The relationship between the lyrics music and video


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The relationship between the lyrics music and video

  1. 1. <ul><li>Lilly Koryang </li></ul><ul><li>Jared Taliesin Williams </li></ul><ul><li>Damien Ashton-Wellman </li></ul>Go Audio – Made Up Stories
  2. 2. <ul><li>The first clear sign that you notice is the link between the lyrics of the song and the scenes in the video. During the verses we tried matching the scenes with the lyrics with the image of the girl with the guy dancing under a spotlight with the singer in the background watching them. We tried linking this with the line – “ There you were and the floor was empty, You and him getting more than friendly, It was just a kiss, but I could see you meant it ” – as saying the floor was empty, we attempted to recreate a dance floor with a spotlight mainly focusing on the girl and the boy with the singer in the darkness ‘watching’. </li></ul><ul><li>We also linked a scene with the lyrics – “ The saddest thing for me, Was I trusted you, yeah, endlessly, So now, the innocence you played, Just go save it for the other guy I've seen. ” – During our music video, the scene that we had during these lyrics was the one watching the video and the tearing of the photo. The singer watches the video clip as the lyrics, “ the saddest thing for me, was I trusted you ” , are sung which helps symbolises the old trust that was formed during the relationship and how watching the video reminds the singer of the trust that was created. </li></ul>What is the relationship between the lyrics, music and video?
  3. 3. <ul><li>As well as trying to link the music with the lyrics, we attempted to link the video to the music as well. The song itself is originally Go: Audio – Made Up Stories, which we believed targeted an emo/indie/pop audience as the lyrics are considered to follow the emo genre, however the music seemed to follow an indie style. We had attempted to match the music video with the music by making the band member wear other bands t-shirts. This fits with the emo style as many of the newer bands in the modern music industry use this style and we believed it would portray the emo and indie style well. Also the singer was wearing black ‘skinny’ jeans throughout the video and in the pictures for the DVD and magazine. This also portrays the emo genre as black skinny jeans are considered to fit the emo fashion and how they were black fits the emo genre. </li></ul><ul><li>To match the indie genre, we decided to add some footage of the singer during the chorus. We thought this would help match the genre as it does not convey the emo style yet more favours the genre of indie. We also tried to convey the indie genre by making the girl in the video wear clothing that were bright yet did not portray a more pop style or hip-hop. This mainly consisted of blue jeans with usually red colour tops. Also the boy also had to wear casual shirts which did not follow the indie genre nevertheless it did not follow any other genre of music which helped fit with the indie genre as indie is seen as not following codes and conventions of other genres or even the indie genre. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Is The Concept Narrative Or Performance? <ul><li>The concept is a mixture of both types of video which is the most popular form within the industry as many bands videos show a narrative but also show the band so that it will promote them as well as there song, this mixture of types is used for the real Go audio video as well, using just a performance video can be boring as there is nothing but the band just singing where as a video that is completely narrative is much more interesting for people to look at while the song is played but you don’t know who is singing the song, we chose to show the singer as from looking at other bands within the genre we used for our song, the band appears throughout the video’s mainly for the choruses. with our video the performance elements were designed to have a ghostly feel with the background appearing through him so not to just have him singing against a dark back ground which is what the real video did which is boring we wanted to make the performance parts as interesting as the narrative parts linking it to the scene were the girl in our video fades away, the use of the performance parts create the metaphor of the singer is fading from the girls life as she is cheating and no longer wants to be with him, so he becomes a ghostly figure of her past as he kicks her out and she’ll forget him eventually as she has someone to move on to. </li></ul>
  5. 5. A comparison between Funeral For A Friend – Walk Away and our music video. Similarities: Music Storyline Singer just in video Genre Both moving on Cup symbolises moving on, ripping up picture and fading out same thing Imagines husband, looks back on past Both ended with both moving on Differences Singer narrating someone else, singer narrating life Husband has to go away, cheating Narrative and performance
  6. 6. Comparison to Funeral For A Friend (FFAF) – Walk Away There are many similarities between this music video and our own. The first comparison that we made is the music and the genre. Both of the songs have an upbeat rockish sound even though they are classified in the rock genre which tends to be stereotyped as loud, guitar and drum filled sound. We liked the sound that the song had because it allowed our music video to target both a popish audience as well as a rock genre. By doing this, we expanded our target audience, which is something that most bands/artists try to do in order to sell as much as possible, which is why we tried to imitate this. In addition to this both music videos have a different, but similar storyline. They both feature someone that has lost someone and they have to move on from that. They storyline for our music video came from the lyrics, as they suited the lyrics and meant that we could incorporate both a narrative and a performance style video. There were many videos that had a similar upbeat sound as ours did, but the thing that we liked about the FFAF video, is that only the singer is featured in the video although it is clearly a band singing. This is something that we wanted to have in our music video from the beginning as it meant that it made our video unique to the genre, and we generally liked the idea of just having the main singer as it made the video more personal and that was the effect we was going for. The FFAF video and ours both have symbolism, which is an important element that we wanted to include. The FFAF features a woman that has to move on from her husband and accept he might not come back. Because of this, when she pours one cup of tea down the sink it symbolises her moving on and acknowledging that he might not come back. In the same way, our music video contains a person
  7. 7. <ul><li>that has to move on because his girlfriend has cheated on him. When he rips the picture in half it symbolises the destruction of the relationship and things are over. As well as this, both music videos have scenes where the people are looking back on the past. However, we decided that we should keep the past in black and white as it is a code and convention, even though rock is the genre that is seen to not stick to the convention, which is another reason that we had just the singer in the chorus instead of the whole band. Furthermore, both videos have a darker side to it. We wanted the dark scenes to represent the mood and the feel of the song. We thought that the FFAF song did the same thing, as when they show the singer the lighting is really dark, which we thought reflected the mood and suited the lyrics at that time. Finally, the last comparison that we made to the video is that they have a similar ending, not in the way that they are filmed but in that they have the same meaning. In our music video, the person that has been cheated on slams the door in his girlfriend face, which we wanted to symbolise him at long last moving on. We tried to time this with the lyrics “It was just a kiss, but I could see you meant it” so the audience that was watching it got the impression he was moving on. This is similar to the FFAF video where the women in the video looks up as the lyrics are “If you have to let it go, walk away” and she looks up into the sky as the song fades out. We wanted the culmination of the previous scenes to reflect the ending and we thought that we achieved this. </li></ul><ul><li>Most of the similarities of the songs are to do with the meaning of the song. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>Although there are many similarities between our music video, there are also many differences. As we previously said, both the videos include just the lead singer but the differences between them is that in the FFAF video, the lead singer is singing about someone else’s life, and although the audience can see him, it is like he is a ghost in the woman’s life because she doesn’t acknowledge his presents. This is different to ours as in ours the lead singer is singing about the events in his life which is why he is in the chorus as well as in the narrative. Another difference is the narrative. The FFAF song has to do with a husband that has to go away for work, and might be lost, whereas our song is to do with someone cheating and that is the reason that they have to move on. There are most likely many more differences between the two videos, but the final difference that we noticed were that the FFAF was narrative even though there was a singer in the video, and ours was a performance and narrative combined. We wanted to both narrative and performance because that it what most bands do. </li></ul><ul><li>Most of the differences are to do with the way that the music video have been filmed. </li></ul>