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Code Quality, Standards and Best Practices, Discuss

~ Presented at WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 ~

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Code Quality, Standards and Best Practices, Discuss

  1. 1. Code Quality, Standards, and Best Practices: Discuss!
  2. 2. First things first...1. Im @Japh2. Hobart-based Developer (who likes to travel!)3. Specialties: WordPress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery4. Paid to work on the web since 1998
  3. 3. Code, Standards, BestPractices. Who cares anyway?1. Your users / customers / clients2. The community3. Potential employers4. You!
  4. 4. “Knowledge is power”But what do you need to know?1. Coding according to standards2. Following best practices3. How to do things the “WordPress Way”4. When to do what (easier said than done...) Quote: Sir Francis Bacon
  5. 5. “With great power comes great responsibility”1. WordPress is an Open Source platform2. Release themes into the wild3. Release plugins into the wild (even easier!)4. Posting code snippets Quote: Stan Lee via Uncle Ben
  6. 6. “Imagination is moreimportant than knowledge”1. Being able to apply knowledge2. Solving problems you’ve never seen before3. When should you use Custom Post Types? When should you add extra database tables?4. Knowing where to look... Quote: Albert Einstein
  7. 7. “I do not carry such information inmy mind since it is readily available in books.”•••••’s•• In case it’s not clear… WordPress Codex! Quote: Albert Einstein
  8. 8. “No man is an island”1. Not much hasn’t been done before by someone somewhere2. Be a part of the community. Ask questions, give answers3. Peer reviewing code4. No stupid questions, only stupid not to ask Quote: John Donne
  9. 9. “Never neglect the little things”1. Skimping on quality hurts your client, your client’s clients, and you2. Proper planning. Use milestones, and be realistic3. Client education and communication Quote: Og Mandino
  10. 10. Thank you!• Slides are here:• Follow me here:• Talk to me here!