Inbound Tour Operators Council of New Zealand (ITOC)


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This is my presentation delivered at the Inbound Tour Operators Council of New Zealand (ITOC) (Dec, 2010)

  • Hi Thomas, you are right and I guess this is the danger of reusing/recycling old presentations. However, the point of that slide is to show some contrast to the state of the Internet in New Zealand to China rather than the actual site... but fair point and I will update this Xiaonei reference before giving the next presentation .. thanks for pointing this out. Cheers Matt
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  • Nice, but Xiaonei? bit out of date........
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Inbound Tour Operators Council of New Zealand (ITOC)

  1. 1. Busting Myths, Highlighting Realities and Measuring Dec 2010 the Future
  2. 2. Common Myths China has a great firewall Doesnt t the US dominate the number of Internet users? Who is the No.1Search Engine? Google? Isn t all social media in China censored?
  3. 3. Chinese Internet Fast FactsUp to June, 2010, the number of net citizens in China hasreached 420 millionThe number of broadband net citizens has reached 364 millionThe number of mobile net citizens in China has reached 277 millionThe weekly online time of net citizens is 19.8 hoursThe growth rate of users for online payment, web shopping and e-bankingwas 30%The number of Chinese websites is 2.79 million 26th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (July, 2010)
  4. 4. Chinese Inbound Fast FactsBetween 1999 and 2009 the number ofChinese visitors coming to New Zealandgrew from just over 20,000 to 102,000 visitorarrivals.China surpassed South Korea and Japan in2008 to become New Zealands fourthlargest inbound market.
  5. 5. Online Travel in China•  Estimated Online Travel Booking in 2010 isRMB5.47 Billion ($.75 Billion)• The number of citizens taking internet as themain channel to get tourism informationaccounted for 66.7% of China s total,• Citizens who have made a hotel reservation byinternet amounted to 70.2% of China s total,• Citizens who have booked air tickets by internetaccounted for 70.7% of China s total,• Citizens who have booked holiday products byinternet amounted to 20.3% of China s total(Data Center of China Internet, 2010)
  6. 6. Does China have a rich ecosystem of social media?
  7. 7. 420 Million Chinese Internet Users 30 Million Fast Facts kaixin001 Users183 Million 40 MillionQzone Users Xiaonei Users
  8. 8. Asia s dominant social networksQQFacebookFriendsterWretchZingOrkuthi5MixiCyworld
  9. 9. Asia s range of search enginesGoogleBaiduYahooNaver
  10. 10. Market Share of Search in China Google who? 71% 22% 7%
  11. 11. So what are all these Chinese doing online?
  12. 12. Chinese netizens are engaged in creating/sharing content March 2009, Asia Social Technographics – Forrester Research
  13. 13. How are Chinese accessing the Internet?26th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (July, 2010)
  14. 14. More cool facts…. Number of bloggers is 231 million The number of net citizens who use social networking websites has reached 210 million. There have been 34.55 million newly-added users in the first half of 2010. The web game users is 296 million The number of web video users has reached 265 million26th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (July, 2010)
  15. 15. So with all these Chinese online… what should I
  16. 16. The evolution from listening to understandingv1.0  Monitoring   v2.0  Mining   v3.0  Analy3cs   Volume   Word  counts/tag  cloud   Sen4ment   Bench  Marking   Entry  4meline   Topics  and  themes   Scorecards   High-­‐level  topics   Key  influencers   Forecas4ng   Venue  analysis   Geo  -­‐  Loca4ons   Predic4ng   Influence     Drill-­‐down  to  entries
  17. 17. What are the things I should measure•  Analysis of audience feedback for neutral, positive and negative attitudes and emotions (Sentiment)•  Analysis of keywords that people use to discuss your hotel•  Analysis of the authors that are influencing the online discussions•  Analysis of the social media sites being used.•  Customer reviews•  Location of the media (where in the world are they talking about you)
  18. 18. Automatically understand the sentiment of your hotelThis hotel saw anumber of sentimentfluctuations aroundthe time of their newrenovations.Some of theunderlying commentsrelated to the noise ofthe work and othersabout the nicerenvironment
  19. 19. Who is saying what & where Social Channels Authors Group Confidential
  20. 20. Map Overlay Where are people talking about us ? The map overlay identifies the location of the media source. The larger the marker, the greater the number of hotel mentions from this location. Group Confidential
  21. 21. Brand Sentiment IndexingChengdu hasthe greatestonline brandsentiment inChina vs.other Chinesecities You can benchmark and trend to determine where you rank
  22. 22. Dynamic score cardsScore card can giveyou a great insightabout yourperformance againstyour competitors You need to evaluate your brand position
  23. 23. Consumer Review AnalysisHoteliers cansimply andquickly reviewwhat is beingsaid about theirproperty (orthat of theircompetitors) You need to listen and understand what is being said.
  24. 24. Social Media AnalyticsSinoBuzz™ is the leading social media analytics platform; apowerful tool for monitoring and managing online brand,measuring public awareness, sentiment, influence, and tracingauthoritative sources.
  25. 25. SinoTech Group - Fast Facts•  Heritage in software development•  95 employees•  Global reach•  Travel & Hospitality Focused•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong
  26. 26. This presentation can be found at: Thank you - Dr Mathew McDougall | @sinotechian | @sinotechgroup