!I Could never get enough of Sonny and Brenda, was always dying to see the next episode, hoping that Sonny and Brenda were on my TV screen! All Sonny andBrenda fans got to finally see them get married, so beautiful, brought tears of joy to my eyes! Although, it was so disappointing not to see the 18 honeymoonscenes that Sonny and Brenda were in! Please bring back our favorite hot couple once again and write them like the 90s!!! Please let us see the 18 honeymoon scenes too!! Lisa MA
  65. 65. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:34 PMMy name is Alax Martin and I started watching GH in 2010. One of the mostmagical moments for me and the main draw for me was the love connectionbetween Sonny Corinthos and his true love Brenda Corinthos. The wedding thattook several show days we were anticipating every day and the wedding itselfwas so beautiful and when Brenda went missing we got so worried but when S&Bgot reunited we were all so happy. We loved the scene in December of 2010 inthem in bed and I know there were so many of those in the past. I love theconnection even from the beginning in 1993. Few couples in daytime can matchthat connection and it is wrong that we dont have that on our show on a dailybasis. I will tune it again if you have VMG come back and the S&B SL.
  66. 66. Tuesday, January 17, 2012 12:32 PMIm from Maryland and have been watching GH since 1979. Sonny and Brenda are THE hottest couple ever to hit daytime television. From the moment Brenda saw Sonny at the strip club when she was spying on Karen, there was an instant ah, ha, moment for me. Hes hot, shes hot, they will burn up together. I love the way they love each other, no matter what has happened to them, who they are with romantically, their connection is forever. When on the phone letting Brenda know he was on his way to the Qs to pick her up for their first date, Brenda said "Let the fireworks begin" and Sonny said "You and me Brenda, its guaranteed"You knew you were in for a great ride! I love this coupled and cannot wait for the fireworks to begin again! San
  67. 67. Monday, January 16, 2012 11:33 PMWhat can I say about Sonny and Brenda??? You cant say much about them except they are endgame. Brenda is the best thing that has happened to Sonny. Shebrings out the best in him. She gets him. The wedding between to the was perfect because it was about time they tied the knot. They did not get a fair chance thistime around but I still have hope they will be together in the end. All I heard and saw on the magazine covers were Sonny and Brenda. Thats all I knew when I was growing up watching GH with my family. They are one of the reasons I started watching GH all those years ago. Thank You, Katrina, 29, Oakland, CA Twitter @KES828385
  68. 68. Hello, I cant for the life of me understand how anyone could NOT LOVE Sonny and Brenda!! They are thebest couple to ever grace us on our screens; daytime, prime time, films, etc. I adore this couple more than bread and butter and have loved them for the last 16 years. I will NEVER EVER give up hopethey will end up together in the end....because they belong together. Period. Its not something thats up for debate, its a FACT.The reason why Sonny and Brenda are so dynamite is because Mo and V are beyond spectacular at what they do. I waited for 13 long miserable years for their most recent reunion and wedding to happen. And they did not disappoint me. My SnB never do. They still are the best and if possible, theyre BETTER now. I know that their next and FINAL reunion will be ever better. GH is nothing without Sonny and Brenda TOGETHER!!!!! Please get Vanessa Marcil G back to the Prospect Studios as quickly as possible…Sonny is nothing without his soulmate. Sincerely, Mary E. O’Connor Lincoln, RI Monday, January 16, 2012 10:11 PM
  69. 69. I was told about Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett by a friend. I started watching old YouTube clips of them about 2yrs ago and I have been hooked ever since. Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Maurice Benard are amazing to watch. They are beautiful, magical, and keep you glued to the television. The chemistry between them is like no other. Next to Luke and Laura, they are the last and most amazing supercouple on daytime television. When Vanessa Marcil G returned to GH in2010, the wedding between Sonny and Brenda brought in almost 4million viewers. I would love to see their magic again. It would be a wonderful new years gift if Vanessa Marcil G returned onceagain to GH and continued her role as Brenda Barrett. It would be even more wonderful if the love between Sonny and Brenda would once again be allowed to grace our screens. Vanessa Marcil G brings a different aura to the screen than the other females on the show. She was always thisfeisty, little woman who wasnt afraid to confront Sonny but also had a vulnerable, endearing side that made you fall in love w/her. Together Sonny and Brenda had such a passionate and almostdestructive love for one another but you cant seem to get enough of them. Even watching them in2010-2011, the magic is still there. Please bring Vanessa Marcil G back to GH and join Sonny back w/his one and only true love Brenda Barrett. Kassundra Monday, January 16, 2012 10:09 PM
  70. 70. I only started watching GH when my wife was all giddy about Vanessa Marcil returning to the show. Never seen it my entire life. She made me watch the S&B story from the beginning on YouTube before Vanessa returned to the show. While I am not into love stories, I really appreciated the acting onboth parts. It was fun to watch my wifes face light up when they began their romance again, but bad to see her reaction when it was over months later. I can appreciate good storytelling and romance like they had in the 90s. Please bring it back for my wife and all the other diehard fans. Stan Hudowalski Oak Point, Texas Monday, January 16, 2012 10:06 PM
  71. 71. Monday, January 16, 2012 10:01 PM Sonny and Brenda had it all, they were tumultuous, passionate, and at times, co-dependent and unhealthy as hell. They were also (along with Jax) one of the greatest love triangles in soap history, and General Hospital’s last true Supercouple. Theyre soul mates and justsimply meant to be together when its all said and done. The connection they share and their intense chemistry and love is just not as strong and passionate when they are with anyone else. A love like theres just doesnt vanish. Its always going to be there. He would move heaven and earth for her. He would do anything for her and that feeling is never going to goaway. Brenda was his first love. His first real home. She taught him how to love. Theyll never forget each other and I believe these two are truly soulmates. That will never change no matter who Sonny is with, true first loves never go away. Love, Veronica aka Roni770
  72. 72. Sonny: I’m not as good with pretty words as my partner and I can’t sing a note so bear with me, I wanna make this official. Brenda saved my life and she’s been going right on saving it ever since. All the goods things in my life I owe to her in one way or the other and I just wanna, I wanna be able torepay you someday, I don’t care if it takes the rest of our lives which I kinda, sorta hope it will. So here’s to you sweetheart. Sonny: I can’t let you walk out of here this way. Brenda: Are you saying that you want to share everything with me? Sonny: With you. yeah, I’ll figure it out. Brenda: Do you know how much I love you. Sonny: I know. Brenda: You really can’t say it can you?Sonny: How many times do I have to tell you sweetheart? It ain’t the words that count it’s the actions. Brenda: Yeah, but sometimes some words count a little more than others. But, it’s okay. It really is. Exactly what you’re doing is enough for me right know. Sonny: I’ll show you enough….I love you Brenda. Brenda: I know. Brenda-Ive decided that no pride or saving face or anything is worth knowing I cant be with you anymore and that Ill never be able to make love to you anymore. Nothing is worth that to me Love, Veronica aka Roni770.
  73. 73. Sonny and Brenda Corinthos belong together, they are soul all my years as a viewer there has never been a hotter couple than those two! Please bring Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo back to General Hospital and give us the joy of having Sonny and Brenda back together. I want to see the General Hospital of the nineties again, especially with S&B... they have passion and chemistry and they love each other with everything in them, they are soul-mates. I want to see adventure and romance between S&B and have Sonny and Brenda on adventures with Luke. I also want to see Sonny and Brenda as a married couple with a family together! Sonny (To Brenda): You always think someones going to leave you. But the thing that you dont understand is that you push them away...because if they stay, then theyll realize that youre no worthy of love, and you dont deserve it. Because thats what your dad did to you. Thats what youheld onto your whole life. But Im going to tell you right now, your father lied to you. You do deserve it. You know why I know? I know because I love you. And even when Im angry or disappointed, even when on our wedding day you keep something from me, it doesnt matter, because Ill forgive you. And one more thing. I want to marry you. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:56 PM Name: Kathy Samples City: Keller, TX Years as viewer: Since 1972
  74. 74. Monday, January 16, 2012 10:00 PMDanger. Loved how Sonny and Brenda worked as a team during the Tiger Key storyline.Recording Studio of L&B Records. Sonny and Brenda getting intimate gives me butterflies inmy tummy.Emergency blood transfusion. Sonny has Brenda’s blood coursing through his veins. Thatmust explain the electricity that flows between them.Always. Sonny and Brenda deserve to be together always and forever. Theirs is a once in alifetime romance.Married. The days of February 18-24, 2011 were some of the happiest days of my life.Brenda needs to come back onto the canvas. Sonny and Brenda CAN make their marriagework. I KNOW they can.YouTube. The home of most if not all of the fabulous Sonny and Brenda clips. I’ve lost track ofthe countless number of hours I’ve spent there. ~Melanie Weller Eureka, SD
  75. 75. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:58 PM They say "seeing is believing," I never understood that or Chemistry fully until that fateful day in December 1993 when I witnessed it right before my very eyes and theeyes of countless others. Nothing my Chemistry teacher ever said made sense until I saw that spark and felt that cosmic pull that is still there. You feel the energy, thelove, the pull when Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) are in a scene together. They gravitate towards each other in a way no other actorshave on GH and none ever will. Imitations have been attempted, but, they (Sonny and Brenda) are and always will be THE Ultimate Super Couple of Daytime and the other actors who share scenes with them feel it too!Please rekindle this flame, cosmic pull, to its rightful owners. Bring back Brenda and reunite Sonny and Brenda and witness the chemistry for yourself! Respectfully, Barbara Del Regino
  76. 76. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:56 PMI love Sonny and Brenda, because they are timeless. No matter how many years go by and no matterhow many other people they think they love, they will always come back to each other and love each other in the way only they can. Despite all the hardships, Sonny has always understood that Brenda is the first and true love in his life and Brenda knows that Sonny is always hers. Maurice and Vanessa bring a magic to the screen that no other couple has ever been capable of. Their natural chemistry is what makes people fall in love with SnB, its not forced, its not fake, its just natural. I have loved them together since I was a child and every time I see Sonny with another woman or Brenda with another man, it just breaks my heart because I know no other love compares to what they have for each other. The story of Sonny and Brenda is not only beautiful, but its tragic and its real. SnB fans have felt every emotion over this couple, but the one most of us just feel is the love they share for each other. I am hoping that you listen to the fans and you bring Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo back to reunite Sonny and Brenda, because Sonny needs his true love, no other woman will do, and Brenda needs Sonny, because no matter how much she tries to fight it and deny it, her life with Sonny is the only one worth living to her. Please reunite our beautiful couple and give General Hospital fans a reason to smile and millions of viewers reason to watch again, for their SnB! "Are you gonna be satisfied with just a spark? Or do you want to set the world on fire?"-Sonny Corinthos. Set our screens back on fire with the passion of Sonny and Brenda!! -Ashley Gale
  77. 77. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:54 PM Hi, I have been watching GH for over 30 years...Im 45. I first fell in love with Luke and Laura and then Blackie. And of course SNB, and have been addicted eversince!!! My favorite moment(And there are so many) But my all time fav is when Sonny finally tells Brenda he loves her! The emotions in that scene the look on Sonnys face when he thinks she will leave...PRICELESS!!! And also some of thebest acting on both parts! So real to me I really forgot they were actors. I believed everything and on Fridays I nearly died waiting for Mondays. Thanks, Mary Beth
  78. 78. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:53 PMAbout 18 years ago, I watched the chemistry of a couple burn up my tv screenand become my favorite couple of all time. I watched them flirt, laugh, fight, andfall in love before my eyes. Watching this couple go through trials andtribulations not to mention the lengths they went through to save each otherspoke volumes about the love they have for each other. I love Sonny and Brendajust as much now as I did when I first saw Sonny and Brenda fall in love witheach other those many years ago. Karen
  79. 79. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:52 PM Hi my name is Daneille Blanson. I have been a loyal and faithful Sonny and Brenda fan since 1993.I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Sonny and Brenda because they are the truest definition of SuperCouple to ever grace any TV screen whether primetime or daytime. They complete each other and I believe are destined to be together always. they deserve a happily ever after and I for one will never give up on them no matter what. They are the love of each others lives, and their love will never end. Sonny and Brenda Always . Reunite them now!
  80. 80. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:50 PM I have watched Sonny and Brenda from the beginning! They set my world onfire!! Their on screen chemistry can be felt through the TV. They always managed to put a smile on my face and for the moment I could forget about the problems of the day and hope that I could find a love that could compare! I would love it if Vanessa could come back and reclaim her status as Mrs. Corinthos. Thank you!! "Why settle for a spark when you can set the world on fire!" Pamela Blair
  81. 81. I have been watching GH since I was a kid probably 7-8 years old and am now 36. Of all the couples on GH over the years including One life to live and All my children, No one has captured my heart like S & B..... Their passion, their love, their friendship even when I hated Sonny for the choices he made, although protecting Brenda, I always wanted them together. There was NO one he has everbrought that sparkle in his eye and it is obvious and so apparent that he is the only love for Brendaas well. All the others, including Jax were there to try to fill that void when Sonny could not be with her. When I heard that Brenda was coming back, the 1st time, I prayed her and Sonny would betogether, and was so happy at the Wedding with Jax that he finally saw SHE only loved Sonny. When she came back this time, i counted down the days, the reunion, the wedding although the writing ofour beloved Brenda was not so great, her and Sonnys chemistry was like there were never apart... S& B have to live happily ever after, it would be tragic if they did not, not only for us fans but them as characters. But when you bring our Brenda back which I pray you do bring back our lil spitfire we all love and Sonny loves to. Have a fabulous day! Key DaCosta Just Win Baby!!! Monday, January 16, 2012 9:48 PM
  82. 82. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:47 PMSonny and Brenda have captured my heart from day one. The love andpassion these two characters share for each other is unlike anything elseIve ever seen in daytime. Maurice and Vanessa share a rare specialconnection that jumps through our television screens. Sonny andBrenda define the word "soul mates". I think the quote that best sumsup this super couple for me is "why settle for a spark, when you can setthe whole world on fire." Amy Burgmeier
  83. 83. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:43 PM My name is Pamela also known as GigiloveSnB. I remember watching General Hospital as a little girl because my mother loved ABC soaps! The couple that stole my heart and the couple that still captures my attention and excitement is Sonny and Brenda! When they are on screen, I am enthralled bythem! Their chemistry is magical and for me has never been duplicated!!! My favorite quotes are: Sonny: “Why settle for the spark when you can set the whole world in fire"Sonny: “I have always loved you and I will always love you no matter what happens. You have to know that." Brenda: “Do you know Im my heart, I never really left you." This is why I will always hold them close to my heart why they belong together!
  84. 84. Monday, January 16, 2012 9:42 PM Demetria Guinn : Houston Texas Sonny & Brenda have an Everlasting, eternal love! They are each others mind, body, heart and soul! Brenda is Sonny RIB! They have an untouchable, imperfect love. Passion, hate (not of theheart), insecurities, jealously, desires, Fire, yearning, encouraging, sexy, life long love. I have Never seen two people more connected and deeply bonded. UNTOUCHABLE....UNDENIABLE.... BREATHTAKING....... LOVE