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Social Intelligence Platform - SIP:Enterprise


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This presentation outlines SinoTech Group's social intelligence platform called, "SIP:Enterprise" and the related services.

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Social Intelligence Platform - SIP:Enterprise

  1. 1. Social Media Intelligence Feb 2011 for gaining brand insights
  2. 2. Overview•  The social media landscape•  Unlocking social media insights with technology•  Introducing SIP: Enterprise•  Consulting & market research
  3. 3. What is social media?Social media combines a wide range of online, word-of-mouth forumsincluding blogs, company sponsored discussion boards and chat rooms,consumer-to-consumer e-mail, consumer product or service ratingswebsites and forums, Internet discussion boards and forums, micro-blogs.
  4. 4. The Social Media Landscape•  2,000+ social networks•  160 million plus groups•  1.9 billion people online (420m in China)•  950 million social networking members (and growing)•  Users of SNS sites log-in 5 days a week, 4 times a day and spend about 1 hour each day•  US$65.2 billion in global online advertising spend•  126 million blogs•  30 billion photos uploaded to Facebook per year. 1 billion photos on Flickr•  1 billion – The total number of videos YouTube serves in one day.•  Twitter 175 million users, seven languages, 25 billion tweets (2010)   Sources: Internet world stats ,blogpulse, Anderson Analytics, IDCs Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast, sysomos,
  5. 5. The Digital Marketing Specturm
  6. 6. What does this all mean?With so much content being created each day, each minute, eachsecond… you need to analysis what is being said, where it is being saidand who is saying it…SinoTech Group brings the world’s most sophistocated technologies andconsulting practices to bear in helping companies truly understand theironline position
  7. 7. Technology
  8. 8. Our Technology SolutionKey features1.  Online self-serve dashboard2.  Alerting, monitoring & reporting3.  Deep analytsis •  Hot topics •  Sentiment Measurement •  Competitive analysis and trends •  Author analysis •  Location •  Language
  9. 9. Application of the Technology Crisis Reputation / Weak Signal Alert Management Risk Assessment Brand Brand Marketing Mix/Management Voice of the Positioning Advertising Consumer And Planning Management Market Competitive Management Product Insights Intelligence
  10. 10. The Platform - SIP: Enterprise•  Understand what your customers are thinking and they are saying about you•  Track all sources related to your brand including online news and PR•  Measure your sentiment through the consumer generated online content•  Learn more about your content authors (value and influence).•  Pin point geographical / location based trends•  Work across all major languages
  11. 11. The Flavors of SIPSIP: EnterpriseOur flagship product provides analysis of the content, sentiment, origin,author, language etc of online information relating to your area of interestso you can gain insights and intelligence about the topics you care about.Because certain industries have specific requirements, SIP now comes in anumber of specific versions that have been tailored to extract additionalinformation. Our current SIP industry solutions include; SIP: Hospitality SIP: Aviation SIP: Cruise SIP: Travel SIP: Auto SIP: FMCG Please check with your Account Manager for the list of latest SIP modules.
  12. 12. SIP: Enterprise Dashboard Determine what channels your area of interest is beingAbility to analyze discussedthe sentiment onindividual phrasessurrounding yourkeywords ontopics. Completedin nerar real-time. Identify the authors contributing to the discussions
  13. 13. Control & Customization Elements Each area can be filtered to provide more granular insightsMenus can becustomizedand restrictedbased on userlevel access
  14. 14. Location Elements Using the filter allows you to segment further. i.e., find the positive mentions or type of channel being usedKnowing wheresomeone is Simply clicking ondiscussing your the red dot will takebrand is critical. you to the list ofYou can drill mentions.down tocountry,provence level.
  15. 15. Reports & Workflow ElementsCustomized reports can becreated by following a simplewizardAssigning tasks is animportant elementthat allows forfollow-up andacountabilty A system log can show when someone logs in, changes a password and deleted a record
  16. 16. Why Companies Choose SIP: Enterprise Coverage of Online Engagement Western and Social Media Self-serve, Intuitive Workflow Globalized Metrics User Interface Chinese Sites Management• Blogs • Support for • Sentiment score • Users can login to • Tracking, audit trails, (over 100 million) simplified and • Buzz volume check profiles 24x7 workflow• BBS/Forums traditional Chinese, • Author • Multi-language user management• Online news sites English, Spanish, identification interface • Configurable UI French, Italian, • Able to track and• Video sites • Foursquare • Filtering is multi-level German, view topics of• Microblogging check-ins and can be used to Japanese, Korean, interest via online (Twitter/Weibo) Russian keywords, • twitter metrics, RT, segment the data• Photo sites Followers dashboard content and• Social network sources • & • Data collected in sites Alexa site traffic near real-time • Ability to easily filter• Wiki content by metrics • Configurable language and reports sent to your country of origin email • Configurable email alerts for breaching of set metrics threshholds
  17. 17. Consulting & Research
  18. 18. Consulting Framework Although many clients use SIP: Enterprise themselves, some others enjoy the support of SinoTech Group From Client in proving understandings and insights about the Business Objectives information in the platform. The consulting may take Action the form a simple report or From Client could be more substancial SinoTech GroupExperience Data like recommendations, Analysis approach and social media strategy
  19. 19. Market Segmentation & Customized ResearchUnderstanding the requirements of different groups of customers withsimilar needs, the marketer can offer appropriate products and servicesor communicate effectively with a series of differentiated markets .Other advantages include:•  Matching customer needs to products and services•  Niche marketing tactics to identify and serve new customers•  Match resources and capabilities to market segments where competitive advantages are enjoyed•  Leverage market intelligence in appropriate market sectors not utilised by competitors•  Develop value added product propositions which command premium pricing
  20. 20. Summary of Services Expertise Capability Description Service User Insight Uncovering insight about user needs, motivations and behaviours •  Persona Development and how these are manifested online and on other digital •  User Research / Bespoke platforms. Our focus is on the discovery of insight that leads to ResearchInsight competitive advantage. Competitive Analysis of complex interactive environments from the users point •  Competitive Analysis Analysis of view to identify risks and opportunities that shape strategy. •  eSituation Analysis Interactive Developing business strategies which leverage interactive •  Future Scenario PlanningStrategy Business opportunities and define the necessary organisational change •  Organisational Design and Strategy required to deliver the end goal. Business Transformation Competitive / Monitoring of the online environment for insight and the •  eBusiness and Digital Environment transformation of that insight into actions and competitive position Audits Monitoring advantage. •  Scope - Environment MonitorMonitoring & •  Online Media MonitorEvaluation •  Sentiment Monitor Performance/ Analysing the end to end performance of interactive activities to •  KPI’s, Ratios and Evaluation identify opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking monitoring •  Analytical Strategy •  Social Analytics •  Beacon - Evaluation Reporting
  21. 21. About SinoTech Group
  22. 22. SinoTech Group - Fast Facts•  Heritage in online platform / software development•  Social Media Intelligence Technology & Consulting•  Global reach•  Independent•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong•  Founded in April, 2007
  23. 23. Thank you - Dr Mathew McDougall | @sinotechian | @sinotechgroupThis document is for private commercial use only. Distribution to third parties and/or publication in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without expressed written consent of SinoTech Group.