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What is a zen garden?


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Zen gardens are becoming more and more popular around the world. To many people they know what they look like but want more information on what they actually are. Thier history goes back hundreds of years and their striking simplicity is eye catching and nourishes the soul. Japanese Zen gardens or Karesansui (dry gardens' as they are known in Japanese mimic nature and can be viewed from many different angles. My presentation explains more about these beautifully simple gardens and hopefully will provide some help and tips if you are planning on designing and building one at your home.
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What is a zen garden?

  1. 1. What Is A Zen Garden?• Well this is what they look like!
  2. 2. Lots Of Sand , Rocks And SomeGreenery…Here’s One In A Small Space ….
  3. 3. Here’s One In A Larger Space..
  4. 4. What Do They Mean?• Zen gardens are creations that reflect the simplicity of life.• Inspired by Buddhism and Chinese Culture they became popular in Japan.• They are ideal for REFLECTING IN , RELAXING IN AND MEDITATING IN.• Zen gardens should have more than one meaning for the viewer.
  5. 5. Less IS More…• Simplicity in design and ingredients is the key.• Tidiness, Precision and Nature are essential ingredients of a good Zen garden.• PURITY and MINIMALISM are the top two requirements of a Zen garden.• No SINGLE feature should dominate the garden.• A LOT of people prefer to experiment with a ‘Zen Style Garden’.
  6. 6. The 3 types Of Zen Garden• Reduced Scale – Sand and Gravel are bodies of water and Rocks are hills and mountains.• Symbolisation – Once upon a time Zen gardens depicted imaginary realms now in the 21st century they depict miniature landscapes often copied or inspired by real ones.• Shakkei – A confined space that utilises natural ingredients to mimic scenery.
  7. 7. Large or Small Zen Gardens Are A Beautiful Addition To Any Space• Because size does not matter you can build one for a table top..
  8. 8. A Courtyard Style Zen Garden• These types of gardens have been around in Japan since the late 13th Century.
  9. 9. Any Size Goes !! It Just Depends On Your Imagination AND Space• Find out a lot more about Zen Gardens including:• A History of Zen Gardens• The Meaning of Zen Gardens• Types of Zen Gardens• Ingredients In Zen Gardens• Making Your Own Zen Garden : What You Need to Know• Building a Small Zen Garden (Step By Step Guide’• Japanese Courtyard Gardens
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