Social Media Event - Navigating the Chaos of Social Media


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My presentation from the "Navigating the Chaos of Social Media" event held in Beijing, China on the 8th Sept 2011.

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Social Media Event - Navigating the Chaos of Social Media

  1. 1. The  Digital  Experts  Navigating the Chaos of Social MediaDr. Mathew McDougallCEO, Digital Jungle
  2. 2. But really, this is a story about the Universe
  3. 3. We now know that the Universe has been growing since it’s inception.. The time of the ‘big bang’
  4. 4. In the past, we simply gazed into the night sky and saw stars. This was the basic of our knowledge; simple and naïve.
  5. 5. Then over time we developed sophisticated tools like the Hubble Space Telescope, to look deeper into space
  6. 6. And so, we have something similar with our Social Media Universe – It’s huge, expanding and is confusing
  7. 7. 457 Million Internet Users 1 Billion minutes spent online daily 231 Million Blog Users 135,000 web videos added daily
  8. 8. Therefore to understand more about social media we need to turn to technologies that help us go deeper and grow our insights
  9. 9. “What does it all mean?” 2011 2010 Social Media Analytics “Where & when do they say?”2009 2008 Reputation Monitoring 2007 “What do people say?” 2006 Social Intelligence is not simply monitoring but about making meaning
  10. 10. Where are people talking? Who are my Fans Do more women like by brand? New technologies can help us see what is happening across the social universe… such as
  11. 11. BRAND   Mercedes-Benz – Deep Dive Men.ons   Geographic  Distribu.on   Site  Analysis   Share  of  Voice  •  Geographic  distribu.on  focused  on  the   eastern  •  SOV  spread  through  Portals,  Microblogs,   Social  Networks  &  BBS/Forums    •  Strong  voice  from  
  12. 12. Model:  A3   Men.ons   Geographic  Distribu.on   Site  Analysis   Share  of  Voice  •  Geographic  distribu.on  focused  on  the   eastern  With  a  high  intensity  in  Beijing   and  Shanghai  •  SOV  spread  through  Portals,  Social  Networks   &  BBS/forums  •  High  number  of  men.ons  from  
  13. 13. Auto Scorecard (Models) Auto  Scorecard  The auto scorecard ranks the 5 automotive models based on a defined criteria list.Fuel Economy: Lexus CT200h, Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz A Class all ranked highly in fuel economyValue For Money: Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Infinity G25 were all considered good value for moneySafety: Lexus CT200h and the BMW 1 Series ranked highly in safetySportiness: Audi A3, Infinity G25 and BMW 1 Series ranked well in sportinessQuietness: Lexus CT200h and Audio A3 ranked highly in quietness
  14. 14. Thank You!Dr Mathew McDougall| Follow on Twitter Facebook @sinotechian Connect on Linkedin Presentations on SlideShare /drmathewmcdougall Community on Facebook Website