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  1. 1. Transcription Services Aaragon BPO Solutions P. Ltd. Mumbai, India
  2. 2. Introduction Aaragon, a young and dynamic back office service provider is a name to reckon with in the BPO industry. Located at Thane- Mumbai, it attracts the best pool of talented, young yet experienced manpower for various processes. Within a span of just 2 years Aaragon has got esteemed clients in UK, USA, UAE and India, catering to various fields like publishing, financial content , medical and portal owners. Having expertise in various fields like content creation, document conversion, back office support , transcription, pre-press services and digitzation, Aaragon is always trying to provide value added services to its customers.
  3. 3. List Of Services  Digitization  Document & Format Conversion  Pre Press & E-Book creation  Tele – Marketing Services  Back office services & virtual secretarial services.  Transcription Services
  4. 4. TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES Since December 2005, Aaragon has built its team for transcription. Starting with just 5 operators, it now boasts of 20 operators. Aaragon has developed services in the following areas :  Medical transcription  Legal transcription  Business transcription
  5. 5. Medical Transcription Aaragon has a pool of MTs who are experienced and well trained in the field of medical transcription having good knowledge in dentistry, orthopedic , radiology, general medical transcription. We can provide about 500 lpp on a daily basis with 98% accuracy. Our high speed connectivity can assist in providing you with shorter turnaround times. Equipped with the best software, medical directories and QA processes, we are sure we will be able to give you the offshore support at extremely competitive prices. On board medical professionals are always assisting in providing our clients with the most accurate of files.
  6. 6. Legal Transcription Aaragon has trained legal students in transcription of legal files. Our batch of 5 transcribers have successfully done many pilot runs and are now working live with legal firms based in USA & UK. With a production capacity of 500 lpp and 95% accuracy we are sure we will be able to give you the right kind of service at very competitive pricing.
  7. 7. Business & Financial Transcription Aaragon’s team of 10 transcribes, working for the largest companies of USA provide accurate transcribed files on the shortest turn around time possible! The short turn around time gives our client the advantage of hosting the content fastest for their users making them market leaders in financial content. Our team can convert about 700 lpp on a daily basis adhering to US timings with 97% accuracy levels.
  8. 8. Ramping and adding capacity We do understand that most of your business is seasonal and has its highs and lows! But not to worry, since we have a multi faceted pool of people working on various transcription processes, we can manage an quick ramp up as well as a quick ramp down. Our training team also has the capacity to keep feeding us with trained multi talented operators. Our planning and strategy helps us in ramping up and meeting your capacity easily and ramping down during lows is also effortless!
  9. 9. Who Can Benefit From Our Services Medical Transcription  Doctors  Medical Professionals  Hospitals, clinics  Medical companies & pharmaceuticals  Medical and health records management companies  Medical Insurance Cos. Legal Transcription  Lawyers, advocates, barristers  Legal Firms  Legal Content Providers  Legal Publishers Business Transcription  Financial Content Providers  Financial Analysts  Financial Publishers
  10. 10. Contact Us For Pricing, free sample lot or just an inquiry feel free to contact us at Aaragon BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A111, Rd. No. 18, Wagle Estate Thane (W). Mumbai. INDIA Tel: + 91 22 2583 4534 / 4535 E-mail : URL: Write to the CEO