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Using structured data for more than just search


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Against popular belief there's a lot of value in structuring your data even if you don't publish it as structured data or when your business isn't eligible due to serving adult content.

In this deck you'll find examples of how structured data can work for you even if you don't use it for search per se.

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Using structured data for more than just search

  1. 1. Using structured data for more than just search
  2. 2. For decades the world’s largest manufacturer, wholesale and retailer of erotic lifestyle products
  3. 3. Unfortunately their digital efforts were still stuck in ancient Greece
  4. 4. They were in desperate need of a digital transformation
  5. 5. Wrong terms, false offer constructs and and poor product info throughout the entire business
  6. 6. And the business itself was still operating in silos
  7. 7. Time to take the blue pill and get things up and running again
  8. 8. was the starting point of designing the new data warehouse
  9. 9. Which we extended with our own ‘erotic lifestyle’ vocabulary
  10. 10. And in the end, mapped every single type and property to every possible sales outlet
  11. 11. And even though we wouldn’t get any rich results EVER!!!
  12. 12. We were finally able to: ● Offer clients the info they are looking for ● Provide up-to-date product info in retail shops ● Automate Adwords feeds ● Automate Affiliate feeds ● Automate Market places feeds ● Start doing well in organic search (after all, websites need rich content) ● Do some pretty insane Analytics tracking ● Have everybody speak ONE common business vocabulary