The Digital Gardener- Tips for Social Media Marketers


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This presentations draws comparisons between gardening and social media campaigns. Useful for marketers wanting to undertaking social media campaigns.

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The Digital Gardener- Tips for Social Media Marketers

  2. Consider social media as a digital garden Like gardens, social media campaigns need tending and nurturing.
  3. Weeding, Feeding and Seeding and Watering, Harvesting & Rotating 3
  4. Strategies for managing your digital garden Seeding – Growing new communities and comment threads that can be used to start audience engagement Feeding – tactical contributions at specific times in existing communities; wiki’s, BBS’s or blogs to enhance/amplify key messages/comments Weeding – Use techniques like SEO to weed from search engines, direct negotiation with sites to physically remove or make a direct response Watering – Like ‘Feeding’ but this notion takes strategic perspective with existing communities where you must always participate at some level of engagement Harvesting - This is the notion of leveraging the online conversations and comments to gain greater understanding of what is being said, who is saying it and where’s it being said. (also known as online reputation management) Rotating – Keeping your social media campaigns fresh and reaching your desired audience means using a number of different platforms and have varying communication plans over time for these sites.
  5. Are there more points to consider when growing my digital garden?
  6. Yep… here are five important steps 6
  7. Listen •  Monitor the channels they’re using. •  What are they saying about your brand? •  What are they saying about competitors’ brands? . •  Pre-empt reputational crises. Be ready to respond when necessary
  8. Understand … and how is your audience different from netizens in other markets and sectors. •  What are their motivations for using social media? •  How do they interact with different social media channels? •  How to they interact with each other across these channels? •  What drives them to participate and spread messages? •  What kinds of messages will they be receptive to?
  9. Be visible Don’t simply jump on the social media bandwagon. When engaging netizens through social media you must know which medium is right for your message and your objective – i.e. when to use corporate blogs vs. forums vs. social networking sites. After selecting your channels, make sure your brand is highly visible to the public.
  10. Use incentives Why should netizens engage with your brand and spread your message? Is it social currency? Opinion leadership among peers? Timely and compelling content? Access to exclusive promotions? Incorporate incentives that will drive interest and participation.
  11. Gain Trust Be authentic and transparent in communicating across social media. Try to add legitimate value to netizens’ online experiences. Most importantly, don’t try to deceive this group– they are smart and it will only lead to backlash and reputational damage.
  12. The online World is changing
  13. The social media landscape is constantly growing, innovating, evolving.
  14. Consumers are adopting new technologies and interacting with them in different ways.
  15. And new conversations can engage millions of netizens in a matter of days, or even hours.
  16. By the time you view this presentation, the facts will have changed.
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