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Dit Present 2


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Dit Present 2

  1. 1. The Internet did not create hate, but it has made hate messagesmore accessible and the connection between professionals andamateurs more direct.
  2. 2. Working Against Online PROS CONS Hate Internet Regulation This could potentially Sites are protected by the remove websites that cater first amendment. This to hate groups. once again brings up the issue of violating people’s rights. Web Filters or Blocks Parents can use these to Kids can get around them help keep out websites or go to friends houses that contain messages of hate. Would make internet content appropriate for a child’s age & psychological development. Teacher and Parent Teach children to read and This requires active parents Awareness evaluate critically what and teachers and many of they see on the web. Give the most troubled children lists of approved websites. lack these
  3. 3. AUDIO STARTS AT THIS POINT… or go to classsss.m4a