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  1. 1. Being Connectors in Today’s Industry Pam Matthews, RN, MBA, CPHIMS, FHIMSS Sr. Director, Regional Affairs, HIMSS Affiliate Roundtable Meeting September 24, 2010
  2. 2. Connecting Points State & State Agencies etc Regional Extension Centers Medical Societies, Hospital Associations etc Federal Agency Compliance Activities/Legislation All Providers Health Information Exchanges State Agency Compliance Activities/Legislation Consumers/Patients Federal / State Agencies Payors All Stakeholders H I M S S H I M S S C h a p t e r s Other State wide Group such as QIOs
  3. 3. Today’s Healthcare Landscape & Drivers • 5010/ICD10 Compliance • ARRA HITECH – Meaningful Use – Privacy/Security – Certification and Standards – Broad Band – Other Federal Awards/Funding: • Beacon, Sharp, Workforce Development , State Level HIE, etc • Healthcare Reform
  4. 4. Today’s Healthcare Landscape & Drivers • HIPAA Changes: Privacy and Security • RAC Audits • Various Quality Reporting Initiatives/ PQRI • E-Prescribing • Financial Viability • State Medicaid • And many other national, state and local level drivers
  5. 5. Landscape Issues & Challenges • Policy framework needs • Patients: Patient consent, education, awareness, shifting consumerism, Trust • Data standards and lack thereof • Technical Infrastructure deployment
  6. 6. Landscape Issues & Challenges • Physician/Provider HIT acceptance, adoption and implementation • Financial status: sustainability • Establishing common trust and goals across all stakeholder groups: payers, physicians, hospitals, vendors, patients, consumers and government
  7. 7. © 2007 by the Healthcare 7 Timeline 5010/D.0 Timeline Begin Level 1 Activities (gap analysis, design, development, internal testing) Begin Internal Testing Government published final rule Jan 2009 Begin internal testing Jan 2010 Achieve Level 1 Compliance Begin Level 2 Activities Deployment Dec 2010 Achieve Level 2 Compliance for all entities Jan 2012 External Testing and move to production Initiate payment reduction to Medicare hospitals and eligible professionals that fail to adopt EHRs Beginning of incentives to hospitals for Medicare and monitor payments Oct 2010 1. Beginning of incentives to eligible professionals 2. Beginning of monitoring of incentive payments to eligible professionals and hospitals Jan 2011 EHR Timeline HHS guidance on “minimum necessary” use of information Aug 17, 2010 HHS regulations implementing breach notification provisions of ARRA August 24, 2009 HHS guidance on de- identification of data; HHS regulations on scope of business associate requirements. Feb 17, 2010 ARRA Privacy and Security TimelineICD-10 Timeline Government published final rule Jan 2009 Begin development Jan 2011 Compliance date for all entities. Oct 2013 Begin High Level Activities (awareness, communication, education, impact assessment, strategy) Development, internal testing, production, readiness 2011 2012 2013 2014-20222009 2010 NOTE: Estimated Dates Slide from a HIMSS 2009 Presentation
  8. 8. © 2007 by the Healthcare 8 HIT Perfect Storm: Mid- 2010 to Mid-2012 and Beyond 2011 20122010 Development TestingICD-10 Select Install / Upgrade Process Changes Needed to Qualify for $ HITECH EHR HIE Development and Implementation Development Testing Production/Stabilization5010 Rules Issued Implementation Privacy / Security NOTE: Estimated Dates Slide from a 2009 HIMSS Presentation ©2009 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).
  9. 9. Today’s Landscape ~ Strategies for Success Understand industry trends, compliance requirements and activities, anticipated compliance requirements , current pending impactful healthcare legislation ~ Use this information to inform and education you and your organization ~ Use this information for planning and preparation of staff and the organization to accommodate these requirements and needs successfully and proactively
  10. 10. What This Means to You • The Industry is on a Journey • We are on this Journey together ! • There will not be a one single road that everyone follows ! – There will be multiple routes leading to success • Key: Identify the most appropriate route for you and your organization
  11. 11. What This Means to You • ‘You’ can make a different in today’s challenging industry • ‘You’ can be a connector for those around you and for your organization • What ‘You’ as individual professional; and ‘You” as Affiliate Member need for success: • Current and accurate information and facts • Resources and tools to equip • Your personal “Healthcare Network” of connections and connectors
  12. 12. How to Get There • Engage with your local HIMSS Chapter • Know your State ! – State level organizations and key players – Local/ regional organizations and players • Seek tools and resources • Take advantage of networking opportunities • Build your personal health information network of connections and connectors or meaningful relationship
  13. 13. What You Can Do Engage with Your HIMSS Chapter • Get to know your HIMSS chapter – • Attend Chapter Educational Events • Participate in Chapter Networking Opportunities – Chapters are connectors across state, regional and local key organizations and contacts • Get to know other HIMSS Chapters – Other HIMSS chapters within the state – HIMSS Chapters adjacent to your state
  14. 14. HIMSS Chapters are the Local and Regional Connectors HIMSS Chapters are: • Single connecting resource at the local, state and regional level • Connectors across HIEs, RECs, Medical Societies, State agencies, Public Health, QIOs and others • Provide that central connection point and place for information, education and networking at the local, state and regional level • Think globally – act locally
  15. 15. What You Can Do Know Your State ! • Get to know your state – State public meetings – Get to know key regional, state and local level organizations and players – Understand how your state is addressing healthcare issues such as Medicaid reimbursement under HITECH Meaningful Use – Understand the key drivers of your state and region HIMSS State Government Affairs
  16. 16. 16 What You Can Do Example: Get to know your State’s HIE Cooperative Agreement Award • Know your state’s plan and activities around HIE: • Identify the state designated (HIE) entity (SDE) • Know your state’s Health IT Coordinator and their role in supporting state government participation in HIE • Familiarize yourself with the state’s strategic and operational plan for their HIE entity deployment • Understand the expectations and requirements for participating in your state (designated ) HIE • Understand your organization’s role your state’s HIE activities • Understand your organizations role or involvement if any with other HIE/RHIO entities that may be located in your state
  17. 17. 17 17 What You Can Do Know Your Organization’s Role • Understand your organization’s role, goals and intersection with ARRA HITECH, Healthcare Reform, etc – Remember: This is about change – Examples include financial, quality, patient satisfaction, clinical research, community leadership, all of the above, etc… – Actions example: reengineer of workflow for process improvements and E HR deployment 17
  18. 18. What You Can Do Seek Tools and Resources • HIMSS State HIT Dashboard • HIMSS Content websites • HIMSS Educational Opportunities • HIMSS Meaningful Use and Healthcare Reform • HIMSS eLearning Academy • Other Industry Resources
  19. 19. Tools and Resources
  20. 20. HIMSS Content Tools and Resources
  21. 21. Tools and Resources HIMSS Webinars October 21, 2010 HIE Roundtable Education Webinar Massachusetts –One States Experience with HITECH and Community Connections Speakers : • Senator Richard Moore • Richard Shoup, PhD: Director of Massachusetts eHealth Institute • William Fandrich, Senior VP & CIO, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts • Free ~ Register at:
  22. 22. Meaningful Use/Healthcare Reform Tools and Resources • One-stop HIMSS shop on ARRA: • Health Care Reform: • EHR Selection, Implementation & Utilization Education: Tools: • e-Prescribing Fact Sheets & “How-Tos” • Health IT Best Practices in Physician Offices
  23. 23. Tools and Resources HIMSS Analytics • HIMSS Analytics collects and analyzes healthcare data relating to IT processes and environments, products, IS department composition, costs and management metrics, healthcare trends and purchasing decisions. • HIMSS Analytics devised the EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) to track EMR progress or levels of EMR capabilities at hospitals and health systems. The EMRAM scores hospitals in the HIMSS Analytics Database on their progress in completing the 8 stages to creating a paperless patient record environment. Have you asked your hospitals about this?
  24. 24. EMR Adoption ModelSM Q1 2010 – Q2 2010 Data from HIMSS AnalyticsTM Database N = 5223/5217 2010 HIMSS Analytics Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 1 Stage 0 CDR, Controlled Medical Vocabulary, CDS, may have Document Imaging; HIE capable Nursing/clinical documentation (flow sheets), CDSS (error checking), PACS available outside Radiology CPOE, Clinical Decision Support (clinical protocols) Closed loop medication administration Physician documentation (structured templates), full CDSS (variance & compliance), full R-PACS Complete EMR; CCD transactions to share data; Data warehousing; Data continuity with ED, ambulatory, OP Ancillaries – Lab, Rad, Pharmacy – All Installed All Three Ancillaries Not Installed 0.7% 1.8% 5.0% 7.7% 50.0% 16.5% 6.9% 11.4% 0.8% 2.6% 3.2% 9.7% 50.2% 15.5% 6.8% 11.2% 2010 Q2 2010 Q1
  25. 25. Tools and Resources Davies Awards of Excellence • 2010 winners recently Announced : • Davies Organizational winners – Sentara Health System; Nemours • Davies Ambulatory – The Diabetes Center; Miramont Family Medicine • Davies Public Health – Wisconsin Division of Public Health, Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) • Davies Community Health Organization Award winner – Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc. Do you have a Davies Winner in your state?
  26. 26. Tools and Resources HIMSS eLearning Academy
  27. 27. Tools and Resources HIMSS eLearning Academy • HIMSS eLearning Academy is an online web tool that provides comprehensive and topical educational programs for health IT professionals, including courses on: – Business Information Systems and Continuity – Interoperability and HIE – Clinical Informatics – IT integration and infrastructure – e-Health implementation – Electronic Health Records – Patient Safety and Quality – Pay for Performance – Privacy and Security • eLearning Academy features the Health Informatics Training System (HITS) and CPHIMS Certification Review • For more information:
  28. 28. What You Can Do? Networking Opportunities • HIMSS Chapter Events • 2011 HIMSS Annual Conference – Feb 20-24, 2011, Orlando, FL – Over 200 education sessions – Over 25,000+ attendees, – 800 plus solutions in Exhibit Hall
  29. 29. What You Can Do? Networking Opportunities • HIMSS Virtual Conferences – November 3 – 4, 2010 Conference • Expand your network by Connecting to HIMSS social media sites
  30. 30. What Can You Do? Take Advantage of all formal and informal Networking Opportunities Build your personal ‘health information network’ of connections and connectors Seize the Opportunity Today and Act!
  31. 31. The Regional Affairs Team Facilitating Making Connections and Being Connectors Erica Pantuso Pam Matthews Tom Keefe Jessica Martin Stephanie Serra Jessica Bird Jordan Blinn
  32. 32. Questions Pam Matthews, RN, MBA, CPHIMS, FHIMSS Sr. Director, Regional Affairs, HIMSS