Drinking and Gambling: How it effects you at the casino


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How getting a few drinks in you could help you win more money at casinos, both online and land-based, or how it can make you lose your cash fast! Gambling and drinking has always gone hand in hand...

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Drinking and Gambling: How it effects you at the casino

  1. 1. Drinking and Gambling:When are Libations a Liability to Your Game?There are numerous reasons why people enjoy drinking and gambling together. However,there is a fine line when it comes to drinking alcohol while gambling. You must avoid thepoint where imbibing can become detrimental to your game.First, lets examine why gamblingand drinking are such good partners.In many casinos, once you havespent a few minutes on the gamingfloor you will be greeted by anoften gorgeous cocktail waitress.She is undoubtedly attired in a tinyoutfit representing the casinostheme (think Roman togas atCaesars Palace or stuff that is verysee-through). Six feet tall andsmiling, its going to be hard toresist the complimentary drinksshes handing out, at least for me.Not only are free drinks frombeautiful women hard to refuse, thefreebie cocktails might help
  2. 2. enhance your casino experience as well. For some gamblers, the alcohol can help theplayer relax in a tense betting situation. When the stakes are high, an adult beverage cancertainly help the anxiety mellow some. Playing in a more relaxed, even if it is from thedrinks, is beneficial to your game to an extent.I know for a fact that I shoot darts way more accurately and that my poker face is stonecold and unbreakable after a couple of drinks. This is either true or the extra boost inself-confidence comes from my drink of choice, mojitos. Believing in the win andthinking that you could be the cool and collected player can actually be a self-fulfillingprophecy, making it easy to fill the role. If a drink or two gives you more confidence, youare likely to play better and make better betting decisions. In turn, making smarter betscan improve your chances of winning, until you hit “one to many”.Another reason that drinking and gambling go so well together is that a casino is sort oflike a big party. There are flashing lights, vibrant displays, entertainment, throngs ofpeople, tons of bling, and pulsing energy all around. It is natural that you would want toloosen your inhibitions to help you enjoy socialization in the hyper stimulatingsurroundings of a casino. This is such an effective way of presenting gaming as a mostlyfun activity that modern online casinos try to replicate this feeling of a “party” in theirthemes and slots.In addition to the social aspects of drinking and gambling, there are strong historical tiesas well. One of the factors that made Atlantic City such a popular tourist destination wasits attitude towards prohibition.
  3. 3. Enoch Lewis "Nucky" Johnson (January 20, 1883 – December 9, 1968) was an AtlanticCity, New Jersey political boss and racketeer. From the 1910s until his imprisonment in1941, he was the undisputed “boss” of the political machine that controlled Atlantic Cityand the Atlantic County government. Using his political position to his advantage, hisrule encompassed the Roaring Twenties when Atlantic City was at the height of itspopularity as a temporary refuge from Prohibition; his organization also was involved inbootlegging, gambling and prostitution.What compliments one vice better thananother?From James Bond to Billy the Kid, even themedia draws on our familiarity with drinkingand gambling being natural bedfellows. Whatwould a Wild West gunfight be if it wasnt forwhiskey and poker games? There is also acurrent trend, (and not just in casino bars)towards the resurgence in popularity of BondsVesper Martini.
  4. 4. Bond first ordered a drink to be shaken in Flemings novel Casino Royale (1953) when herequested a drink of his own invention which would later be referred to as a "Vesper",named after the Bond girl, Vesper Lynd. After meeting his CIA contact, Felix Leiter forthe first time, Bond orders the drink from a barman while at the casino.A dry martini, he said. One. In a deep champagne goblet.Oui, monsieur.Just a moment. Three measures of Gordons, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet.Shake it very well until its ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?Certainly monsieur. The barman seemed pleased with the idea.Gosh, thats certainly a drink, said Leiter.Bond laughed. When Im...er...concentrating, he explained, I never have more than onedrink before dinner. But I do like that one to be large and very strong and very cold, andvery well-made. I hate small portions of anything, particularly when they taste bad. Thisdrinks my own invention. Im going to patent it when I think of a good name. –Shakennot stirredMy local bartender garnishes her version with an orange twist and its delicious.Something else to take into consideration is that casinos are resorts these days. They haveswanky hotels, designer shopping plazas, well known spas, five star restaurants andcontemporary bars to go along with the whole scene. The top bartenders from around theworld use places like Las Vegas to showcase their talents. Vegas is a popular venue forflair competitions and as such a plethora of new cocktails originate from this network oftalent.I saw a recipe online for a cocktail that epitomizes the fresh ingredient revolutioncurrently trending in Las Vegas and all points enlightened. Check out this blueberry andbasil margarita form The Eastside Lounge at the Wynn Las Vegas.
  5. 5. With quality ingredients and talented mixologists, cocktails at casinos can be as much ofa part of the experience as the roulette wheel.With so many legitimately good reasons to drink and gamble, the line that is not to becrossed may become blurry. Blame it on the liquor? No! There are several clues to knowwhen your drinking is hurting your ability to wager successfully. For example, if you startto slur at the blackjack table or if your simple math skills become inhibited, it may be bestto call it a night.Maybe you are normally a disciplined gambler and play only with the money you haveallotted. Only, when you drink too much alcohol you find yourself broke and wayoverextended on your gambling budget. That is another clue that you shouldnt drink andgamble. Also, if you ever need to prevent access to your assets from yourself for fear ofusing credit cards or whatever to bankroll another hour at the craps table, you may needto seek help with either a gambling or alcohol addiction or both. Neither drinking norgambling are activities you should participate in if that sounds the least bit like a familiarscenario to you.Luckily, in most cases, alcohol servers in the gaming industry are highly trained todetermine when someone is intoxicated. Very often, there are policies and protocols inplace to make sure patrons dont do any harm to themselves or others. Still, actresponsibly while drinking and gambling and you will have a great time. Of course,playing online you will be left to your own best judgments.Author: Jared Bates does drink and gamble, but in moderation, which is why he is tryingto help others understand the correlation between two enjoyable, but potentiallydangerous activities. He is an expert at online gaming and lover of animals and people ingeneral. Find him winning at craps, or trying to win on the slots.