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  • (14)Venham Conhecer a Nova Temporada do na versão Season 6 Ep3
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    Pvp 15.000x
    Very Easy - 5.000x
    Hard 100 x
    Extreme 10x
    War 1000x
    Novo Sever: Phoenix 3.000x (32k stats) Acumulativo

    Algumas Novidades:

    -> Castle Siege, agora o GM da guild vencedora ganha SET exclusivo.
    -> Fique logado e ganhe golds, Free ganha 1 GOLD por minuto e VIP 2 GOLDs.
    -> Ganhe Chaos Castle e receba itens ancients.
    -> Novos Kits Fusion Devastator, Kit Mysthical e ItensSupremo Diamond v2 (raro) Apenas 100 será vendidos
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  1. 1. Introductions• Name - Profession/Student. Where?• A food you like. LIKE = enjoy, have a preference for, am partial to, find/take pleasure in, appreciate, love, adore, relish I adore carrots. - I love eggplant. - I enjoy eating cake.• A food you dislike. DISLIKE = find distasteful, have an aversion to, have no liking/taste for, hate, detest, loathe, abhor, despise, be unable to bear/stand, shrink from, shudder at, find repellent I shudder at the notion of eating ketchup. - I loathe mustard. I find mayonnaise repellent.• Predict the first snowfall in Kremenchuk. Guess what day will we have first snow this fall/winter.
  2. 2. Swastika• The swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles. – equilateral - having all its sides of the same length.• The swastika is still used in Indian Religions, specifically in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, as a sacred symbol of good luck.• Swastikas have also been used in other ancient civilizations around the world.
  3. 3. Swastika• Earliest archaeological evidence of swastikas dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization in India. – Indus - river in southern Asia, about 1,800 miles (2,900 km) long, that flows from Tibet to the Arabian Sea. – The Indus Valley Civilization flourished from c. 2600 to 1760 bc.
  4. 4. Swastika• The swastika was used as a symbol of the Nazi Party of Germany in 1920.• During the 1930s, a swastika was incorporated into the Nazi party flag, which was made the State Flag of Germany.
  5. 5. Swastika• Now, the Swastika is associated with Nazism and White Supremacism since the 1930s in the western world and is now stigmatized. – Stigmatize - worthy of disgrace or great disapproval• It is outlawed in Germany if used as a symbol of Nazism.• Modern political extremists and Neo-Nazi groups use swastikas or similar symbols.
  6. 6. GeorgiaMotto: Dzala ertobashia - "Strength is in Unity”
  7. 7. Capital (and largest city)Tbilisi is thecapital andlargest city inGeorgia.Kiev is thecapital andlargest city inUkraine.PresidentialPalace
  8. 8. Georgian GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republicunitary: country is governed as a single unitsemi-presidential: president and prime minister“share” powerrepublic: people retain power over the government -people elect representativesUkraine is a unitary semi-presidential republic.Most Eureopean governments are unitary semi-presidential republics.
  9. 9. Modern Statehood- Independence from Russian Empire - May 26, 1918- Independence from the Soviet Union Finalized - December 25, 1991
  10. 10. Area - 69,700 km2 (120th) - 26,911 sq mi• Ukraine is 46th largest country. (View of Tbilisi).
  11. 11. Population -~ 4,636,400 (121st).Ukraine has~ 45,706,126 and isthe 29th most populasnation.Tbilisi after dark.
  12. 12. An aside….Population• China (1st) - 1,339,724,852• India (2nd) - 1,210,193,422• USA (3rd) - 312,162,00• Ukraine (29th) - 45,706,126• Georgia (121th) - 4,636,400
  13. 13. Ethnic Groups83.8% Georgian,6.5% Azeri,5.7% Armenian,1.5% Russian,2.5% othersUkraine77.8% Ukrainian,17.3% Russian,4.9% Other
  14. 14. Official language• GeorgianOther languages• 71% Georgian• 9% Russian• 7% Armenian• 6% Azeri• 7% others.
  15. 15. Religion83.9% OrthodoxChristianity3.9% ArmenianChristians9.9% Muslims0.8% Roman CatholicsSameba (Trinity)Cathedral in Tbilisi.Construction lasted 18years - 1995-2003.
  16. 16. Georgian Christianarchitecture is knownas the Georgiancross-dome style.Cross-domearchitecturedeveloped in Georgiaduring the 9thcentury.Sameba (Trinity)Cathedral in Tbilisi.
  17. 17. Andrea and James’ Excellent Adventure
  18. 18. Photos courtesy ofAndrea Zimmerman.
  19. 19. Our traveling companion and fellow PCV - Yeri
  20. 20. On our way to Telavi.
  21. 21. Telavi
  22. 22. Home stay
  23. 23. Sighnavi a fortress in themountains. In thedistance, Azerbaijan hills.
  24. 24. During its history, Sighnavi has neverbeen captured or take over by anenemy. In the distance, Azerbaijan hills.
  25. 25. Near Telavi - Monastery in the hills.
  26. 26. Restoration of frescos.
  27. 27. Ancient university and monastery underrenovation. Note: The center for tourists and updated road.
  28. 28. BBQ in the hills near Telavi.
  29. 29. In Georgia, there is aseries of approximately32 toasts.
  30. 30. Our host. In Georgia, women drink red wine and men drink white.
  31. 31. Near Gori is the cave town ofUplistsikhe. From the 4thcentury BC until 4th century ADit was the cultural center of EastGeorgia.
  32. 32. During the best of times, 20,000people lived in Uplistsikhe.
  33. 33. During the middle ages,Uplistsikhe was a stop on thesilk route from Byzantium andIndia.
  34. 34. View from Uplistsikhe.More ruins. The cave town is carved into soft stone.
  35. 35. TbilisiBaratashvili Bridge(Bridge of Peace)spans the MtkvariRiver.
  36. 36. The averagetemperature during ourstay 42C (107F). Freedom Square
  37. 37. People lived in thesebuildings Buildings near the Presidential Palace and Sameba (Trinity) Cathedral.
  38. 38. Nariqala - principalfortress of the city from4th - 18th century.
  39. 39. Dancing water fountain in the parkbelow the presidential palace.
  40. 40. The fortress, Nariqala, at night. A scary looking Mother Georgia.
  41. 41. Mother Georgia…
  42. 42. The new business center.
  43. 43. Tbilisi has a richcafé culture. All three of the people in this picture have been to Kremenchuk.
  44. 44. …and now we’re back in Kremenchuk.