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Reheating Leftovers: A Culinary Journey


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Anyone can make a fresh dish, it takes a true chef to "remix" culinary achievement into a transcendent experience. In this presentation we'll cover key ideas behind reheating pastas, sandwiches, pizza and more.

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Reheating Leftovers: A Culinary Journey

  1. 1. Leftovers ACulinaryJourney
  2. 2. David Chang, Chef “Youdon’tlearncookingfromacookbook.
  3. 3. Novack’s
  4. 4. Hot & Dry Grilledfoods Sandwiches Pizza
  5. 5. CaseStudy: Pastrami Sandwich
  6. 6. Hot & Wet Pastas Rice Heavily-saucedfoods
  7. 7. CaseStudy: Mac n’ Cheese
  8. 8. Low & Slow Fish Roasts Somebreadedfoods
  9. 9. CaseStudy: Greek Pita
  10. 10. Hot & Dry Hot & Wet Low & Slow
  11. 11. TheFourthPrinciple
  12. 12. It can never
 taste the same, but it can
 taste better