URS 2010 Annual Report


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URS 2010 Annual Report

  1. 1. URS Corporation600 Montgomery Street, 26th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94111-2728www.urs.com A WORLD OF EXPERIENCE URS CORPORATION 2010 ANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. THE COMPANY TABLE OF CONTENTS CORPORATE INFORMATIONURS Corporation is a leading provider of FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 1 CORPORATE OFFICE ANNUAL MEETING CHAIRMAN’S LETTER TO STOCKHOLDERS 2engineering, construction and technical ser- 600 Montgomery Street, 26th Floor The Annual Meeting of Stockholders of URS Corporation will be A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY 4vices for public agencies and private sector A WORLD OF TALENT 9 San Francisco, CA 94111-2728 Tel: 415.774.2700 held at 9:00 A.M. on Thursday, May 26, 2011, at the offices of Cooley LLP, 101 California Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California.companies around the world. The Company A WORLD OF EXPERTISE 19 Fax: 415.398.1905 E-mail: investor.relations@urs.com STOCK LISTINGoffers a full range of program management; A WORLD OF SUCCESS 30 Web site: www.urs.com The shares of our common stock are listed on the New Yorkplanning, design and engineering; systems SUMMARY OF CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED Stock Exchange under the symbol URS. As of April 4, 2011, we had FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 30 INDEPENDENT REGISTERED PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRMengineering and technical assistance; con- SELECTED FINANCIAL DATA 31 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP approximately 3,100 stockholders of record. The following table sets forth the low and high sale prices of our common stock, asstruction and construction management; MANAGEMENT’S ANNUAL REPORT reported by The Wall Street Journal, for the periods indicated. REGISTRAR AND TRANSFER AGENToperations and maintenance; and decom- ON INTERNAL CONTROL OVER FINANCIAL REPORTING 36 BNY Mellon Shareowner Servicesmissioning and closure services. P.O. Box 358015 PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT COMPARISON 37 Market Price Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015 Low High REPORT OF INDEPENDENT REGISTEREDOur business is focused on four key mar- PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRM 38 or 480 Washington Boulevard FISCAL PERIOD:ket sectors: infrastructure, federal, power, OFFICE LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE 39 Jersey City, NJ 07310-1900 2009: 800.874.1991and industrial and commercial. We have CORPORATE DIRECTORY 40 First Quarter $27.66 $44.80 Second Quarter $38.67 $53.12approximately 47,000 employees in a net- CORPORATE INFORMATION IBC TDD for Hearing Impaired: 800.231.5469 Third Quarter $41.05 $51.58 Foreign Stockholders: 201.680.6578work of offices in more than 40 countries. TDD for Foreign Stockholders: 201.680.6610 Fourth Quarter 2010: $38.03 $45.83 www.bnymellon.com/shareowner/equityaccess First Quarter $42.67 $50.47Headquartered in San Francisco, URS CORPORATE COUNSEL Second Quarter $37.49 $53.25 Third Quarter $35.09 $43.26is a publicly held company listed on the Cooley LLP Fourth Quarter $37.65 $43.92New York Stock Exchange under the FORM 10-K 2011: First Quarter $39.61 $48.32symbol URS. Copies of our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, may be obtained by our stockholders without We have not paid cash dividends since 1986, and, at the present charge. Requests should be sent to Sreeram (Sam) Ramraj in our time, we do not anticipate paying dividends on our outstanding Investor Relations Department at our corporate office address common stock in the near future. In addition, we are precluded (above), via e-mail at investor.relations@urs.com, or by calling by provisions in our 2007 Credit Facility from paying cash divi- 877.877.8970. The Form 10-K also can be accessed on our Web dends on our outstanding common stock until our Consolidated site at www.urs.com. Leverage Ratio 1 is equal to or less than 1.00:1.00. Please refer to Note 9, “Indebtedness” and Note 14, “Stockholders’ Equity” Supplementary financial information and selected financial to our “Consolidated Financial Statements and Supplementary data required by Rule 14a-3(b) of Regulation 14A of the Securities Data,” included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, is included in our Annual year ended December 31, 2010. Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010, which accompanies this Annual Report to Stockholders. 1 Consolidated Leverage Ratio is as defined in Note 9, “Indebtedness” to our “Consolidated Financial Statements and Supplementary Data” included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2010. URS Corporation’s 2010 Annual Report to Stockholders contains statements that are not historical fact and that may constitute forward-looking statements involving risks and uncertainties, © URS Corporation 2011 Design and illustration: including statements about our future growth and future eco- Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks appearing in this Annual Report are OTTO NY ottony.com nomic and business conditions. Our actual results could differ owned by URS Corporation and its affiliates. Photo credits:COVER materially from those discussed in this Annual Report. Factors Pages 10-18, photos by John Madere; Page 20, top left photo by Bob Hughes, top middle, top right and large photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense; that might cause such a difference include, but are not limited Page 22, top middle photo courtesy of California High-Speed Rail Authority/ to, those discussed under “Risk Factors” in URS Corporation’s NC3D, large photo by David Nightingale; Page 24, photos courtesy of PhotographicCalifornia High-Speed Rail; Sellafield Nuclear Complex; Port Annual Report on Form  10-K, which accompanies this Annual Services, Shell International Ltd.; Page 26, top left photo by Tim Shaw, large photo by David Lawrence; Page 28, top right photo and large photo by David Lawrence.Washington Power Plant; Bridge of Honor spanning the Ohio River; Report and also was filed with the Securities and ExchangeShell Master Services Alliance; Reaper Unmanned Aircraft System. Commission on February 28, 2011.
  3. 3. Financial Highlights Financial data for the past five fiscal years are summarized below. This financial data should be read in conjunction with theinformation contained in our financial statements and accompanying notes, and in the section entitled “Management’s Discussionand Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,” included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year endedDecember 31, 2010. URS’ Form 10-K, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 28, 2011, accompaniesthis Annual Report to Stockholders. Year ended Year ended Year ended Year ended Year ended December 31, January 1, January 2, December 28, December 29,(In millions, except per share data) 2010  1,2 2010 1 2009 1 2007 1,3 2006 1Income Statement Data:Revenues $ 9,177.1 $ 9,249.1 $10,086.3 $ 5,383.0 $ 4,222.9Cost of revenues (8,609.5) (8,772.4) (9,608.8) (5,095.2) (3,978.1)General and administrative expenses (71.0) (75.8) (78.7) (56.5) (43.3)Acquisition-related expenses 2 (11.9) — — — —Restructuring costs 4 (10.6) — — — —Impairment of an intangible asset 5 — (32.8) — — —Equity in income of unconsolidated joint ventures 6 70.3 100.9 106.3 31.5 17.3Operating income 544.4 469.0 505.1 262.8 218.8Interest expense (30.6) (48.4) (90.7) (27.7) (19.8)Other income, net 7 — 47.9 —   —​  —Income before income tax 513.8 468.5 414.4 235.1 199.0Net income attributable to URS  287.9 269.1 219.8 132.2 113.0Diluted earnings per share  $    3.54 $    3.29 $    2.59 $    2.30 $    2.15Balance Sheet Data(As of the end of period):Cash and cash equivalents $   573.3 $   720.6 $   224.0 $   256.5 $    89.5Total assets $ 7,351.4 $ 6,904.4 $ 7,001.2 $ 6,930.0 $ 2,581.0Total indebtedness $   701.8 $   805.0 $ 1,108.0 $ 1,306.8 $   168.6Total URS stockholders’ equity 8 $ 4,117.2 $ 3,905.8 $ 3,624.6 $ 3,478.6 $ 1,506.7Corresponding footnotes are presented on page 31 of this Annual Report to Stockholders. Net Income Total URS Revenues Attributable to URS Stockholders’ Equity Backlog in millions in millions in millions in millions $10,086.3 $287.9 $4,117.2 $17,659* $17,309* $17,282* $3,905.8 $16,608* $269.1 $9,249.1 $9,177.1 $3,624.6 $3,478.6 $219.8 $5,383.0 $132.2 $4,222.9 $113.0 $1,506.7 $4,637** Unaudited 06 07 08 09 10 06 07 08 09 10 06 07 08 09 10 06 07 08 09 10
  4. 4. Chairman’s Letter TO OUR STOCKHOLDERS: In fiscal 2010, URS performed well, while continuing to position the Company for growth as the economy recovers. The strategic diversification of our business and our competitive position in the markets we serve enabled us to deliver strong financial results, despite the ongoing economic challenges. Our federal and infrastructure businesses continued to grow, and we are encouraged by signs of improvement in our power and industrial and commercial businesses. As a result of our solid performance and ability to generate high levels of cash, we made strategic investments to expand the Company’s operations in growing interna- tional markets. Financially and competitively, URS remains strong. For diversification to succeed throughout the business cycle. the 2010 fiscal year, we reported revenues of $9.2 billion and For more than a decade, we have focused on broadening net income of $288 million. Earnings per share (EPS) were our business in stable, long-term markets, expanding our $3.54, a 7.6% increase from 2009 and our sixth consecutive resources and technical capabilities, and extending our year of EPS growth. We generated $528 million in net cash geographic reach. Through the careful and deliberate execu- from operating activities, ending the year with $574 million tion of this strategy, we have built a diversified business in cash and short-term investments. During 2010, we repaid that we believe can weather almost any economic climate. $150 million in debt, reducing our net debt at the end of Our balanced business mix has enabled us to deliver con- 2010 to just $128 million. We also used approximately $292 sistent results, achieve EPS growth and generate strong million in cash to complete the acquisition of Scott Wilson cash flow—during the longest recession since the Great Group plc, a UK-based engineering and design firm with Depression. It also has enabled us to outperform many of more than 5,500 employees in offices worldwide. our competitors throughout the economic downturn. The acquisition of Scott Wilson has significantly expanded our business outside of North America—a long- The acquisition of Scott Wilson term goal for URS. Scott Wilson adds critical scale to our international operations, creating new opportunities in adds critical scale to our strategically important markets and geographies. URS international operations, creating now is ranked among the top ten engineering firms in the new opportunities in strategically United Kingdom by revenue, and we have expanded our important markets and geographies. presence in Continental Europe, as well as in India and China—two of the world’s fastest growing economies. We also have enhanced our global capabilities in key infrastruc- In the past year, increased public sector spending by ture markets, including mass transit, high-speed rail, roads clients in our federal and infrastructure market sectors and bridges, airports, and ports and harbors. helped to offset declines in capital expenditures by our pri- Acquiring Scott Wilson was an important develop- vate sector clients in the power and industrial and commer- ment in our long-term strategy to build a large engineering, cial market sectors. We have built a large and growing federal construction and technical services organization with the business, and we continued to benefit from outsourcing by U.S. federal agencies and national governments outside the United States for the specialized engineering, construc- tion and technical services we provide. In addition, despite2
  5. 5. the budget challenges facing many of our state and local Our results would not have been possible without thegovernment clients, our infrastructure business also had dedication of our 47,000 employees worldwide, and I shoulda successful year—driven largely by the diversity of fund- like to thank them for their hard work in the past year.ing sources that were available to finance infrastructure Their commitment to delivering technically superior ser-improvement programs. vices to our clients in the safest possible manner—and to conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards—is the foundation of our success. I also thankOur balanced business mix has enabled our stockholders and clients for their continued support andUS to deliver consistent results, confidence in URS.achieve EPS growth and generatestrong cash flow—during the longest our employees’ commitment torecession since the Great Depression. delivering technically superior services to our clients in the As anticipated, our power and industrial and com- safest possible manner ismercial businesses were affected by the continuing weak the foundation of our success.economy in 2010. However, with the economic recoverygaining momentum, we expect improved results in thesesectors in the year ahead. The pace of procurement activity Finally, I should like to extend my sincere gratitude toand contract awards among our power clients has started Armen Der Marderosian and William Walsh, both of whomto improve, and our backlog of work is growing. Similarly, in will be retiring after many years of distinguished servicethe industrial and commercial sector, many of our clients are as members of the URS Board of Directors. Mr. Walsh hasincreasing their capital expenditures and restarting projects served on the Board of Directors since 1988, and Mr. Derthat previously had been delayed or deferred. With our Marderosian joined the Board in 1994. Their leadership andexpanded international resources and capabilities, we are astute business perspectives have been invaluable to URSbetter positioned to serve the needs of our FORTUNE 500 as we have grown.clients and other large, multinational corporations across I look forward to updating you on our progress in 2011.their global operations. Although we recognize that thereare still challenges ahead, we believe URS is poised for evenstronger performance as the economy recovers. Because of our international expansion in the past year,we selected A World of Experience as the theme for our2010 Annual Report. The report highlights the wider scopeof URS’ worldwide operations, as well as our expandedinternational capabilities and project experience. It also Martin M. Koffelcaptures our optimism about our long-term potential, includ- Chairman and Chief Executive Officering new opportunities available to us with the addition ofScott Wilson. 3
  6. 6. A World of Opportunity Today’s global economy offers companies like URS significant opportunities. Developed nations around the world face the need to upgrade and rehabilitate their infrastructure, public buildings, industrial facilities and power systems, while developing regions are under increased pressure to build new facilities in order to compete in the global marketplace. URS has built a diversified business in our four key markets, and we have expanded our geographic presence, particularly in rapidly growing economies outside of the United States.4
  7. 7. Infrastructure The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that $2.2 trillion in investment is needed to reverse$1.9 the deteriorating condition of public infrastructure in the United States.Billion India’s new five-year infrastructure plan, currently being developed, is expected to double investment to $1 trillion.FY 2010 Revenue In Australia, more than $34 billion in rail infrastructure projects currently are under construction, in planning or proposed.Revenues from our infrastructure China’s five-year infrastructure 14%sector business plan totals $1 trillion and focuses increased on urban transportation, includ- ing high-speed rail between major population centers and urban-rural rail links. in 2010. Modern and reliable infrastructure is an essential With the addition of Scott Wilson in September 2010,component of a strong, vital economy. Overburdened we have broadened our global footprint to pursue infra-or obsolete roads, bridges, airports, rail transportation structure opportunities in key regions around the globe.systems, and ports and harbors hinder the efficient move- URS now is ranked among the top ten engineering firmsment of people and goods—resulting in lost time and in the United Kingdom by revenue, and we have expandedproductivity. From North America and Europe to Asia and our presence in Continental Europe and the Middle East,Australia, governments around the world face major chal- as well as in the rapidly growing economies of India andlenges to expand and modernize infrastructure to ensure China. We also have enhanced our capabilities in high-their competitive advantage in the global economy. growth infrastructure markets—including rail and transit, For more than a century, URS has been at the fore- roads and bridges, and ports and harbors.front of efforts to improve critical infrastructure through-out the United States. We are one of the few firms in theindustry with the in-house capabilities to support everystage of large-scale infrastructure projects, from plan-ning and design through construction and constructionmanagement to operations and maintenance. Although many U.S. states face serious budget defi-cits, they are successfully financing infrastructure pro-grams through alternative sources. These sources includebonds, dedicated tax measures, users’ fees, federal stimu-lus funding and public-private partnerships. 5
  8. 8. Federal URS has built a large, diversified and growing busi- The DOD’s budget request for the federal government’s ness in the federal sector. Today, we provide engineering, 2012 fiscal year, which begins October 1, 2011, includes construction, operations and maintenance, and special- $204 billion for operations and maintenance and $75 billion ized technical services to the Department of Defense for research, development, test and evaluation—budget (DOD), the Department of Energy (DOE) and more than line items that are important to our federal business. 25 other U.S. federal departments and agencies, as well As the largest environmental management con- as to agencies of other national governments. As a lead- tractor to the DOE, URS provides environmental and ing federal contractor, we assist our clients in fulfilling nuclear management services at some of the most com- their most critical missions—often through large, bundled plex sites and facilities across the United States. And, in contracts that allow them to procure our services easily the United Kingdom, a URS-led consortium manages the and without delay. operations and cleanup of the Sellafield nuclear complex, URS supports the DOD at virtually every stage of one of the world’s largest nuclear sites, for the Nuclear its operations—from developing new weapons systems Decommissioning Authority. and refurbishing military vehicles and aircraft to man­ We expect to continue to benefit from sustained aging complex installations and providing decommission- funding for these programs. The UK Coalition Government ing and closure services for facilities no longer in use. has provided $2.4 billion for the Sellafield site for each of We also design and construct infrastructure at military the next four years. In addition, the proposed DOE budget installations worldwide. for 2012 includes $6.1  billion for environmental manage- The diversity of our federal business means we are ment programs. This funding should support much of our less susceptible to budget uncertainties or funding for DOE work in the year ahead. any single program. In the year ahead, proposed funding for much of our DOD work is expected to remain stable. $4.5 URS REVENUE BY MARKET Power Billion Federal 12% Industrial Commercial 18% 49% 21% FY 2010 Revenue Infrastructure Revenues from our federal The DOD’s 2012 budget sector business request includes increased $204 billion 9% for operations and maintenance, an 11% increase from 2011 levels. in 2010.6
  9. 9. Power Electricity Net Generation Other$1.1 By Source Coal 5% Natural Gas Source: U.S. Energy Information 23%Billion Administration, Annual 45% Energy Review, 2009 7% Hydroelectric 20%FY 2010 Revenue Nuclear In the United States, electricity 65% generation from renewable energy sources of the new generating capacity added increased 33% to the U.S. power grid since the between 2008 and 2010. 1990s has been from gas-fired power plants. The power industry is shaped by economic trends, The dramatic growth in renewable energy is creatingregulations and technical advances that interact to new demands to modernize and extend transmission andcreate growth cycles for our power business. When the distribution systems so that electricity from alternativeeconomy slowed and demand for electricity fell, capital sources—such as remotely located wind or solar farms—spending by our power clients declined. But, as economic can be transported to major population centers.conditions improve and new environmental mandates As a leader in nuclear power, URS also is helping utili-take effect, there are signs that the power sector is poised ties maintain the viability and efficiency of their nuclearfor a recovery. fleets. More than 100 nuclear generating units operate Increasingly stringent restrictions on the emissions in the United States today, accounting for 20 percent offrom coal-fired power plants are creating new opportu- the country’s electricity production. URS is one of onlynities for our air quality control business. Today, coal- a few contractors with the expertise to perform majorfired plants are the largest source of electricity in the capital improvement projects—including the replacementUnited  States, but many facilities have inadequate pol- of steam generators and other major components—tolution controls to meet a 2015 federal deadline for addi- increase the output, efficiency and reliability of existingtional emissions reductions. URS is a leader in this market, nuclear power plants.having installed air quality control systems at more than200 power plants. With demand for electricity projected to rise, thereis renewed interest in natural gas as a cleaner burning,readily available alternative to coal-fired generation. Wehave designed or constructed nearly 100 gas-fired powerplants, and we anticipate increased demand for the ser-vices we provide to develop or expand gas facilities. 7
  10. 10. Industrial Commercial URS has built long-standing business relationships As URS has grown and extended its geographic reach, with FORTUNE 500 and other multinational corpora- we have expanded our work and the services we provide tions around the world by providing complete life-cycle to many of our largest industrial and commercial clients. services to meet their engineering, construction and Today, much of this work is performed under long-term environmental needs. As demand for oil and gas, manu- Master Services Agreements—multi-year contracts that factured goods and mineral resources declined during the cover a broad range of engineering and environmental recession, many of our clients delayed or curtailed capital services at sites around the world. spending. However, as the economy recovers, activity in With the addition of Scott Wilson to URS, we have the industrial and commercial sector is increasing, creat- expanded our global resources and are better positioned ing new opportunities for our business. to support the needs of these clients throughout their In the oil and gas industry, rising oil prices have led worldwide operations. several of our clients to move forward with projects that were previously suspended—including oil sands proj- ects in Alberta, Canada, oil shale projects in Colorado’s Piceance Basin and gas pipeline projects in Alaska. Higher commodity prices for base and precious met- als, fueled by strong demand from China and India, have accelerated our work on mining projects in Australia. In the manufacturing market, growing consumer spending is leading to increased production, resulting in new demand for the engineering, construction and facility manage- ment services we provide. Oil Prices $/Barrel $1.6 140 100 60 Billion FY 2010 Revenue 20 1/06 1/07 1/08 1/09 1/10 1/11 Rising oil prices are leading to increased global capital spending in oil and gas production and exploration. In 2011, spending is expected to reach $490 billion, an 11% increase from 2010. Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration, March 2011 Barclays Capital, December 2010 According to a survey of senior executives and consultants in the mining industry, global mining expenditures are expected to reach 6% $120 billion U.S. industrial production increased $115 to in the last year, following nearly two years of decline. in 2011, above the peak of $110 billion set in 2008. Source: U.S. Federal Reserve Source: Financial Times, December 20108
  11. 11. A WorldofTalentWhat differentiates URS from our competitors is our people. With some of themost talented professionals in the industry, URS has the skills and resourcesto complete the most challenging projects in the infrastructure, federal, power,and industrial and commercial markets—anywhere in the world. Our employeesalso embrace the opportunity to “give back,” volunteering their time and expertisein support of charities, and community outreach and mentoring programs. 9
  12. 12. London Office With more than 500 employees, URS’ London office is Our staff is engaged in some of London’s most pres- one of our largest in Europe. Previously the headquarters of tigious projects, including Crossrail, Europe’s largest civil Scott Wilson, it remains an important hub for URS’ opera- engineering construction project, and the Brent Civic tions in the region. Centre, designed to be the United Kingdom’s “greenest” With a full complement of civil and structural engineers, civic building. Our UK operations also have won several environmental scientists, sustainability experts and con- highly regarded awards from professional societies and struction specialists, our London office provides services government organizations, including the Queen’s Award for across the full life cycle of projects. Working together as Enterprise: International Trade. members of multi-disciplinary project teams, URS employees In addition to undertaking projects locally, staff in plan, design and manage the rehabilitation and construction London support multinational clients on projects around of highways, bridges, mass transit systems and major facili- the world, often in collaboration with colleagues from other ties, such as schools, hospitals, hotels and stadiums. international offices. 10 9 11 13 14 8 12 4 6 5 3 2 110
  13. 13. German Roadway Olympic London’s flagship stations. is at the cutting edge ofImprovements Delivery Authority / 9–14 / Darren Brooke, sustainable development. Johnny Adaime, Alison NISP develops mutuallySince 2005, URS has served URS has been working with the Argust, Howard Augustus, profitable links betweenas the Lenders’ Technical Olympic Delivery Authority Ka-Ho Li, Robert Duffy companies so that under-Advisor on five public- on the Planning Framework used resources, such asprivate partnership roadway for the London 2012 Games Thames Tunnel energy, water and materials,improvement projects in since 2006. / 4–8 / from one business canGermany. URS has supported Thomas Smith, Annabel Through its appointment be reused or reprocessedthe bidding consortia to a Buralli, Gareth Wilson, Lesley to a Planning Studies by another. / 20–21 / Jamessuccessful financial closing Keable, Martin Herbert Framework, URS is support- Bisco, Caroline Brockon two of the projects, ing the delivery of theand currently is supporting Crossrail Thames Tunnel. The project Brent Civic CentRea bidding consortium for involves building a tunnelthe widening of a section of Crossrail is a new east-west under London to stop com- URS, in partnership withthe Federal Motorway. / 1–3 / rail route across London. URS bined sewer overflows Hopkins Architects, isAnandan Kumar, Wendy is providing a wide range of and improve water quality in providing engineering andChung How, James Kyritsis civil, structural and electrical the River Thames. / 15–19 / environmental services, engineering services for Shibani Bose, James Allan, including significant sustain- both above- and below-ground Eleanor Cole, Julia Ryan, able design advice, for tracks and stations, includ- Charlotte Cook the design of Brent Council’s ing the design for Paddington new civic centre, which is and Farringdon, two of central National Industrial expected to be the United Symbiosis Programme Kingdom’s “greenest” civic building. / 22–27 / Jason Lee, URS is a key partner for Chris Gaskell, Karl Walker, 17 15 the award-winning National Rick Hilton, Christina 18 Industrial Symbiosis Petrides, Mike Pauley 16 Programme (NISP), which 19 21 7 24 20 GREENCOAT PLACE HISTORY URS’ London office is located at Greencoat Place, which 23 25 was constructed between 22 1883 and 1885 by J. Bull. It was originally used as a warehouse by the Army and Navy stores (a UK depart- ment store group). Damaged during World War II, the structure was rebuilt in stages, which is reflected in its more modern façade and mix of architectural styles. As shown in the photo, the building’s glazed rooms, previously used as meat and 27 fish trading halls, display original Victorian detailing. The glazed halls were restored when the building 26 was renovated prior to Scott Wilson’s occupation. The result is a unique office space with generous natural light. 11
  14. 14. China Operations URS’ China operations comprise 1,100  employees in a companies also rely on the skills of URS’ environmental and network of 12 offices. With the addition of Scott Wilson, health and safety experts to help them comply with China’s we now provide a diverse range of planning, design, environ- new, more stringent regulations. mental, engineering and construction services that can URS teams are working on important projects through- meet the needs of clients in this rapidly growing economy. out China, such as overseeing the fast-track construction of Our engineers, architects, planners, scientists, landscape the Wuxi Integrated Transportation Hub—the second larg- designers and construction management specialists work on est development of its kind in China. The new hub will link a range of transportation and urban infrastructure, as well high-speed intercity railways with metro stations for local as manufacturing plants, hotels and mixed-use commercial underground and above-ground rail lines. It also includes a and residential complexes. Many local and multinational large shopping mall, hotel, bus terminal and parking facilities. 5 3 6 11 2 9 12 4 10 8 1 7S enior Project C ost Management D esign Management C onstruction Management Management We are responsible for To ensure that design qualityURS provides overall project procurement, advising on and project standards are We deliver on-site manage- management, including qualified contractor met, URS manages the design ment of construction managing relationships with selection and managing of architects, design insti- processes, including techni- client teams and project project costs during tutes and other consultants; cal review and quality and stakeholders, to ensure that the planning, design and on-site design revisions; safety management, to ensure the project is delivered construction stages. and site installation work. that project delivery is in in accordance with contract / 3–4 / Qian Xinsheng, / 5–7 / Samuel Yu, Johnson line with client scope, budget requirements and client Wendy Xiang Liu, Alina Zhao and schedule. / 8–12 / Ren expectations. / 1–2 / C L Lau, Zhongqin, Tao Jinbing, ZengYang Xianhua Gewen, Ma Yafeng, Wu Hao12
  15. 15. Dam and Levee Engineering Australia URS has extensive experience in the design and reha- Australia, exemplifies the broad skills and geographic bilitation of thousands of dams, levees and other hydraulic breadth of URS’ dam and levee practice. Our Australia-based structures. We are one of the largest dam and levee design- team was supported by nearly 200  URS water resources ers in both Australia and the United States, and one of staff from Colorado, California and New Zealand during the the leading dam and levee designers worldwide. Our staff course of the project. includes the full range of professionals in the specialized The technically complex project involved raising the dam technical disciplines needed for dam design and construc- from 93.5 meters to 108.5 meters in order to increase water tion projects, including engineering geologists; geotechnical, supply to a full capacity of 310  billion liters. The URS team structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental and earth- employed many design innovations to increase the dam’s quake engineers; and hydrologists. storage capacity, while reducing downstream flood risk. The design team for the upgrade of the Hinze Dam, which provides much of the water to the Gold Coast in Queensland, 5 3 6 7 10 4 8 11 1 12 2 9S pillway Design E mbankment Design I nfrastructure M anagement Design SupportT he new spillway design U RS assessed the complex optimized the flood mitiga- foundation conditions at the Infrastructure across the site A s the design lead of the tion benefits downstream site and designed a 15-meter was upgraded, including highly successful Hinze of the dam and increased raise of the existing earth a recreation area, internal Dam Alliance project team, maximum potential flood and rockfill embankment. The roads, drainage, power, URS’ role was to oversee capacity. A key challenge was work included a 700-meter- water and communications the technical aspects surpassing the capacity of long extension of the saddle systems. The work also of the design. Managing the the original spillway structure, dam across the right bank to included mechanical and project also included close which had been designed for accommodate the increased electrical design to upgrade collaboration with URS’ less than half the flood flow of level of the reservoir. / 3–6 / the outlet facility, pump Alliance partners and other the new structure. / 1–2 / James Toose, Mark Foster, station, and electrical and stakeholders, including Steve O’Brien, Mike Phillips Gavan Hunter, Rob Campbell control systems. The dam the owner, dam operations, remained in full operation regulatory agencies and during construction of these community members. / 10–12 / improvements. / 7–9 / Jared Bob McGowan, Chris Dann, Weir, Rob Myers, Anna Hams Melanie Preston 13
  16. 16. Power CAPABILITIES Princeton, New Jersey With more than 100 years of experience serving the For the commercial nuclear market, we have engineered power industry, URS’ expertise encompasses virtually every or constructed 49 power plants worldwide, and our SGT, type of power generation, including fossil fuel, nuclear and LLC joint venture provides steam generator and large com- alternative energy. We have engineered and/or constructed ponent replacement services to improve the efficiency and power plants generating more than 250,000 megawatts of extend the life of existing nuclear plants. electricity and have worked on hundreds of transmission Our power professionals are located around the world, and distribution, and substation projects. including Princeton, New Jersey, where, in addition to nuclear, URS provides a full range of engineering, procurement civil, mechanical, electrical and process engineers, URS and construction services for natural gas-fired power plants. employs architects, environmental and project controls spe- Our experience includes more than 32,000 megawatts of new cialists. Many of our highly skilled staff also have achieved generation and covers every combustion turbine technology. safety trained supervisor certification. URS also is a leader in clean-air modifications. We have With a full complement of disciplines, URS serves the installed air quality control systems in more than 200 plants entire life cycle of power projects—from planning, engineer- to reduce sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, nitrous oxides, mer- ing, procurement and construction to start-up, operations cury and other emissions. and maintenance, and decommissioning and closure. 7 5 6 3 4 12 2 10 1 11 8 9 New Generation Air Quality Combined Cycle Gas Control Systems U RS provides life-cycle Our engineering, procure- services to ensure that new ment and construction generation combined-cycle expertise is used to retrofit gas plants are constructed existing fossil fuel plants cost-effectively and oper- with clean-air emissions ate at the highest levels of technologies. / 8–12 / Ed safety, efficiency and Ventura, Cathy Schmitt, reliability. / 1–7 / John Moore, Jeremy Moore, Steve Bob Schad, Andrea Kelman, Pizzimenti, Harold Fletcher Minanka Ray, Joe Zachowski, Bob Thibodeau, Danny Chung14
  17. 17. 21 16 18 22 17 19 25 15 20 26 24 14 13 23Tr ansmission Solar Nu clear Generation Distribution In addition to providing pro­- URS provides engineering,We offer consulting, project gram management and procurement, construction management, engineering, support services to utilities and start-up services for design, construction, for solar panel installa­- both nuclear plant modifica- start-up and maintenance tions, URS provides consult- tions and the development support for transmission ing services for solar power of new generation facilities. and distribu­tion systems, as installations on buildings. We are playing an integral well as substations. / 13–16 / / 17–22 / Darlene Schrock, role in the next generation Dianne Forman, Sunil Mital, Mike Lazar, Jeffery Krenski, of nuclear power plants. Zachary Riley, Jack Jolly Shanna Pfau, Mark Feldman, / 23–26 / Isamar Blumberg, Jim Aquilino Bryan Freeman, Peter Abate, Thomas Powell 15
  18. 18. India Operations The New Delhi office is URS’ headquarters for our South over the next five  years. Such investment is evident in the Asia operations. Through the addition of Scott Wilson, we roads sector, where the National Highways Authority of now have more than 850 employees in offices in Bangalore, India has commissioned an ambitious project to upgrade, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna, and at numerous rehabilitate and widen India’s major highways. The National project sites. Highways Development Program (NHDP) is the largest Although traditionally known for providing planning, highways program in India’s history, covering more than engineering and construction services for highways and 70,000 kilometers. bridges in the region, our work has expanded into ports, URS’ experienced highways team in New Delhi com- railways, airports, power, water and urban infrastructure. prises structural, geotechnical and civil engineers, pavement Our New Delhi staff represents the full range of design and experts and construction specialists who provide complete engineering disciplines, from urban planners and architects project life-cycle services. The team, which has provided to hydrologists and transportation engineers. services for NHDP projects for many years, currently is To keep pace with its rapidly growing economy, India is working on more than ten assignments. expected to invest one trillion dollars in its infra­structure 7 2 8 3 4 9 5 6 1 U pper Ganga Canal J ammu Udhampur Expressway Section of NH-1A This unique project integrates U RS developed innovative a roadway design with structural solutions and a canal rehabilitation, new cost-optimization plans for hydroelectric power the design of a 64-kilometer stations and adjacent land section of National Highway-1A development. URS’ feasibility through a highly mountainous, study received the presti- ecologically sensitive area. gious British Expertise The project included numer- International Awards 2010/11 ous bridges, viaducts and Consultancy Project of the a twin tunnel. / 5–9 / Sajid Year. / 1–4 / B K Basu, Khan, Uma Shankar Rawat, D P Kala, Debargha Datta, Ganesh Chatrad, A K Dubey, Ranadeep Basu Brig C D Puri16
  19. 19. 10 17 23 13 15 24 22 11 25 18 14 16 19 20 12 21Sone River Bridge L ong-Span Bridge C entral India State NH -36 and NH-54 Over River GodAvari Road Development CarriagewayU RS provided design and project management services URS provided engineering For a state road development A URS construction supervi- for a 1,980-meter bridge on services for the design, project in central India, URS sion team supported the River Sone in the state construction, and operations provided construction supervi- upgrade of the NH-36 and of Bihar. The bridge features and maintenance for a major sion for the rehabilitation NH-54 into a single, four- continuous prestressed bridge across the Godavari of approximately 800 kilome- lane divided carriageway. concrete box girders, each River, as part of a Build, ters of state highways. The Located in the extreme spanning 60 meters. / 10–16 / Operate, Transfer/Public- project was spread over northeastern region of the H S Sharma, A K Padhy, Private Partnership. / 17–18 / eight districts of the highly country, the project tra- Priyanka Jain, Shrey Kumar S S Negi, K S Shiny mountainous Madhya verses a dense forest area Jain, Kamlesh Mishra, Sanjeev Pradesh State. / 19–21 / with very heavy rainfall. Gahir, Vikram Singh P B Ratnakumar, R K Pathak, / 22–25 / Jayasree Meenakshi Agarwal Ratnakumar, Neeraj Mallik, R N Chaddha, T Naresh 17
  20. 20. Veteran Mentoring United States URS’ support of the military extends beyond our con- nation—it defines who we are as a company. Marian Hyder, tracts. Whether it’s helping a soldier obtain a position after Vice President of Talent Management for our Federal Services serving in the Army, pairing a veteran with a mentor to ease business, says, “Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than the transition to his or her first corporate job, sending care reaching out to our veterans. So many URS employees are packages to deployed soldiers or helping a wounded vet- former military—they’ve been there and understand the eran find fulfilling work, URS and our employees embrace importance of the support we provide.” the opportunity to give back to those who have served the 6 3 4 5 2 1W ounded Ad opt A merican Corporate Partnership for WarriorS a Platoon Partners (ACP) Youth Success Program (PaYS)Dozens of disabled veterans Ensuring that U.S. service In 2010, 70 URS employees from all branches of the members are not forgotten served as mentors to Pairing U.S. Army veterans military are supported by during their deployment, returning veterans as part with civilian jobs ensures URS mentors who provide URS employees send weekly of the ACP program. They that companies like URS hire advice and encouragement cards and follow up with provided coaching, mentoring employees with a strong about how to reintegrate into monthly care packages contain- and networking support work ethic and highly special- the workplace. “There is nothing ing books, food and other to help their protégés secure ized skills. URS recently hired we wouldn’t do for our items. According to Human civilian jobs. Dennis Hunt, our first veteran through PaYS veterans,” says Jesse Barber, Resources Manager Pat Falls, Capture Manager, National and, according to Ken Reese, a Program Manager in the “URS has adopted dozens Security and Defense, is a URS Staffing Manager and Global Security Group. “We of platoons since 2007 and, a mentor to Bill Cuartas, retired Army recruiter, he also served, and now we want to date, several tons of and was recently named an is the first of many. Ken says, to help them begin the next packages have been sent by ACP Mentor of the Month. “PaYS will be a vital part of phase of their lives.” During our volunteers to deployed According to Bill, “Dennis URS’ hiring program for years the past 12 months, URS has soldiers.” To spread cheer during has been there for me every to come.” / 6 / Kenneth Reese hired 343 disabled veterans. the 2010 holiday season, step of the way. I would still / 1 / Jesse Barber 15 URS locations sent more be worried and unsure about than 1,300 stockings my transition without his to our troops. / 2 / Pat Falls help.” / 3–5 / Dennis Hunt, Bill Cuartas, Marian Hyder18
  21. 21. A WorldofExpertiseWith a presence in more than 40 countries around the world, URS has the localresources to meet our clients’ needs on a variety of projects, regardless of locationor type of service required. Whether it’s an environmental assessment for one ofthe largest retail centers in Belgium, the expansion of a power plant in Detroit, thedesign of a high-speed rail network in the United Kingdom, the construction of atailings dam in Australia or the maintenance of military equipment returning fromthe Middle East, URS has the experience to get the job done. 19
  22. 22. URS provides design, engineering and As the U.S. military has increased its For the Predator and other unmannedconstruction services for beddown facilities use of intelligence and surveillance aircraft systems, URS supportsto support several unmanned aircraft systems, URS has been called upon to command and control and IT operations,systems (UAS). At Beale Air Force Base in provide engineering for communi- as well as maintenance and training.California, URS designed and constructed cations systems for the Reaper UAS.new hangars to house the Global Hawk UAS.UnmannedAircraftSystemsIn support of the DOD’s acceleratingdeployment of unmanned aircraftsystems, URS provides wide-rangingprogram management, design,systems engineering, training,construction, and operations andmaintenance services.20
  23. 23. The role of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has UAS SITESexpanded dramatically during the last decade, as thesesophisticated systems have demonstrated their value where URS currentlyin the War on Terror. In support of military operations inIraq and Afghanistan, UAS have flown long missions and is workingcollected critical intelligence —all while being “piloted” South Dakota:by personnel thousands of miles from the combat zone. Ellsworth AFBIn some cases, the intelligence obtained from a UAS istransmitted directly to soldiers on the battlefield usingremote video terminals. Nevada: Missouri: Creech AFB, Whiteman AFB Used by the U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy, UAS Nellis AFBrange in size from radio-controlled devices as smallas a model airplane to more complex aircraft as largeas a Boeing 737. The systems consist of the aircraft,sensors/payloads, command and control datalinks, theoperator station, and the ground support equipment Virginia:required for launch and recovery, and operations and Dahlgren New Mexico: Naval Basemaintenance. As technology has advanced and the sys- Holloman AFBtems have become more useful, UAS programs have Maryland:expanded, as have the services required to support Texas: Patuxent Rivertheir development and day-to-day operations. Naval Air Station Fort Hood URS has been involved in UAS programs since theirinception. Today, we are one of the leading contractorsin the UAS market and provide the services required to 10design, build, test and fly unmanned systems. Our exper-tise also includes evaluating UAS, providing operational The U.S. Air Force has increased UAS factor ofsupport from ground stations, training pilots, providing deployment by amaintenance services, and designing and building bed-down facilities. A current contract involves supportingthe systems that provide command and control data, over the last five years.voice interconnectivity and video relays. These criticalsystems enable personnel to fly and control unmannedsystems, such as the Predator and Reaper, worldwide. Longer term, the non-military applications for For the years 2010 Combined, the U.S.UAS are limitless. For instance, there is increasing through 2015, the Air Force, Armyinterest in using UAS to monitor borders and ports, DOD has requested and Navy forecast UASto perform aerial photography and land surveying, tomonitor forest fires and environmental conditions, andto support municipal law enforcement. $25 expenditures billion of more than for UAS development and $4.1 billion procurement. in the coming year. 21
  24. 24. URS is providing quality control and We are providing design ser- During the development of the newsafety services for the new Yunnan vices for a section of California’s Perpignan-Figueras rail line, URS providedsection of the Yunnan to Guangxi high-speed rail system, the technical assistance services. Currently,high-speed rail line in China. The line is largest public works project we are providing operations and monitor-part of the strategically important in the United States since the ing services for the line, which travelsTrans-Asian Railway that will extend construction of the Interstate through the Pyrenees and serves as a linkto Southeast Asia. Highway System. between France and Spain.In the United Kingdom, URS provideddesign services for the West Coast RouteModernisation program—a majorupgrade of the principal railway linkingLondon, Birmingham, the North Westand Glasgow.High-SpeedRail22