Reflective Assignment Lesson Plan Blitz


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Reflective Assignment Lesson Plan Blitz

  1. 1. Lesson Plan Blitz Thomson 1 Jared Thomson Dr. Price EDCT 5654 December 11, 2009 Reflective Assignment Promoting to Target Markets Lesson Plan Any sort of reflection on the lesson plan blitz needs to start with a heavy sigh of relief for finishing in time (read: heavy sigh). Now that that is complete, I have to say that the experience was an eye-opening one. We were told not to complete any part of the les- son plan before coming to class, with the exception of doing minimal research before- hand. I wanted to simulate working on a complete lesson plan during my planning peri- od, so I did not do any research before coming into the classroom. After saying this, I do understand in the future I will be continually looking at material from different media sources with a teacher’s eye for upcoming subjects. I started out the planning process by going to the Virginia CTE Resource website to determine what I would need to cover in my lesson. I looked at the definition, process/skill questions and related SOLs for my tasks to begin thinking about my lesson. I determined that the entire lesson revolved around these target markets, so I had each selected form of promotion relate back to that topic. I started with a bare-bones outline of my lesson that included a definition of each of these terms, and an activity to describe the different process/skill questions. From here, I created a bell ringer activity that related to the time of year (the holidays) to get the students interested in the topic. I used the student’s answers to the activity to make connections to the new material throughout the lesson. This way the students have ownership of the foundation of learning for the new terms and topics. I now had an outline with full definitions and a number of activities. I knew this could be a com- plete lesson, but I wanted to add more activities and facilitate learners from each kind of domain. I expanded each of the slides to include additional activities and relevant
  2. 2. Lesson Plan Blitz Thomson 2 videos. I then went through the outline and created a notes handout that each of the students could fill out throughout the lesson. I figured this would keep the students on tasks, and would prevent me from having to answer what kind of notes the students would have to take from what I was teaching. I created a review quiz based off of all of the above that will allow the students to test their comprehension of the material. There should be enough time for the students to finish the quiz in class, but I have allowed them to take it home to finish if need be. I have to be honest that the lesson plan blitz was rather stressful towards the end. I felt clock slowly ticking down as we got closer to the two hour mark. I know that when I am teaching next semester, I will have less than than was allotted in class, and most likely I will have more distractions. I am a perfectionist with my lesson plans, so it was stressful towards the end that I was not able to run through the material to check for continuity and length of time. I wish that I would have been able to practice my lesson plan in order to see what changes needed to be made. It was challenging to know that I would not be able to continue working after the two hour mark (or so I thought). I had to split my time between making sure that the material was thoroughly covered, and that I was motivating the students to be involved with what was going on. I feel that if I do thorough research into a subject, I will become interested in the topic. My goal is that my interest in the subject matter will be projected on the students, and this will foster in- trinsic motivation. Even with all of the stress, I have to say that I am rather proud of the final result of the lesson plan. I completed the full lesson plan outline, while incorporating SOLs, a powerpoint, a notes handout, activities, videos and an assessment for the end of class. I would be proud of myself if I could incorporate all of these items into all of my daily les- son plans. This is not to say that it was perfect, but that is the benefit of hindsight. My revised lesson plan had three major changes over the first lesson plan: adding Emoments, including more pictures on my powerpoint and scripting more modifications.
  3. 3. Lesson Plan Blitz Thomson 3 I am a big proponent for using visual aids in any lesson. The Picasso Emoment has students drawing a figure or icon to help remind them of any crucial items from the notes. Even if these are silly drawings, the students will still be able to use them to re- call important information at a later date. In this same idea, I want to incorporate more visuals into my powerpoint to allow the students to have another visual key to remem- ber. The final major change would be the addition of more modifications. As of now, my modifications are vague because I do not know which sort of students with disabili- ties are in my hypothetical classroom. Once I start in the Spring, I will know which types of students will be in my classroom, and I can make modifications accordingly. In the end, I kept the majority of the lesson plan the same. I am proud of my work. I anticipate this sort of high-intensity lesson plan blitz will be on par with how my planning period will go next semester. The differences being that I will have less time to do the work, and possibly having more lessons to take care in one planning period. There is also the fact that I will have students, teachers and administrators possibly coming by during my planning period to take up part of my blitz time. I will need to stay calm, and plan my time accordingly. I will always have the safety net of being able to take my work home, rather than cramming everything into a two hour session. I also need to keep in mind the resources that are available from my teacher, previous teach- ers and online. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, when I can take the current wheel design, soup it up, add some rims, and build a personalized wheel for myself (read: a lesson plan). If nothing else, the lesson plan blitz increased the confidence I have in my ability to create lesson plans. The first lesson plan that I created in this class took me over five hours to complete, and this took less than half that time for a better product. I need to keep my head up during the first few weeks of student teaching to make sure that I keep putting out solid lesson plans, even if they are taking me a good chunk of time. As I keep being told, this will get easier with more experience. If I do get caught in a rut, I
  4. 4. Lesson Plan Blitz Thomson 4 need to be able to contact my cooperating teacher, and let her know that I am in need of her assistance. I did not use the professional resources available to me during the les- son plan blitz, but that does not mean that I should do the same next semester. There is no ‘I’ in teacher.