Vendor Instructions for completing the Functional Requirements ...


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Vendor Instructions for completing the Functional Requirements ...

  1. 1. September 2010 Page 1 of 21 Vendor Instructions for completing the Specifications Checklist All vendorsare requiredtocomplete all informationrequestedinthe “VendorProfile”section. Whenrespondingtothe functional specificationssectionbeginningonPage 5, where askedif the functionis provided by the system, place an “X” under one of the following columns: “Yes, Included” = the function is available in the system and it is part of the basic system “Yes, Additional Cost” = the function is available but it requires system customization at an additional cost “No” = the function is not available Use the column labeled “Comments / Clarifications” to include additional information you wish to include as part of your response. This column can also be usedto indicate if afunctionisnotcurrently available but will be available in a future release by indicating the version number and approximate month/year when the function will be available (e.g. V6.1/May 2011). If you have multiple product offerings, please submit the information for each product separately. Please include the following with the completed Specifications Checklist: 1. A high level implementation plan for a 1, 5, and 10 doctor practice with estimated timeline 2. A copy of your support policies and procedures as applicable to the proposed solution 3. A copy of your maintenance and support fee schedule 4. Hardware specificationsfora1, 5, and 10 doctor practice 5. A listof existinginterfacesforlabs,pharmacies,immunizations,PQRIreportingandHIEs 6. A descriptionof yourcorporate growthstrategy(productenhancement,companyacquisition,etc) Please be sure to include all requested information from page 1 with this document and send to by COB on Friday, October 29th , 2010.
  2. 2. September 2010 Page 2 of 21 VENDOR PROFILE Name Address(Headquarters) Main Telephone Number Website PubliclyTradedorPrivatelyHeld PARENT COMPANY (If Applicable,include legal names(DBA)) Name Address Telephone Number MAIN NCCONTACT Name Title Address Telephone Number Fax Number Email Address:
  3. 3. September 2010 Page 3 of 21 MARKET DATA Numberof yearsas EHR vendor Numberof live sites Breakdownof sitesbyprovider#(1-5, 6-9, >10) Breakdownof sitesbyspecialty Size of existinguserbase Doesthe product have a NC presence? If so, # of install sitesbyspecialtyandsize; listof NC reference sites. PRODUCT INFORMATION Productname and version# Whenis yournextversionrelease? Single Integrated Database for scheduling,billing,andEHR? Is ita ClientServer, SaaS/ASPorHostedmodel? Is anyadditional software required (ie:JAVA)? Doesproduct include a patientportal inthe base rate?
  4. 4. September 2010 Page 4 of 21 CERTIFICATION Is the product previously CCHITcertified? Is the productARRA certifiedbyanATCB? If yes,whichATCB? VersionandYearof Certification AsComprehensive or Modular? If not ARRA certified, when do you plan to submit or ARRA Certification? MEANINGFULUSE Doesthe product meet currentlymeetthe meaningful use rule? Do youhave a guarantee the productwill meet the currentstandardsand future standards? ADDITIONAL INFORMATION What isexpected waittime tolive-webdemoyour productto a practice? Is a democopyavailable priortopurchasing? Onsite implementationorremote orcombined trainingsites? What are the trainingoptions(train-the-trainer,# hoursall staff)
  5. 5. September 2010 Page 5 of 21 In the last 3 years,howmany de-installshasthis productseen? Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 1 General 1.1 The systemsupportsbotha total paperless functionanda hybridfunction,where the contents of the electronicrecordcanbe printedforinclusion inthe paperchart. 1.2 The systemincludesautomatictranslationof codes to data. 1.3 The systemincludessupportandupdatesforthe above vocabularies. 1.4 The systemincludesSNOMEDCT as the integrated standardnomenclature of clinical terms. 1.5 What are the operatinghoursandtime zone of your call center? 1.6 What isyour systemuptime? 1.7 What isthe frequencyandextentof scheduled downtimesforroutine maintenance/updates? 2 Practice Management 2.1 Do youofferpractice managementsoftware? 2.2 Is itintegrated?Interfaced?Either? 3 Demographics / Care Management
  6. 6. September 2010 Page 6 of 21 3.1 The systemsupportsthe Continuityof Care DocumentContinuityof Care Record,HITSP standard. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 3.2 The systemhas the capabilityof importingpatient demographicdataviaHL7 interface froman existingPractice ManagementSystem,Patient RegistrationSystem,oranysuch systemusedfor patientregistrationand/orscheduling. 4 PatientHistory 4.1 The systemhas the capabilitytoimportpatient healthhistorydata,includingobstetrical history data, froman existingsystem. 4.2 The systempresentsachronological,filterable,and comprehensive reviewof patient’sEHR,whichmay be summarizedand printed,subjecttoprivacyand confidentialityrequirements. 5 Current Health Data, Encounters, Health Risk Appraisal 5.1 The systemincludesacombinationof system default,providercustomizable,andprovider- definedandreusabletemplatesfordata capture. 5.2 The systemobtainstestresultsviastandardHL7 interface from: laboratory. 5.2.1 The systemobtainstestresultsviastandardHL7 interface from: radiology/imaging.
  7. 7. September 2010 Page 7 of 21 5.2.2 The systemobtainstestresultsviastandardHL7 interface from: otherequipmentsuchasVitals, ECG, Holter,Glucometer. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 5.3 The systemhas the capabilitytocapture and monitorpatienthealthriskfactorsina standard format. 5.4 The systemprovidesaflexible,usermodifiable, searchmechanismforretrieval of information capturedduringencounterdocumentation. 5.5 The systemprovidesamechanismtocapture, review,oramendhistoryof presentillness. 5.6 The systemenablesthe origination, documentation,andtrackingof referralsbetween care providersorhealthcare organizations, includingclinical andadministrativedetailsof the referral. 5.7 The systemtracks consultationsandreferrals. 5 Encounter – Progress Notes 5.1 The systemrecordsprogressnotesutilizinga combinationof systemdefault,provider customizable,andprovider-definedtemplates. 5.2 The systemincludesaprogressnote template that isproblemorientedandcan,at the user’soption be linkedtoeitheradiagnosisorproblemnumber. 6 ProblemLists
  8. 8. September 2010 Page 8 of 21 6.1 The systemcreatesand maintainspatient-specific problemlists. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 6.2 For eachproblem,the system hasthe capabilityto create,review,oramendinformationregardinga change on the status of a problemtoinclude,but not be limitedto, the date the change wasfirst noticedordiagnosed. 7 Clinical Practice Guidelines(CPG) 7.1 The systemincludesandmaintainsevidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines(CPGs)publishedand maintainedbycrediblesourcessuchasthe AmericanHeartAssociation(AHA),U.S.Preventive ServicesTaskForce (USPSTF),AmericanCollege of Cardiologists(ACC),AmericanCollegeof Physicians (ACP) andothergroups. The guidelinesincorporate patienteducationand actionable alertsand reminders. 7.2 The systemallowsreportingandanalysisof any/ all componentsincludedinthe CPG. 7.3 IncludedineachCPG,the systemhasthe capability to create,review,andupdate informationabout: 7.3.1 The performance measuresthatwill be usedto monitorthe attainmentof objectives. 7.3.2 The quantitative andqualitative datatobe collected.
  9. 9. September 2010 Page 9 of 21 7.3.3 Performance metrics:CPGshall allowfordecision supportbasedon standardizeddiscrete datato be usedto calculate clinical performance measures. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 7.3.4 Collectionmeansandoriginof datatobe evaluated. 7.4 The systemallowsthe providerorotherauthorized userto override anyor all parts of the guideline. The systemisable to collectexceptionsforNOT followingthe CPG. 8 Care Plans 8.1 The systemprovidesadministrative toolsfor organizationstobuild andor modify care plans, guidelines,andprotocolsforuse duringpatient care planningandcare. 8.2 The systemgeneratesandautomaticallyrecordsin the care plandocument,patient-specific instructionsrelatedtopre- andpost-procedural and post-discharge requirements. The instructions mustbe simple toaccess. 9 Prevention 9.1 The systemhas the capabilitytodisplayhealth preventionpromptsonthe summarydisplay. The promptsmustbe dynamicandtake intoaccount sex,age,andchronic conditions.
  10. 10. September 2010 Page 10 of 21 9.2 The systemincludesuser-modifiable health maintenance templates. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 9.3 The systemincludesapatienttrackingand remindercapability (patientfollow-up) updatable by the userat the time aneventissetor complied with. 10 PatientEducation 10.1 The systemhas the capabilitytocreate,review, update,or delete patienteducationmaterials. The materialsmustoriginate fromacredible source and be maintainedbythe vendorasfrequentlyas necessary. 10.2 The systemhas the capabilityof providingprinted patienteducationmaterialsinculturally appropriate languagesondemandorautomatically at the endof the encounter. At minimum,the materialsmustbe providedinEnglishandSpanish as applicable. 11 Alerts/ Reminders 11.1 The systemincludesusercustomizablealert screens/messages,enablingcapture of alert details.
  11. 11. September 2010 Page 11 of 21 11.2 The systemhas the capabilityof forwarding the alertto a specificprovider(s) orotherauthorized usersviasecure electronicmail orbyothermeans of secure electroniccommunications. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 12 Orders 12.1 The systemincludesanelectronicOrderEntry module thathas the capabilitytointerface witha numberof keysystemsdependingonthe health center’sexistingandfuture systemsaswell as external linkages,throughastandard,real time, HL7 two-wayinterface. 12.2 The systemdisplaysordersummariesondemand to allowthe cliniciantoreview/correctall orders priorto transmitting/printingthe ordersfor processingbythe receivingentity. 13 Results 13.1 The systemhas the capabilitytoroute,manage, and presentcurrentandhistorical testresultsto appropriate clinical personnel forreview,withthe abilitytofilterandcompare results. 13.1.1 Resultscanbe easilyviewedinaflowsheetas well asgraph format.
  12. 12. September 2010 Page 12 of 21 13.2 The systemacceptsresultsviatwoway standard interface fromall standardinterface compliant/ capable entitiesorthroughdirectdataentry. Specifically –Laboratory,Radiology,andPharmacy informationsystems. Please attachlistof currentlyavailable interfaces,. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 13.3 The systemincludesanintuitive,usercustomizable resultsentryscreenlinkedtoorders. 13.4 The systemhas the capabilitytoevaluate results and notifythe provider. 13.5 The systemallowstimelynotificationof labresults to appropriate staff aswell aseasyroutingand trackingof results. 13.6 The systemflagslabresultsthatare abnormal or that have not beenreceived. 14 Medicationand ImmunizationManagement 14.1 The systemidentifiesdruginteractionwarnings (prescription,overthe counter) atthe pointof medicationordering. Interactionsinclude: drugto drug,drug to allergy,drugto disease,anddrugto pregnancy.
  13. 13. September 2010 Page 13 of 21 14.2 The systemalertsprovidersto potential administrationerrorsforbothadultsandchildren, such as wrongpatient,wrongdrug,wrongdose, wrongroute,and wrongtime insupportof medicationadministrationorpharmacy dispense/supplymanagementandworkflow. 14.3 The systemsupports multipledrugformulariesand prescribingguidelines. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 14.4 The systemprovidesthe capabilityforelectronic transferof prescriptioninformationtoapatientor organizationselectedpharmacyfordispensing. 15 ConfidentialityandSecurity 15.1 The systemprovidesprivacyandsecurity componentsthatfollownationalstandardssuchas HIPAA. 15.1.1 The systemprovidesprivacyandsecurity componentsthatfollow NCstate-specificlaws and regulations. 15.2 The systemhardware recommendationsmeet national securityguidelines. 15.3 The systemhas hardware recommendationsfor disasterrecoveryandbackup.
  14. 14. September 2010 Page 14 of 21 16 Clinical DecisionSupport 16.1 The systemoffersprompts tosupportthe adherence tocare plans,guidelines,andprotocols at the pointof informationcapture. 16.2 What isthe source of these guidelines? Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 16.3 The systemtriggers alertstoproviderswhen individualdocumenteddataindicatesthatcritical interventionsmaybe required. 17 Reporting 17.1 Are standardclinical reportsbuiltintothe system for the userto queryaggregate patientpopulation numbers? 17.2 The systemcan generate listsof patientsbyspecific conditionstouse forqualityimprovement. 17.3 The systemhas the capabilitytoreportambulatory qualitymeasurestoCMSfor PQRI. 17.4 The systemcan generate patientreminderletters for preventive services orfollow-upcare. 17.5 The systemsupportsdisease management registriesby: 17.5.1 Allowingpatienttrackingandfollow-upbasedon userdefineddiagnoses.
  15. 15. September 2010 Page 15 of 21 17.5.2 Providingalongitudinal viewof the patient medical history. 17.5.3 Providingintuitive access topatienttreatments and outcomes. 17.6 What reportingengine isutilizedwithinthe software? (ex. Crystal Reports,Excel,proprietary). 17.6.1 If utilizingCrystal Reportsdoyouprovide alisting of all reportable dataelements? Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 17.7 Doesthe enduser have the abilitytocreate custom reports? 17.8 Can reportsbe run on-demandduringthe course of the day? 17.9 Can reportsbe setup to run automaticallyaswell as routedto a specificpersonwithinthe office? 17.10 Can adhoc customreportingbe done?How? 17.11 Can the systemprovide a“data dump”reportthat dumpsentire large contentintoexcel format? 17.12 Can the systemsupportcustomizabledashboards? 18 Meaningful Use 18.1 The systemhas a bi-directional labcomponent. 18.2 The systemcan check insurance eligibility electronicallyfrompublicandprivate payers. List clearinghouseswithwhichthisfunctionalityexists.
  16. 16. September 2010 Page 16 of 21 18.3 The systemcan submitclaims electronicallyto publicandprivate payers. 18.4 The systemcan provide patientswithtimely electronicaccesstotheirhealthinformation. 18.5 The systemcan provide clinical summariesto patientsforeachvisit. 18.6 The systemcan provide asummary care record for each transitionof care and referral visit. Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 18.7 The systemcan exchange keyclinical information amongprovidersof care andpatientauthorized entitieselectronically. 18.8 The systemcan submitimmunizationdata electronicallytothe NCimmunizationregistry. 18.9 The systemcan provide electronicsyndromic surveillance datatopublichealthagenciesand actual transmissionaccordingtoapplicablelawand practice. 18.10 The maintenance supportincludesanynecessary meaningful use upgrade. 19 Cost Measuring/ QualityAssurance / Reporting 19.1 The systemhas built-inmechanism/accesstoother systemstocapture cost information. 19.2 The systemsupportsreal-timeorretrospective trending,analysis,andreportingof clinical, operational,demographic,orotheruser-specified data includingcurrentandfuture UDS reports.
  17. 17. September 2010 Page 17 of 21 19.3 The systemallowscustomizedreportsorstudiesto be performedutilizingindividual andgrouphealth data fromthe electronicrecord. 19.4 The systemwill provide supportforthird-party reportwritingproducts. 19.5 Doesthe systemsupport Universal DataSet ReportingrequirementsforFQHC’s? Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 20 Chronic Disease Management/ PopulationHealth 20.1 The systemprovidessupportforthe management of populationsof patientsthatshare diagnoses, problems,demographiccharacteristics,etc. 20.2 The systemhas a clinical rules engine andameans of alertingthe practice if apatientispast due. 20.3 The systemgeneratesfollow-uplettersto physicians,consultants, externalsources,and patientsbasedona varietyof parameterssuchas date,time since lastevent,etc.forthe purpose of collectinghealthdataandfunctional statusforthe purpose of updatingthe patient’srecord. 20.4 At minimum,the systemisable togenerate a varietyof reportsbasedonperformance measures identifiedbythe PhysicianConsortiumfor Performance Improvement(AMA/Consortium),the CentersforMedicare & MedicaidServices(CMS), and the National Committee forQualityAssurance (NCQA) forchronicdiseases.Informationonthese measurescanbe foundat: http://www.ama-
  18. 18. September 2010 Page 18 of 21 20.5 The systemfollowsmeasuresapprovedbyNQF (national qualityform) andpromptedbythe AQA (ambulatoryqualityalliance) aswell asthose identifiedbythe HRSA’sHealthDisparities Collaborative Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 20.6 Does the system supportfeatures as outlined in NCQA for level 3 PCMH recognition? 21 Consents,Authorizations,and Directives 21.1 The systemhas the capabilityfora patienttosign consentelectronically. 21.2 The systemhas the capabilitytocreate,maintain, and verifypatienttreatmentdecisionsinthe form of consentsandauthorizationswhenrequired. 21.3 The systemscaptures,maintains, andprovides access to patientadvance directives. 22 Technical Underpinnings 22.1 The systemincorporatesextensive,secure telecommunicationscapabilitiesthatlinkstaff and cliniciansfromremote locationstothe central site. 22.2 Do youprovide hardware orhave a relationship witha hardware vendor? 22.3 If workingwitha hardware vendordoyouhave negotiatedpricingwiththem?
  19. 19. September 2010 Page 19 of 21 22.4 Does the system require special configuration for offsite access? 22.5 Is the productcompatible withanysmart phones/mobile devices? 23 Billing Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 23.1 The systemprovidesabidirectional interface with practice managementsystems. 23.2 Doesthe systemrecommendappropriate levelsof codingbasedon documentationstandards? 24 Document Management 24.1 The systemincludes anintegratedscanning solutiontomanage oldcharts and incomingpaper documents. 24.2 Scanneddocumentsare readilyavailable withinthe patientschart. 24.3 Scanneddocumentscanbe attached tointra office communicationandtracked. 24.4 The systemhas the abilitytobulkscanand easily sort oldpatientchartsfor easyreference later. 24.5 Imagesandwave filescanalsobe savedandstored inthe documentmanagementsystem. 24.6 Insurance cards anddriverslicense can be scanned and storedinpatientdemographics.
  20. 20. September 2010 Page 20 of 21 24.7 Scanneddocumentscanbe attached tovisitnotes. 24.8 In a multiple locationenvironmentcaneachoffice scan inthe same manner? Specifications Yes, Included Yes, Addtl. Cost No Comments/ Clarifications 25 Technical Support 25.1 Hours and time zone fortechnical support? 25.2 What isthe average amountof time forissue resolution? 25.3 Do youguarantee a response time? 25.4 If a problempersistswhatisthe escalation process? 25.5 Do youhave electronicticketingfornonemergent technical support? 25.6 Do youhave a userforumfor practicesto seekhelp frompeersand share ideas? 25.7 Is there a mechanismforenhancement requests? 25.8 Is there ongoing,self-motivatedtrainingavailable? Total Thiscompletesthe questionnaire. Thankyoufor yourinterestin the NorthCarolinaRegional ExtensionCenter.
  21. 21. September 2010 Page 21 of 21 Please be sure toinclude all requestedinformation frompage 1 withthisdocument