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National Library of Medicine Resources for Disaster Planning ...


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National Library of Medicine Resources for Disaster Planning ...

  1. 1. National Library of Medicine Resources for Disaster Planning and Response Disaster Information Management Research Center Specialized Information Services National Library of Medicine Update for Medical Library Association May 2010
  2. 2. 2009 – 2010 Events
  3. 3. NLM’s Disaster Information Management Research Center Organize the disaster health literature Provide access to the literature Develop information tools Maintain library operations Conduct research and development Objectives
  4. 4. Librarians and other information professionals Public health workers Researchers Emergency managers First responders, and more…. Target Audience NLM’s Disaster Information Management Research Center
  5. 5. DIMRC Web Site
  6. 6. Disaster Timeline Preparedness, mitigation, education, training Response to immediate event Recovery and rebuilding
  7. 7. NLM Disaster Resources Medical and Public Health Literature Topic Pages/Subject Guides Tools Databases MedlinePlus Disaster Information Specialist Program
  8. 8. PubMed Over 30,000 references to journal articles on disaster/emergency preparedness and response 7 Disaster Medicine specific journals indexed 15 Emergency Medicine journals indexed 450+ MeSH terms related to disaster health with 15 new terms added in 2010
  9. 9. Resource Guide for Public Health Preparedness Partnership with NY Academy of Medicine Grey literature sources Searchable database
  10. 10. Emergency Access Initiative Sample Journal Titles American journal of infection control Burns Depression and anxiety Emergency radiology Environmental toxicology and pharmacology Journal of emergency medicine Journal of traumatic stress New England journal of medicine Sample Book Titles Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy Public health and prevention management Trauma Human virology Emergency medicine procedures Infectious diseases: the clinician’s guide to diagnosis, treatment and prevention AHFS Drug Information
  11. 11. Topic Pages/Subject Guides
  12. 12. NN/LM Emergency Preparedness Toolkit Assists librarians in developing preparedness plans and continuing services during disaster recovery Provides:  Emergency contacts  Sample forms  Preservation information
  13. 13. Tools - WISER Version 4.3 was released August 2009 Many enhancements to the WISER for Windows interface GIS support for protective distance mapping Biological agent imagery now available iPhone/Blackberry applications Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders
  14. 14. Tools - REMM New name/new version New features and content Downloads for mobile devices Updated algorithms Radiation Emergency Medical Management
  15. 15. Tools - CHEMM Coming soon! Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management
  16. 16. Databases - DIRLINE Database of over 8,500 health organizations Nearly 700 state agencies involved in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery
  17. 17. Databases - TOXNET Family of databases Search for • Chemicals • Drugs • Household products • Radiological agents • Biological agents • Hazardous materials
  18. 18. MedlinePlus Floods Coping with disasters Carbon monoxide poisoning Molds Radiation exposure Drinking water Post-traumatic stress disorder Biodefense & bioterrorism And, more….
  19. 19. Disaster Information Specialist Health information guides on specific events: Haiti earthquake, H1N1, Gulf oil spill DISASTR-OUTREACH-LIB e-mail discussion list and weekly news to 400+ subscribers in 45 states and 10 countries Building a community of practice, a culture of preparedness Monthly calls on current disasters, public health emergencies Preparedness for impact on library buildings, staff or services – a major focus of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Partnerships for mutual aid at the national level (National Network of Libraries of Medicine) or local level (Bethesda, Sarasota)
  20. 20. What are Disaster Information Specialists doing? CASE STUDY: H1N1 outbreak Forwarded critical info to hospital and government decision makers Provided clinicians with latest treatment guidelines Directed the public to trusted health information sources Maintained quality, timely information on Web sites and publications Provided references on vaccinations, risks to children and pregnant women, public health measures to control the spread, epidemiology and more
  21. 21. What are Disaster Information Specialists doing? And when it’s quiet… Collect, organize and disseminate disaster materials from non- commercial sources, peer-reviewed literature, social media Expand collections of disaster-related resources Support hospital emergency planning activities Teach responders about REMM, WISER Participate in disaster drills Host community preparedness events Support researchers’ information needs Network with local emergency operations, public health Update Web sites, blogs, and library guides on disaster topics
  22. 22. New Promotional Materials
  23. 23. For More on Disaster Health Information Resources Stacey Arnesen Cindy Love Elizabeth Norton Disaster Information Management Research Center National Library of Medicine