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Travel and leisure in america


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Travel and leisure in america

  1. 1. Travel and Leisure in America Community English Club
  2. 2. Introducing YourselfMy Name is ...I am from ...My favorite color is ...
  3. 3. Why do you travel?
  4. 4. Travel and LeisureRelaxSpend time withfamily/friendsMeet new peopleSee new placesHave an adventure
  5. 5. Leisure Termsrelaxswimhikeboatingsightseeingtourist(s)
  6. 6. What do you like to do when you relax? Travel?
  7. 7. Traveling in America
  8. 8. New York, New York“The city so nice they named it twice”.
  9. 9. New YorkThe most populated cityin America. Over 22Million!Was founded bysettlers from Holland in1624.Over 800 languagesare spoken in NewYork.It a center foreducation, culture,
  10. 10. Many sights and things to doFamous Times Square. “The Crossroads of the world”.The Statue of LibertyThe United NationsNew York StockExchange
  11. 11. The Statue of Liberty
  12. 12. Washington D.C.
  13. 13. D.C.The capital of theUnited States.A center for politics,arts, and manymuseums.Many famous buildingsand monuments
  14. 14. The Capitol Building
  15. 15. The Lincoln Memorial
  16. 16. Florida“The Sunshine State”
  17. 17. FloridaThe 4th most populated state in the USA.Has a long history as a Spanish and French colony.Saint Augustine, Florida (1565) is the oldest city inAmerica.It has warm, sunny weather all year long.Famous for its marshlands. The Marshlands havediverse animal life and plants.
  18. 18. Marshlands
  19. 19. Miami, FloridaWarm, tropical city insouthern Florida.Beautiful beaches.Beautiful people.
  20. 20. California
  21. 21. CaliforniaThe most populatedstated in America. 34million people.Is the center for movies,arts and culture.Has nice weather yearround, especially on thecoast.
  22. 22. Los Angeles, CAThe second largest cityin America. 4 MillionPeople.Home to Hollywood andthe movie industry.Very good chance tosee a famous person.
  23. 23. Hollywood Sign
  24. 24. Mann’s Chinese Theatre
  25. 25. Hollywood Walk of Fame
  26. 26. Disney Land“The Most Magical Place on Earth”
  27. 27. San Diego, CAOne of my favoritecities!Beautiful beaches andvery close to Arizona.Home to the San DiegoZoo and Sea World.
  28. 28. San Diego Zoo
  29. 29. Sea World
  30. 30. Shamu the Whale
  31. 31. Hawaii“The Aloha State”
  32. 32. HawaiiAmerica’s Crimea.Beautiful, warmweather all year long.Great place for surfing.Many people like thebeaches, but manypeople come to see thevolcanoes.
  33. 33. Beautiful Beaches!
  34. 34. Beautiful Volcanoes!
  35. 35. Alaska“The Last Frontier”
  36. 36. AlaskaThe largest state in theUS.The state with thesmallest population inthe US.Purchased from Russiafor 7 million dollars.Vast wilderness make aperfect place for hikingand looking at nature.
  37. 37. Nature
  38. 38. The Northern Lights
  39. 39. Alaskan Cruises
  40. 40. QuestionsIf you could go to any place we talked about todaywhere would you go to? Why would you go there?
  41. 41. QuestionsWhat is the one place you want to visit most in theworld? Why?