HIE/Network Survey Questions


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HIE/Network Survey Questions

  1. 1. 1 HIE/Network Survey Questions This survey is about your health information exchange (HIE) network, the mechanism that conducts the transfer patient data electronically between health organizations and agencies (providers, payers/insurers, state/federal agencies, other parties). The term “HIE” is used in the questions in this survey refers to any type of electronic exchange network, whether it is used to share information between different geographic locations for a single organization; among the different provider organizations within a single care or delivery network; or is broadly available to a variety of organizations, agencies, and networks. I. Organization Information 1. Contact information forthe individual towhom questions aboutthissurvey shouldbe directed: - OrganizationName: - Networkname: - Survey Contact: - Title: - Email Address: Phone Number: 2. Does/willthe HIEoperate  Withina single state  Acrossmultiple contiguousstates(pleasespecifywhichstates)  Acrossmultiple non-contiguousstates(please specify) 3. Whendid/willthe HIEbeginexchanginginformation?  Go live month/year:  Beingimplementedbutnotyetfullyoperational  In developmentbutnotyetimplemented  In planningstages 4. What were the primaryreasonsfordevelopingthe HIE?Please rankfrommost(5) toleast (1) important. Very unimportant 1 Somewhat unimportant 2 Neutral 3 Somewhat important 4 Very important 5 Save money 1 2 3 4 5 Improve efficiency 1 2 3 4 5 Standardize practices 1 2 3 4 5 Improve communications 1 2 3 4 5
  2. 2. 2 Very unimportant 1 Somewhat unimportant 2 Neutral 3 Somewhat important 4 Very important 5 Improve patientcare/care coordination 1 2 3 4 5 Fundingavailability 1 2 3 4 5 Projectparticipation(state/federal, pilot,NHIN) 1 2 3 4 5 Improve patientsafety 1 2 3 4 5 Other(describe) 1 2 3 4 5 5. Is yourHIE network  Intra-organizational only  Inter-organizationalonly(differentlocations)  Single integratedcare network(providers,facilities)  Multiple care networks  Other(please describe) 6. Please provide anydocumentsyoucanshare which explainyourHIEfunctional andtechnical modelsandoperational strategy(hyperlinkore-document). II. Governance Model 1. Is yourHIE organization  Public  Private  Public/private  Other(describe) 2. Is the HIE organization’stax status  For-profit  Non-profit(pleasespecify;501(c)(3),etc.)  Government(describe)  Other(describe) 3. What type of body governs/willgovernthe HIE?  Part of normal organizational managementstructure i. If so, underwhatpart of the organizationisitmanaged?  Organizational board(all inhouse members)
  3. 3. 3  Independentboard(internal andexternal members)  Other(describe) 4. What typesof stakeholdersparticipate/will participate inthe governingbody?Whichtypes(and howmany) use/plantouse the HIE? How manyview informationonthe HIE? How many submit data to the network/networkrepository? Stakeholders Governing Body (Y/N) User (# of Entities) View? (# of Entities) Submit data? (# of Entities) Exchange directlywith other HIE members? (# of Entities) Hospitals PrimaryCare Physicians SpecialtyCare Physicians AmbulatoryCare/OutpatientClinics NursingHomes Rehabilitation/LongTermAcute Care Facilities Behavioral HealthProviders/Facilities EmergencyMedical Services/Ambulance /Fire Laboratories RadiologyCenters Pharmacies PharmacyBenefitManagers (PBMs) FederallyQualifiedHealthCenters (FQHCs) OtherCommunityand/orPublic HealthClinics VeteransAdministrationorDeptof Defense Hospitals/MedicalFacilities Medicare Organizations MedicaidOrganizations IndianHealthServicesProviders Private Payer/HealthPlans OtherLocal, State or Federal Governmental AgenciesorEntities (please specify) Employers/Healthcare Purchasers
  4. 4. 4 Stakeholders Governing Body (Y/N) User (# of Entities) View? (# of Entities) Submit data? (# of Entities) Exchange directlywith other HIE members? (# of Entities) QualityImprovementOrganizations PatientorConsumerGroups Other(please specify) III. Legal Issues/Marketing 1. What HIE characteristics/benefitsdidyouuse tomarketthe service topotential users?Which characteristics/benefitswere importantdriversforparticipation? Characteristic/Benefit Marketed Reason for Participation (Rank from 1-least important to 5- most important) Requiredbyorganization/IDN Decrease reimbursementtime Save money More complete/fasteraccesstopatient information Improve efficiency Standardize practices Improve communications Improve patientcare/care coordination Fundingavailability Projectparticipation(state/federal,pilot,NHIN) Improve patientsafety Other(describe)
  5. 5. 5 2. Are HIE membersrequiredtosignanagreementto participate?Y/N 3. If Yes, note the specificareasthatthe agreementincludesbelow.If possible,please provide an electroniccopyof youragreement. IV. Financial Model 1. If the HIE isfullyoperational,whatare the annual coststo operate and maintainit? 2. Please listif possibleall the revenuesourcesthatsupportyourHIE operations. Provision In agreement (Y/N) Agreement sets minimum requirements? Key provisions/requirements (specify) Liability/indemnity Privacy/security Ownership Hardware/software requirements Data policy Fee schedules Enforcementandpenalties Otherkeyprovisions(describe) Revenue source Use Percent of revenues Subscriptionfees Maintenance fees Hardware/storage fees Transactionfees Trainingfees Implementationfees Servicesfeesforaddedvalue services(i.e.,dataprovisionandanalysis, statisticsandreporting,researchand studies,other) please specify FeesforbusinessservicesEHRfunctionality(i.e.,billing, analysis/decision support,reporting,PHRs,CPOE,other)pleasespecifybelow Licensingfees(i.e.,concurrent,nameduser,limited,unlimited,role-based, other) please specifybelow
  6. 6. 6 3. If the HIE usesa participationfee model(ex.,transactionorsubscriptionfees), describe the model, whichstakeholders pay,how feesare assessed,andif stakeholdersparticipate in revenue sharing. V. Technical Model 1. What is/will be the HIE’smechanismfor exchange? a. Governmenthub b. Private hub c. Publicutility d. Blended(usesmultiplemechanisms)- please specify e. Other(please specify) 2. What type of technical architecture does/will the HIEuse? HIE Architecture Type Use Will Use Federated Centralized Hosted Hybrid Other(please specify) 3. Please listthe software andsecurityapplications/product(s)andversion/release usedto supportHIE operations.If custom/proprietary,pleasenote. Unbundledadditional costs(i.e.,thirdpartyproducts/support, etc) please specifybelow Other(i.e.,advertisingplacement,sponsorship,etc) please specifybelow Fee Model Stakeholders Assessed How Fee is Assessed Revenue share w/Stakeholders? Y/N
  7. 7. 7 4. Does/willthe HIEutilize NIST1standards?(Y/N) NIST2? (Y/N) 5. Please listall EHRvendors withwhichthe HIEcurrentlyexchangesclinical data. 6. Whichof the followingarchitectural elementsdoes/will the HIEsupport? Architectural Element Have in the HIE (Yes/No) Planned (Yes/No) COTS, Custom/ Proprietary, or Open Source Central registryof participatingentities Central registryof users(centralizeduserauthentication and authorization) Central patientindex/Masterpatientindex (central patientidentityresolution) Recordlocator service Clinical datarepository(clinical dataonpatientsstored centrally) Patientconsentmanagement Transactionlogs(logsof whorequesteddata andwhat data was provided) Portal for authorizedviewingof data EHR Vendor Name Product/Version Name Certified? (Y/N/Don’t Know) COTS, Custom/ Proprietary, or Open Source Bi- or Uni- Directional Exchange Capability EHR Vendor Name Interfacing Product/Version Name Certified? (Y/N/Don’t Know) Bi- or Uni-Directional Exchange Capability
  8. 8. 8 Documentregistry(locatorof documentsinfederated systems) Drug references/formularies/interactions Standardcode sets HIE policies/privacyandsecuritypolicies Standardforms(please specify) Other(please specify) 7. Can/will patients/consumersaccessanduse the HIE? (Y/N) a. If Yes, can patients:opt-in/opt-out/NA 8. Whichof the followingformats/servicesdoes/will the HIE support? Service/Format Available (Yes/No) Users (number) Clinical Services Computerizedphysicianorderentry Clinical summaries(Caninclude ERsummary,discharge summary,referral summary,historyandphysical,etc) Clinical patientnotes/problemlists Family/medical history Assessments Vital signs Lab results Radiology/imagingdocuments Otherancillaryresults(please specify) Digital chart information(describe the type of digital informationsupported;e.g.,radiologyimages,EKGreadings,fetal monitoringresults,smokingstatus,etc) Electronicprescribing(e-Rx) Device monitoring Medicationtracking/reconciliation Other(please specify) Administrative/SupportServices Schedulingfunctions Billingfunctions Reference sources(codingmanuals,drugreference manuals, etc.) Conversiontostandardformats
  9. 9. 9 Service/Format Available (Yes/No) Users (number) Scanningto convertpaperrecords Other(please specify) PatientCommunicationsand Services Patientmessaging/alerts/reminders Patientauthorizations Personal healthrecord Patientreadable clinical healthrecord/summary Patientconsentmanagement Patientappointmentsandscheduling Other(please specify) Reporting Reporting/receivingimmunizationdata Provideralertstoand frompublichealth Otherpopulationhealth/publichealthreporting Disease managementreporting Qualitymeasures Other(please specify) Standard Transactions Claims(Professional/Institutional) Dental Claims ClaimAttachments ClaimStatus PaymentAdvice Eligibilityinquiry/response ReferralsandPriorAuthorization Otherstandard transactions(pleasespecify) Othernon-standardtransactions(please specify) Standard Formats Continuityof Care Document(CCD) Continuityof Care Record(CCR) Other(please specify) Exchange Services Exchange withintegrateddeliverynetwork(s) Exchange withexternal private entities Exchange withstate payerprograms Exchange withstate/local publichealthagencies Exchange withfederal agencies Other(please specify)
  10. 10. 10 9. Doesthe HIE follow/use national standards?Checkall thatapply. Standard Use in the HIE Planned ICD-9-CM ICD-9-CMProcedure Codes ICD-10-CM ICD-10-CMProcedure Codes NCPDPScriptVersion8.1 and10.6 NCPDPFormulary& BenefitsStandard1.0 NCPDPVersion5.1and VersionD SOAPV 1.2 (Simple ObjectAccessStandard) XML (ExtensibleMarkupLanguage) HTTP (HyperTextTranserProtocol) RxNorm LOINC CPT-4 SNOWMED CT HIPAA Adoptedtransactionstandards--4010 HIPAA Adoptedtransaction standards--5010 CMS PQRI 2008 RegistryXML HL7 2.3.1 HL7 2.5.1 HITSP adoptedinteroperabilitystandards Other(please specify) 10. Is service-orientedarchitecture (SOA) used?(Yes/No/Don’tknow) 11. If possible,please provide a technical architecturediagram(hyperlinkore-document).
  11. 11. 11 12. Describe the software,hardware orcommunicationrequirementsthatHIE participants/providersmustpurchase/use inordertointerface successfullywithyourHIE.If custom/proprietary,pleasenote. 13. Is yourphysical datamodel a. Centralized b. Federated c. Hosted d. Hybrid e. Other(describe) 14. Is yourorganizationaware of/participatein anyof the followingnational activities? National Activity Aware of? (Yes/No) Participate? (Yes/No) If Participate, How/What Role? CertificationCommissionforHealth InformationTechnology(CCHIT) Office of the National Coordinatorfor HealthInformationTechnology(ONCHIT) National HealthInformationNetwork (NHIN) OtherHIE Communities,Councils,Task Forces,Commissions,etc.(please specify) Othernational standardsactivities:HITSP, HL7, IHE, etc.(please specify) Software Product Name/Version Hardware Product Name/Version Communication Product Name/Version Security Product Name/Version Other Product Name/Version
  12. 12. 12 VI. Data Exchange Information 1. List belowthe dataexchange purposes yourorganization does/will support andthe average numberof dailytransactions. Indicate “n/a”if notsupported. Purpose for Data Exchange Average Daily Transactions Additional Description/Comments (500 character max) Clinical Purposes Send/receive requestedpatient informationto/fromotherprovidersfor treatment Send/receive requestedpatient informationto/fromotherprovidersfor consultationsandreferrals PhysicianOrderentry(specifyorder types;pharmacy,lab,radiology,etc.) Resultsdelivery(specifyresultstypes; pharmacy,lab,radiology,etc.) E-prescribing(e-Rx) Device monitoring Medication tracking/reconciliation Send/receive patientconsentstoother providers Send/receive patientauthorizationsto otherproviders Otherclinical/care deliverypurposes (please specify) Administrative Purposes Appointmentsandscheduling Claimstrackingandsubmission Reimbursementreceipt Eligibilityinquiry/response Referrals/PriorAuthorization(with payers) Sendpatientinformation(otherthan claims) topayersfor payment Care coordinationwithinsurers Accessclinical/administrative resources on or viathe exchange Otheradministrativepurposes(please
  13. 13. 13 Purpose for Data Exchange Average Daily Transactions Additional Description/Comments (500 character max) specify) PatientCommunications Patientmessaging/alerts/reminders Send/receive patientconsentsto patients Send/receive patientauthorizationsto patients Accesspersonal healthrecord Patientappointmentsandscheduling Other(please specify) Reporting Reporting/receivingimmunizationdata Provideralertstoand frompublic health Otherpopulationhealth/publichealth reporting Disease managementreporting Qualitymeasures Otherreporting(pleasespecify) Convertto/Exchange Standard Formats: Continuityof Care Document(CCD) Continuityof Care Record(CCR) Otherformats(please specify) Exchange Services: Exchange withintegrateddelivery network(s) Exchange withexternal private entities Exchange withstate payerprograms Exchange withstate/local publichealth agencies Otherexchange services(please specify)
  14. 14. 14 VI. HIE Experience 1. Please listyour5 mostimportant“lessonslearned”inplanning,implementing, operatingandsustainingyourHIE. a. ____________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________ c. _____________________________________________ d. ______________________________________________ e. _______________________________________________ 2. What have beenthe five greatestbenefitsof the HIEto participants? a. ____________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________ c. _____________________________________________ d. ______________________________________________ e. _______________________________________________ 3. What have beenthe five majorissuesof the HIEfor participants? a. ____________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________ c. _____________________________________________ d. ______________________________________________ e. _______________________________________________ 4. Is there anythingelse youwouldlike toshare thatwouldassistinthe developmentof a statewide HIE?