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Jared Taylor Poster


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Jared Taylor Poster

  1. 1. Jared Taylor Product Development Intern Manager: Jon Bornfleth Center Console Veneer Tray - Mentors: Jon Bornfleth and Chris Pearson - Primary Customer: Leo Schurhaus - Objective: Attach veneer to an aluminum tray in such a way that appears as wood and not a vinyl print. - Learning Opportunity: Discovered that the wood veneer became too small after cleaning up the edges along the center inlay. - Solution: Changed the width of center inlay to compensate for the limited template width. Main Projects Mobile Tool Cart - Mentors: Jon Bornfleth and Jeff Price - Primary Customer: Luke Knight at McCalla plant - Objective: Provide McCalla Plant tool change team a secure, mobile unit to store tools and equipment and transport throughout plant - Learning Opportunity: Develop a process to easily and inexpensively modify purchase steel cabinets to incorporate castor wheels, steel base, and a handle to allow for easy shop access - Solution: Found a kit that had all castors and parts we need for a fraction of what we would spend on custom modifications. Floor Console Door - Mentor: Jon Bornfleth / Jeff Price - Primary Customer: Rick Anderson - Objective: Create a prototype floor console retracting door for BMW concept model - Learning Opportunity: Had problems with centering pegs being too flexible and return mechanism being inconsistent in speed and tension - Solution: Added braces where necessary and used light greasing and sanding to smooth out movement May June July August Internship Start Misc. Engineering Projects Veneer tray Mobile Tool Cart Floor Console Door Internship End What I learned Timeline - Learned how to prepare and finish veneer - Detail is everything, but perfection isn't always necessary - Learned a lot about adhesives and how they affect different materials - CAD programs have their place, but sometimes pen and paper is the quickest solution - Not everything goes as planned - Double sided tape is very useful when machining or sanding parts - Don't reinvent the wheel. Use what's available - "Bench engineering" is a great way to solve various problems that arise - Mistakes will be made, so it's how you fix them that counts Center Console Veneer Tray - Showcased in the ID16 Demonstrator and will be debuted at the IAA show in September Mobile Tool Cart - Provides functional solution to a Kaizen opportunity that was identified to help reduce tool changeover times Floor Console Door - Building on the company’s future with new innovations and ideas What’s the Impact? Bio - Attends Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Second year student in Prototype and Design program - Hobbies include mountain biking, small engine repair, electronics, and 3D printing DIY 3D printer Goals - Attend Michigan Tech majoring in mechanical engineering; minor in electrical engineering - Take classes on programming in html, C++, and java (for personal interests) - Learn about different properties of materials and their best applications (foams and plastics)