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Agile tour v english

  1. HR in Agile & Agile in HR 2 sides of the same coin – a case study
  2. HR in Agile – Responsibility of Agile Coach? My career path, my training & development. Team & 3rd party, working together, clarify of roles, culture Individual Team et 3rd party
  3. Agile Coach and HR – Formidable Duo ● Agile methods and set up ● Team transition ● Adapt change to team ● Definition of key responsibilities & roles ● Team building – agile way of working ● Career development & HR set up, personal motivation (work contract, job description etc) ● Recruitment / Transition ● Team building – competency based ● Competency, training & development Agile Coach HR
  4. Case Study Head of team Product OpsDelivery P Lead PO UX/CX BA Delivery Dev QA Integration Architects Release Level 3 Training PMO SM / Agile PM Scrum teams Coach Agile ● List of roles and set up required by sprint ● Pair mentoring and pair programming for knowledge transfer ● Training and coaching of agile methods RH ● Iterative recruitment and transition of teams by sprint ● Union discussions and work contracts. ● Development of competences and coaching in change. More slides
  5. Agile in HR- Abdicated Responsibility Individual Team & 3rd party Recruitment of superman Like for like recruitment Lack of understanding of roles. Talent management excluding 3rd party providers / partners.
  6. Agile in HR – Innovative and Adaptable ● Competences et potential over previous experience & education ● Super team over superman ● Total Talent Management (internal & external) ● Iterative organisation development and recruitment ● Constant communication with business ● Talent planning with all sources & types of contracts Innovative Adaptable
  7. Case Study Super team – Complete competences through team ● Product: Key competences: influence & communication. ● Delivery: key competences: quality & delivery ● PMO: key competences: enterprising, problem solving, team forming Sample Competences
  8. Knocking on both doors: ● Agile conundrums about HR policies: ● Auto-organisation means anyone can do anything in any role? ● Agile organisation means no organisation chart and hierarchy? ● Agile means no seniority? If I’m a developer, will I always be developer? Is there only horizontal career development? ● Team collaboration means no individual evaluation? ● HR conundrums about agile methods: ● Scrum master means project manager, just a change of name? ● No existing structure or job descriptions so no agile until these are ready? ● Can’t find exact match of candidates so wait till he/she is found?
  9. Agility & HR – A system Communication & Collaboration
  10. Case Study: OckFFeEE/view?usp=sharing Jas Chong

Editor's Notes

  1. Conseil pablo : dire que tu étais RH avec un coach agile qui t’a fait réfléchir sur ce formidable duo.
  2. Rappelez que c’est un retour d’expérience car l’organigramme rappelle un organigramme classique et pas agile (équipe hétérogène, mixte, etc.)
  3. Un RH qui ne comprend pas agile, ne savent pas comment recruter les profils. Tendance de trouver un match exacte et requisite classique comme education, ecole. Un RH qui ne comprend pas livraison par iteration, ne comprend pas resource planning pas étape. Tendence d’etre un obstacle et demande un organigramme complet avant recrutement.