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Making People Happy - Humanizing brands with stories


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Making People Happy is a social idea agency. We help people, brands, companies and cats to make their clients happy.

Our expertise lies in creating interesting stories, community management, digital and traditional media, making people happy, meaningful conversations and design, and unique brand creation.

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Making People Happy - Humanizing brands with stories

  2. 2. Best  way  to  convince  the  customer  to   ”buy”  your  idea  is  to  link  the  idea  with   emotion.       Best  way  to  link  the  idea  with  emotion   is  telling  an  interesting  story.   -­‐Jon  Hamm  at  ADWEEK  
  3. 3. Making  People  Happy   is  a  social  idea  agency.   We  help  people,   brands,  companies   and  cats  to  make  their   clients  happy.  
  4. 4. Social  media  is     a  hippo  in  the  room    
  5. 5. Social  media  is  all  about  interaction,  openness,   honesty,  listening.  
  6. 6. Social  media  is  not  social.   People  are.  
  7. 7. Community Services Life Cycle 7 v.
  8. 8. Facebook is out… Source: Piper Jaffray
  9. 9. Parents at Facebook Pic: Flickr / Richard Holt®
  10. 10. Rise of instant messaging
  11. 11. Twitter – Open discussion Teinit ovat tottuneet lyhytviestintään  
  12. 12. Visual communication is growing
  13. 13. Memes
  14. 14. selAie  
  15. 15. Tribes
  16. 16. Social filter Making Pe
  17. 17. Marketing before Customer   Marketer   Pic:  Flickr  /    Masayuki  Takaku   Passive   Interrupting  
  18. 18. Marketing is conversation Customer   Marketer   Sharing   Relationship   Customer   Interaction   Co-­‐creation   Social   Customer     Pic:  Flickr  /  Queen  of  the  Universe      
  19. 19. Soft sales Inbound-­‐marketing   Content  marketing   Social  media   Customer  chooses  the  company   Interaction   From  campaings    to  activities  
  20. 20. Creating a bond Purchase   Touch   point  
  21. 21. Thought leaders show the way J   J   L  
  22. 22. We don’t plan, we just do it. Valtteri Lindholm - Varusteleka
  23. 23. SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS FORMULA Emotions + Passion + Stories + Authenticity
  24. 24. Content  is  dead.  Long  live  storytelling.                      -­‐Jon  Hamm  at  ADWEEK  
  25. 25. Making People Happy Our  expertise  lies  in  creating   interesting  stories,  community   management,  digital  and   traditional  media,  meaningful   conversations  and  design,   unique  brand  creation  and   making  people  happy.  
  26. 26. Making People Happy Humanizing  brand  with  real   stories  behind  the  company.  
  27. 27. Tone  of   the  voice   Brands  and   meaningful   conversations   online   Online     content   auditing   Content    strategy   Content   creation   Humor   :)   Lecturing   Story-­‐   telling   Brand   stories   Tribes     auditing   Social   media   strategy   Right   channels   Social  concepts   and  services   Cat   Marketing   Consulting  
  28. 28. BOOK  COMING     Sometarinoita  Suomesta  
  29. 29. Making People Happy HUMANIZING BRANDS WITH STORIES Jarno Alastalo E-mail: Twitter: @SocialJarno