Search Marketing in China- Where do we start?


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Chinese search engines, including Baidu, Google, Soso, Sogou, Bing, and Yahoo, present many SEO and PPC opportunities for international companies... yet many know very little about the Chinese search marketing landscape. This presentation provides an overview of search in China and gives a comparison between Google and Baidu in terms of PPC.

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Search Marketing in China- Where do we start?

  1. Search Marketing in China Dec 2010
  2. Agenda•  Chinese Search Marketing ‘Fast Facts’•  The Search Marketing Landscape•  Baidu to Google SEM Differences•  General Approaches to Chinese Search Marketing•  Fast Facts- SinoTech Group
  3. Fast FactsUp to June, 2010, the number of net citizens in China has reached420 millionThe number of broadband net citizens has reached 364 millionThe number of mobile net citizens in China has reached 277 millionThe weekly online time of net citizens is 19.8 hoursThe growth rate of users for online payment, web shopping and e-banking was 30% 26th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (July, 2010)
  4. Search Engines use varies with Socio Demographics Search Engine Share Engine Preference varies by location Yahoo Other Google Baidu By user Age Distribution And Socio Economic Status (High end user* Market Share) * Aged 25+, 4 yr degree, Earn 3,000+ RMB / Mnth
  5. The Chinese Engines (Main ones)and……China Mobile is expected to launch a search engine in 2011
  6. Baidu’s Phoenix Nest (PPC Platform)
  7. Google (Adwords)
  8. China – Comparative User Search Patterns
  9. Lets ‘deep dive’ Google vs. BaiduAcknowledgement: Sourced from Gordon Choi’s fantastic blog with incredible SEM
  10. China – Search Engine MarketingMost companies use Baidu and Google to reach theChinese audience. They have SEM programs called:•  Baidu PPC Phoenix Nest•  Google Adwords
  11. China – Search Engine MarketingWhen considering the search campaign, note thatBaidu Phoenix Nest and Google Adwords bothemploy an account structure that consists of 3 majorlevels: •  Campaigns •  Ad groups •  Ads and keywords
  12. Quality Score & Keyword Quality (Google)Adwords:Google Adwords Quality Score: Quality Score is re-calculatedevery time your keyword is eligible to trigger an ad. AdwordsQuality Score algorithm differs when it is affecting ads on Googleand the Search Network or ads on the Content Network.Google Includes Ad Position in Adwords Quality ScoreCalculation: As click through rate (CTR) is one of the mostimportant factors in ranking ads, and normally the higher the adranks, the more clicks the ad gets.Landing Page Load Time to Affect Adwords Quality Score:Optimize your landing pages will improve the Quality Score ofyour Google Adwords campaigns’ performance.
  13. Quality Score & Keyword Quality (Baidu)Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu PPC Keyword Quality: Ad ranking in Baidu’snew PPC system, Phoenix Nest, is very much basedon keywords’ maximum cost-per-click (CPC) andkeyword quality, after Baidu’s retires the old PPCsystem. Factors in keyword quality includes clickthrough rate (CTR).
  14. Keyword Matching & Click Reports (Google)Adwords:Adwords Search Query Report: Shows search queries that have led visitors toyour website through your Adwords ads, and connects the clicks toconversions in most Adwords reports for all further keyword analysis.Adwords Broad Match Keywords: A keyword match type that is used inconjunction with negative match keywords to maximize the number of clicks,discover new keywords, and reduce cost.Adwords Negative Keywords: A keyword match type to reduce cost byexcluding irrelevant clicks. You can use negative keywords as negativebroad, negative phrase or negative exact in your campaigns or ad groups.Adwords Separates Statistics for Google and Search Partners: Google revealsthe origins of clicks you have received by separately reporting clicks ofGoogle search and clicks of Search Network (Google’s search partners)
  15. Keyword Matching & Click Reports (Baidu)Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu PPC Search Queries: Shows search queries thathave led visitors to your website through your Baidu PPCads, but does not connect the clicks to conversions forany further keyword analysis.A basic negative keyword matching can be applied toBaidu Phoenix Nest campaigns.
  16. Ad Text OptimizationAdwords:Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion: DKI helps you automate ad textcreation, allows you to minimize the time you spend manually creating andmanaging your ad groups, ensures your ads are relevant and improves yourads’ click through rates (CTR).Adwords Trademark Keywords: Google’s trademark policies are applied onads and keywords, and differ from country to country. If your competitorshave infringed your company’s trademarked “terms” on Adwords, filecomplaints through Google’s online trademark complaint procedure.Baidu Phoenix Nest:Dynamic keyword insertion can be applied to any ad text.Note: You need to contact Baidu’s account management team to fileprotection for your trademarked “terms”.
  17. PPC Editing ToolsAdwords:Adwords Editor: When you have a large number of Adwordscampaigns, ad groups, ads and/or keywords, use GoogleAdwords Editor to download your account, update yourcampaigns, ad groups, ads and/or keywords offline, and thenupload your changes to your Adwords account. Adwords Editorshows Quality Score of your keywords and is available in almost40 languages. The tools includes keyword opportunities tool andkeyword grouper.Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu PPC Editor: A basic editor that allows you to create/editcampaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords offline and then postchanges to Baidu Phoenix Nest.
  18. Conversion Optimization Tools, Auto-bidding Tool (Google) Adwords: Adwords Conversion Optimizer Tips and Adwords Conversion Optimizer Review: An optimization algorithm that manages your keywords’ cost-per- click (CPC) bids by keeping the cost of each conversion below the maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) you specify, based on your Adwords campaigns’ historical conversion data. Adwords Conversion Optimizer Target CPA Bidding: Specify the average amount (or actual cost) you will pay for a conversion and Targeting CPA bidding will automate your keywords’ cost-per-click (CPC) bids. Google Adwords Bid Simulator: Get estimation of cost, clicks and impressions before setting your keyword’s maximum cost-per-click (CPC). Adwords Bid Simulator’s prediction is based on your keywords’ bids and Quality Score, the keyword bids and keyword Quality Score of your competitors, historical search volume of and Google’s Search Network of your keywords, and historical click volume of your keywords.
  19. Conversion Optimization Tools, Auto-bidding Tool (Baidu) Baidu Phoenix Nest: Baidu offers no tool for your campaigns’ conversion optimization or keywords’ cost-per-click (CPC) auto- bidding.
  20. Conversion Tracking (Google)Adwords:Adwords Conversion Tracking: Track Adwords keyword /ad group performance/conversion for both search-targeted and content-targeted campaigns by insertinga conversion tracking code snippet onto your website’sconfirmation / thank you page. Adwords conversiontracking enables you to track purchases/sales, leads,sign-ups, and/or views of a key page as conversions withor without a value assigned to your conversions. EachAdwords conversion has a cookie period of 30 days andis reflected in most Adwords reports.
  21. Conversion Tracking (Baidu)Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu PPC Conversion Tracking: A basic tool thatoffers multiple conversion goal tracking. All you needis to insert a conversion tracking code snippet ontoyour website’s confirmation / thank you page.Note: Has a limitation on the number of URL’s that can be tracked
  22. Web AnalyticsAdwords:Google Analytics: The world’s most widely-used, free web analytics toolthat gives you reports on your site’s traffic data. Google Analytics can beset up in many customized ways to support your websites’ different trackingrequirements. If you run campaigns on multiple Chinese PPC searchengines, track PPC conversions in Google Analytics.Import Google Analytics goal data into Adwords if you are not usingAdwords conversion tracking.Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu Analytics: A basic, free web analytics tool that offers traffic datareports for your Chinese website.Note: Baidu’s Analytics interface is only available in Chinese language.
  23. Keyword Tools, Keyword Trends (Google)Adwords:Google Keyword Tool: Offers search volume keyword data ofthe previous month, average search volume of the past 12months, and advertiser competitions on the keywords.Google Search-based Keyword Tool: Get new keywordsuggestions based on the actual search queries on Googleand matched to specific web pages of your website, thatare not currently in your Google Adwords account.Google Insights for Search: Discover keyword trends of yourwebsite’s industry based on geographical regions, and spotyour competitors’ brand strength.Google Trends in Chinese: A simple version of Google’sInsight for Search, in Chinese.
  24. Keyword Tools, Keyword Trends (Baidu)Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu Keyword Research Tools: Generate keywordsfrom a “core keyword” and/or from a URL that youenter. Download the list of suggested keywords and/or add the new keywords to your Baidu campaigns.Google Trends vs Baidu Index: Discover Chinesesearch trends that users typed into Baidu.
  25. Content Network Optimization (Google)Adwords:Adwords Content Targeting Optimization: Google enables you to manage bothsearch network ads and content network ads in one system, Adwords. Optimize yourcontent targeted campaigns using placement report, conversion targeting tool, andsite exclusion tool. Google Adwords’ matching takes your entire ad group of keywordsand match semantically and thematically to Google’s content network sites. You canfurther improve the relevance of your targeting sites by applying Google contentnetwork site exclusion. Restructuring will expand the “reach” of your content-targetedcampaigns.Adwords Placement Performance Report for Google Content Network: Reveals thereferring sites’ URLs that have sent clicks to your Google content network.Google Content Network Performance Trends: This Google whitepaper reveals contentnetwork makes up of 19.6% conversions of Adwords, CPA is 2.6% lower than the searchnetwork, and clicks are 28% less expensive than the search network.Google Adwords Display Ad Builder: Set up your display ads on Google’s contentnetwork with pre-designed display/image ad templates.
  26. Content Network Optimization (Baidu)Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu Union: Baidu content network’s ad matchingtechnique is still at a pre-mature stage as it can only matchkeyword by keyword from your campaigns to a site withinBaidu’s content network. This often causes your adsappearing on irrelevant content sites and can causeextremely low conversion rates for the budget you havespent through Baidu Union.Note: To expand your campaigns’ reach in Baidu’s content network, your onlyoption is to increase cost-per-click (CPC) which will directly increase your budget.
  27. Ad Re-targetingAdwords:Adwords Remarketing, Retargeting to GoogleContent Network: Adwords Remarketing enablesGoogle showing ads to visitors who previously visitedyour site but did not convert, this time through ads onGoogle’s Content Network.Baidu Phoenix Nest:Baidu has not officially launched any retargeting toolsfor ads.
  28. About SinoTech Group
  29. SinoTech Group - Fast Facts•  Heritage in software development•  95 employees•  Global reach•  Independent•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong•  Founded in April, 2007
  30. Thank you - Dr Mathew McDougall | | @sinotechgroup