Social Media Marketing for Destination Marketers


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This presentation provides social media marketers with information about promoting destinations.

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Social Media Marketing for Destination Marketers

  1. 1. The  Digital  Marke+ng  Experts  Social Media for Destination MarketersHelping  Des+na+ons  leverage  Social  Media  programs  in  China  and  globally Version  1.3  
  2. 2. Topics •  Social Media Campaigns •  Practical Social Strategies •  Using Search Marketing •  Five do’s and don’ts •  Fast Facts- Digital Jungle Helping  develop  Digital  &  Social  Media  programs  in  China  and  globally©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  3. 3. Social Media Campaigns©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  4. 4. listen & evaluate •  monitor what is being said about your destination •  track volume of mentions •  qualify mentions by travel and tourism for relevancy •  monitor sentiment around your online conversations •  identify influencers and advocates •  review web analytics to see how social media is impacting your website •  select what metrics your organization will track •  create baseline metrics to measure against©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  5. 5. examples of monitoring Understand which channels are discussing your destination Ability to analyze the online sentiment of a specific destination Identify the authors contributing to the discussions Screen  shot’s  taken  from  SIP:Enterprise©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  6. 6. examples of monitoring Use filtering to refine the results. For example, what is the main language or region discussing your location Monitor the daily online mentions to determine a baseline Screen  shot’s  taken  from  SIP:Enterprise©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  7. 7. examples of monitoring Using the filter allows you to segment further. i.e., find the positive mentions or type of channel being used Knowing where someone is Simply clicking on discussing your the red dot will take destination. You you to the actual can drill down to posting of your country, destination. province level. Screen  shot’s  taken  from  SIP:Enterprise©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  8. 8. strategy & creative •  determine your destination’s objectives and goals •  identify the voice of your destination •  segment your communications by consumer interests •  plan your communication frequency •  structure your communications and editorial calendars •  stay true to your brand in communications and creative •  strategically name your social media profiles •  include calls-to-action in your creative •  incorporate photos and videos of the destination©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  9. 9. engage •  use your “voice” to speak to your audience •  identify online influencers and encourage them to participate •  crowd source your marketing initiatives •  respond to comments and communications •  empower your destination’s residence as advocates •  encourage destination industry partners to participate •  include calls-to-action to convert passive audience into actively inspired travelers©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  10. 10. measure results •  community growth – members, comments, posts •  referral visits to website •  website visitor engagement •  goal conversion and leads generated •  online buzz generated •  consumer sentiment •  competitive analysis •  ROI (return on influence)©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  11. 11. return on influence (ROI) ROI = (Calculated Investment Gain - Investment Cost)/ Investment Cost –  calculated gains –  website referrals –  leads generated –  social media leads generated –  ad equivalency of communications –  research value –  share of voice –  content shared©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  12. 12. Innovate©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  13. 13. explore new areas •  monitor the social media channels for change •  focus on “test and learn” approach to achieve maximum response and ROI •  embrace new technologies and platforms that make sense for your destination (iPad, iPhone) •  integrate social media efforts to leverage maximum exposure •  continually measure, monitor and optimize all channels based on goals and objectives •  try new ideas…some will fail, others will not… don’t be discouraged©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  14. 14. innovation opportunities •  harness the power of “local” Explore foursquare or jiepang for hyper-local campaigns •  integrate web, mobile and tablet with social media •  test QR codes to send offline ads to social media •  incorporate social media into rich media ads •  create social media co-op opportunities with industry partners •  understand the power of video and branded entertainment •  think big for big results (remember – ‘Best job in the world’)©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  15. 15. Be Resourceful©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  16. 16. look for leverage •  plan out your editorial calendar in advance •  provide industry partners with access to your messaging strategy •  rely on in-destination residents and past visitors as advocates •  schedule your targeted communications and focus your day-to-day efforts on becoming an invaluable travel resource •  find the tools that help you get the job done more efficiently •  conduct a semi-annual social audit…can you be more efficient?©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  17. 17. Empower advocates©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  18. 18. develop ambassadors •  start with your office, industry partners and local advocates •  empower your advocates •  find local photographers willing to share their work for recognition •  use local experts who specialize in niche activities and attractions to publish content that is interesting and different •  Use SIP:Enterprise (online social monitoring) to find word-of-mouth testimonials and share them •  integrate social media sharing across web, mobile, social, emails and offline media©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  19. 19. Using Search Marketing to amplify social media marketing©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  20. 20. search marketing ideas •  use relevant and highly utilized keywords in your communications •  search for those looking for travel inspiration through keywords •  use keywords in your photo/video titles, descriptions and tags •  create in-bound links to your website to increase link popularity •  integrate social media feeds and develop connect pages •  Use paid search to drive visitors to your connect page •  link to your videos on your website using keywords©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  21. 21. Baidu’s Phoenix Nest (PPC Platform) In China, Baidu is the dominate search engine. Use both SEO, SEM to amplify your social media campaign©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  22. 22. Google (Adwords) Google paid search will allow for destinations to buy keywords that result in traffic increases©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  23. 23. Some Takeaways©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  24. 24. 5 Do’s •  plan, strategize and create goals •  innovate, test and optimize •  create efficiencies, then allocate financial and labor resources •  empower advocates •  work closely with your SEO team (or engage Digital Jungle to help you)©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  25. 25. Five Donts •  let your intern be your social media strategic lead •  speak at your audience (broadcasting)…create a conversation with them •  forget the importance of branding…. Think communication •  overlook justifying your social media expenditures •  Think short term…start thinking long term©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  26. 26. About Digital Jungle©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  27. 27. Digital Jungle Fast Facts   •  Travel, hospitality & destination digital marketing specialists •  65 employees •  Global reach •  Independent •  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong •  Founded in early 2007©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  28. 28. World Class Digital Marketing Experience   •  Delivering digital strategy and execution services: –  Customer and competitor insight –  Digital strategy –  Social Media Marketing –  Search Engine Marketing –  Affiliate Marketing –  Media Buying •  We work for global and domestic organisations, across various market sectors, helping our clients: –  Engage with their key audiences –  Transform their business –  Maximise growth 28 ©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  29. 29. Our Commitment   The mission of Digital Jungle is to help our clients improve their business position and gain real value from their digital marketing investments Through our expertise in social media digital marketing programs and the application of search, affiliate and online marketing, we commit to: Dr Matt McDougall, •  Driving incremental direct revenue CEO, SinoTech Group •  Generating ROI unrivaled by traditional media •  Protecting your online reputation •  Increasing your market share over your competitors •  Building your brand awareness We look forward to working with you. ©  2011  SinoTech  Group  (China)  Limited
  30. 30. Thank You! Dr  Mathew  McDougall|  on  TwiLer   Email  @digitaljunglecn  Connect  on  Linkedin   Presenta+ons  on  SlideShare­‐jungle    Community  on  Facebook   Website