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Basic Skills, Curriculum and Allied Health Camps: How Do They ...


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Basic Skills, Curriculum and Allied Health Camps: How Do They ...

  1. 1. Health Services at Stanly Community College Presents AHS GED Career Camp 2008
  2. 2. Health Service Programs  Medical Assisting  Medical Lab Technology  Nursing  Radiology  Respiratory Therapy  Special Visit  Criminal Justice
  3. 3. Medical Assisting  We had the students to take each others blood pressure and instructed them in the correct method and ranges of normal pressures  Current students to perform an EKG on a male student and showed them an abnormal and normal EKG
  4. 4. MA with Vital Signs and EKG’s
  5. 5. Medical Lab Technology The MLT students set up microscopes and had the camp students look at stained white and red blood cells, and get an explanation of the basic function of each of the cells they viewed.
  6. 6. MLT The Medical Laboratory Technology students presented a hands on experience for the students by having them practice blood typing with educational material.
  7. 7. Nursing  Proper use of the stethoscope was explained to each student, allowing each one to then use it to listen to heart and breath sounds  Students were shown and then allowed to use different types of syringes drawing up the correct dose of medications
  8. 8. Nursing
  9. 9. Radiology  Students watched a short DVD that gave an overview of radiography and what we do.  Students were shown a few x-rays and explained what they were looking at.  We also explained to them our x-ray equipment, mammography and answered any questions they had.
  10. 10. Radiology
  11. 11. Mammography (Offered after RAD degree)
  12. 12. Respiratory Therapy Students were provided with disposable gowns, gloves, mask, goggles and gloves to make the experience more real.
  13. 13. Importance of Hand Washing  Hand washing is a simple habit that can help keep you healthy. We taught the students the benefits of good hand hygiene, when to wash your hands and how to clean them properly.  Hand washing is a simple habit that requires only soap and warm water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — a cleanser that doesn't require water.
  14. 14. Hand Washing Looking under the black light
  15. 15. Respiratory Lab with Sim Man
  16. 16. Students with Sim Man
  17. 17. Criminal Justice  The students located, developed, lifted, and classified hidden fingerprints.  The students went to the computer lab and made crime scene sketches with a CAD system.
  18. 18. Finger Printing
  19. 19. Crime Scene Images Using Computer
  20. 20. Cooperate and Continuing Education Opportunities  EMS  NA I  NA II  Pharmacy Tech  Phlebotomy
  21. 21. Sites Visited  Stanly County Health Department  Stanly Manor (long term care facility)  Stanly Regional Medical Center
  22. 22. Stanly County Health Department Services Awareness/Education Permits Environmental Dental Hazards Hygiene
  23. 23. Stanly Manor
  24. 24. Stanly Regional Medical Center Physical Therapy Emergency Room Labor and Delivery Lab
  25. 25. The Road to the Future
  26. 26. Program Objectives  Partner with local college, hospital, and AHEC  Enable students to describe the roles and responsibilities, career outlook, salary ranges, educational preparation, and credentialing of select health professions.  Describe in basic terms state-of-the-art health technology equipment and procedures used in various health professions.
  27. 27. Participant Profiles  Ages ranged from 17 to 50  4 ethnic groups represented  70% female , 30% male  All participants were Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma Students
  28. 28. Expenses  Instructors were full time SCC Basic Skills and Curriculum faculty – no additional salary required  Supply costs < $1,000
  29. 29. Program Recognition  2007 North Carolina Community College Adult Educators Association Innovation Award  Nominee for National AHEC Award for Excellence
  30. 30. Program Format  4 Days  Classes met 9am to 2pm daily  Monday and Tuesday meeting with program heads on SCC campuses  Wednesday – field trips to Stanly Regional Medical Center, Stanly Manor Nursing Home  Thursday – guest speakers – Hospice and SCC Admissions Dept.
  31. 31. Student Comments/Evaluations  On a scale of 1 – with 5 being the highest the average satisfaction with the program was 4.6  I learned a lot about what was required to work in the hospital  I know where I stand and what to do to get a health care job  I learned about programs I didn’t even know existed
  32. 32. Administration Comments  We are very fortunate to be able to offer this engaging experience for our students.  Our goal is to help students break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential, and to encourage them to discover and explore their talents.
  33. 33. Class Photos