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Making a japanese garden – simple beauty for


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Making a japanese garden – simple beauty for

  1. 1. Making A Japanese Garden – Simple Beauty For Your Yard Or Garden • Simple Beauty For Your Yard Or Garden!
  2. 2. Think Small And Peaceful • When creating a Japanese garden you don’t have to think BIG. • Some of the most effective Japanese gardens are on a SMALL Scale. • Japanese gardens are MINIMALIST by nature • AND they provide a peaceful and spiritual place to relax too!
  3. 3. Design Tips • You can be very innovative because a popular type of Japanese garden involves the copying of real landscapes on a smaller scale. • Use stones and rocks to give the impression of hills. • Water is a MUST – a pond or a stream are very popular, so is ‘Dry’ water... • Get Our FREE Japanese Garden Design Book to help you! • DETAILS are coming soon in this presentation!
  4. 4. Design Tips • Stone Pagoda’s are very popular or maybe you would like a couple of Japanese lanterns – also made of stone. • Is your garden going to be flat or hilly? Flat signifies calmness and hilly gives the garden a feeling of ‘flow’. • Try sitting down and sketching a garden plan for your space at home.
  5. 5. Must Do’s • Include rocks – they all mean something different and its worth getting some knowledge on their placement. • A lot of designers of Japanese gardens use rocks as a centrepiece of the garden. • Ensure a good energy flow in your garden. • The use of water is ideal for this.
  6. 6. Less IS More… • That is the golden rule of Japanese gardens! • Don’t over clutter your ingredients – use plants and shrubs sparingly. • To learn more visit our website AND Claim our FREE Book ‘11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ • Click Here: • You also get access to our newsletter too....
  7. 7. The Japanese Garden Bulletin’ NEWSLETTER is FREE To get your copy of our FREE Book And Our Free Newsletter visit : CLICK HERE