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Jared Bedford's Digital Young Guns Shoot Out Entry

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  1. 1. V is an adventurous brand,& our fans love to be adventurous.
  2. 2. From going somewhere new with friends to timing their run to the corner shopThey love all of life’s little adventures
  3. 3. Then comes work – the adventure killer. There’s no longer time for adventures.
  4. 4. Work even affects them outside the office, as they’re too tired & time poor from the 9 to 5to even think about any new or exciting adventures.
  5. 5. They become slaves to routine. What they need is a catalyst.Something to energize them for new adventures. We have to set them free.
  6. 6. INTRODUCINGAD ENTURES To meet the objective of driving V’s cool factor and tocreate conversation amongst 18 – 24 YO’s this Summer
  7. 7. adVenturesWhat:adVentures is a way of gamifying life for our TargetAudience – rewarding them for their courage,spontaneity & willingness to have fun.How:By challenging them to complete a series ofunexpected & out of the ordinary adVentures.Why:adVentures empowers our fans to destroy theircomfort zones & defy their everyday routine.
  8. 8. How does it work?• When someone Checks In to a location on Facebook, they are forwarded an “adVenture Request”.• adVentures are designed to take people out of their comfort zones in a fun, humorous & spontaneous way.• The recipient then must complete the adVenture within a specified time frame.• The completed adVenture is verified through a photograph or video of the event being uploaded to the adVenture Facebook Hub, for all to see.• “adVenturers” are rewarded with an e-coupon for 1 free V from participating retailers, & “Points”.
  9. 9. adVenture Types• adVentures are set at popular locations for our fans, such as; – Bars/Clubs – Sporting Events – Festivals – Cinemas – Universities – Etc• adVenturers are forced to leave their locals & seek new places & experiences to complete adVentures.• adVentures are specifically tailored for their location, and have a deadline within which they must be achieved.• Deadlines are activated as soon as the adVenture Request is received, and can range from 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on the adVenture level.
  10. 10. adVenture Levels & Examples• adVenture levels are a way of rating the difficulty of the task. Standard adVenture levels range from 1 – Easy, to 4 – Very Hard. Here are some examples of certain adVenture & level types; – Level 1 @ a Bar: Get down on 1 knee & propose to a stranger – Level 2 @ a Club: Wear a V-themed costume for the night – Level 3 @ Uni: Hug your lecturer unexpectedly – Level 4 on Public Transport: Record yourself singing out loud in a crowded train carriage or bus• Level 5 adVentures are different in that they are displayed on the adVentures Facebook Hub for all to see & strive for.• These include completing daring, energy packed adVentures along the lines of bungee jumping, sky diving & swimming with sharks.
  11. 11. Points & LeaderboardsAs well as the lure of free V’s, points are what driveour adVenturers.• Points are rewarded for completing adVentures, with the amount of points awarded depending on the level of the adVenture completed. For example, you are awarded 10 points for completing a level 1 adVenture and 50 points for completing a level 5.• Bonus points are earned for filming an adVenture instead of photographing it, for drinking a V before attempting an adVenture (proof with picture/video) for liquid courage, for Facebook requesting your friends to attempt the same adVenture & for completing the ‘you CAN do it!’ adVentures found on the bottom of V cans.• Points are displayed on the online leaderboard, housed on the adVentures Facebook Hub. The leaderboard ranks contestants by points scored, from first to last. There is also a separate individually-tailored leaderboard that shows how the adVenturer’s Facebook friends are faring, leading to in-group competition or co-operation.• The adVenturer with the most points by the end of the campaign wins a trip to for them and their best mate to the most adventurous city in the world – Las Vegas!
  12. 12. Why Facebook & Mobile?• To utilise & further grow the V Energy Drink Australia Facebook page’s large & engaged fan base.• It’s the communal home of our Target Audience – there are over 2.6 million 18 – 24 year old Australians on Facebook.• Aussies love social – Australians spend 7 hours a month on social media sites, the highest global average.• Aussies love social on mobile – 66% of Australians use social networks on their mobile phones, overtaking PC’s as the no.1 tool for accessing social media.• Aussies use smartphones – Over 50% of phones in Australia are smartphones, and that number is expected to jump to 90% within the next 4 years.
  13. 13. Sponsored Page Posts & Engagement• Sharability & word of mouth are at the forefront of this campaign, and as such minimal campaign promotion is needed.• Facebook Sponsored Page Posts use of our most popular brand advocates to engage the wider Facebook community.• The adVentures Facebook Hub would become a hive of activity with fans viewing & commenting on photos & adVentures related content & posts.
  14. 14. Budget = $50,000• Create Online Facebook Hub = 20k• Run Facebook App = 10k• Sponsored Page Posts – 2,044,989.7 impressions = 10K• Major Prize – Vegas Trip = 10KTotal = $50,000Timing• The campaign will run over Summer 2012/13, running from December 1st through to February 31st.• A campaign length of 3 months gives our target audience enough time to get hooked on adVentures.• Running over Summer is due to the rise in Target Audience activity & product sales over the warmer months.Block PlanPublisher Site Position & Target Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar CostFacebook Facebook Run Page 10KFacebook Facebook Sponsored Page Posts 10KBuild FB Hub 20KMajor Prize 10KTotal Cost 50k
  15. 15. Objectives & ResultsNot only will this campaign smash brand consideration/affinity targets, we also hope to achieve the following;Objective Target MeasurementShift ‘adVentures is something I’d 90% of Target Audience agree with Millward Brown brand monitoringshare with my friends’ perception this statementShift ‘V is the coolest energy Increase statement agreement in Millward Brown brand monitoringbrand’ perception Target Audience by 30%Increase sales Increase sales by 15% Pre & Post sales numbersIncrease Facebook fans Increase number of fans by 10% Pre & Post fan numbersIncrease Facebook engagement Increase engagement by 25% Pre & Post engagement numbersIncrease “talk about this” Increase “talk about this” by 50% Pre & Post “Talk about this” numbersAchieve Earned Media $25,000 in earned media, 50% ROI Number of mentions on Facebook Number of blog mentions Buzz metrics News coverageAdded BonusThis campaign will create an invaluable adVenturer group & culture that can be incorporated again & again intoall future implementations, such as adVentures in the V Room at the Big Day Out, or adVentures surroundingfuture Activision partnerships.
  16. 16. Thanks for your time!Your adVenture challenge: to mark this campaign in under 5 minutes!