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Nicholas Dragon SQL Server Developer

  1. 1. NICHOLAS DRAGON St. Petersburg, FL 33742  (727) 710-1267 japanese.lonewolf@yahoo.comSUMMARY I possess 15 years as a developer/consultant, with a heavy concentration of development experience in databases and technologies including Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft TSQL, SQL Sybase, Oracle, and MySQL. My applications experience spans many industries including health care and financial.CERTIFICATIONSMicrosoft SQL Server 2008, SQL Sybase.TECHNICAL SKILLSRDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Sybase.Tools: SQL Server Management Studio, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Excel.Software: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, MS SQL Server 2008 IntegrationServices (SSIS), MS SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS), Excel.Sarasota Clerk of Court 4/11 - 6/11SQL Developer/Business Analyst • In this capacity, I was responsible for the ETL processes of handling data derived from older legacy systems, preparing, analyzing and importing the information into database tables and spreadsheets using SSIS or Excel, or moving the information into newer systems and applications. The systems included bonds and the associated data, including defendant information, bond posting and payments, agencies, and related court data. Information that did not match the databases were placed into Excel spreadsheets, where reports were generated for further analysis and determination for the Bonds department. • A second system included the data ETL of court evidence using SSIS objects, representing the physical items utilized in court proceedings. The information is securely tracked from Point A to Point B, including physical storage location and the actual descriptive physical items on hand. SSRS reports were generated to display a hierarchy of evidence location. Older legacy data that did not match current systems were placed in Excel spreadsheets for future determination. • A major assignment included the verification of an entire court system, designed to contain the complete history of a court case from initiation to court resolution, and all related data. The older data system contained hundreds of tables, going through a conversion process to a newer system architecture. Due to the sensitivity of the information, complete and through verification of the data using queries and stored procedures to compare old and new systems was highly critical. Test cases were executed within SQL Server, with data connections to Excel spreadsheets to display individual and summary test results between old and new systems. • Smaller databases containing older data were imported into SQL Server databases using SSIS or Excel sheets for later import and report generation.
  2. 2. SetFocus, LLC. 2/11 - 4/11SQL Master’s ProgramThe SetFocus SQL Server Master’s Program is an intensive, hands–on, project orientedprogram where participants gain knowledge and valuable experience putting the SQL Serverskill set to use in a simulated work environment. • Created numerous simple to complex queries involving self joins, correlated subqueries, CTE’s and XML techniques for diverse business requirements. Tuned and optimized queries by altering database design, analyzing different query options, and indexing strategies. • As part of a team, analyzed the business requirements and systematically designed a database for an online-movie (DVD/Blu-Ray) rental company. Employed best practices in creating a complete schema including tables, relationships, stored procedures, views, clustered and non-clustered indexes and triggers, and implemented the import and export of data using XML and SSIS. • As part of a team, created various reports according to the business requirements for the movie rental company. Individually authored, installed, deployed and managed reports using SSRS for a library database. • Individually designed a bank application according to business requirements, and implemented robust stored procedures, functions, and triggers to implement required functionalities. • Created an SSIS ETL solution that reads Product, Vendor, and Order data from Excel .CSV files on a network share into a SQL Server database. The solution also validated incoming data and performed notifications through SSIS objects when jobs complete. The order data thus loaded into SQL Server was used to generate reports using the new SSRS 2008 reporting functionality (including the Tablix control). The reports were set up for automatic delivery based on standard report subscriptions.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCETechnology Transfer Service 8/10 - 11/10Software Technician • Part of a large group of contractors and full time employees working on a software and documentation multi-billion dollar project involving the automation of a Flat Mail Sequencing System that simplifies the sorting of federal mail, saving the Postal Service two million dollars a year. The entire system includes an automated tray management system, a control system, flat sorting, optical character recognition, stand alone mail prep, site manager servers, and several other functions allowing automation over hand sorting of the daily mail. Other duties included the review and corrections of the book of materials consisting of the entire system, software drawings, graphics tracking, and technical documentation of many parts of the architecture.K Alliance 10/09 - 8/10Marketing Software Developer • Creation of a Marketing Database, using MySQL programming, PHP and Dreamweaver. The entire system was utilized to assist in real time, expedient data analysis and reporting to promote e-learning material sales. In addition to customer
  3. 3. info, sales contact data, projected versus actual sales, and catalog courses of interest, the marketing system automatically generated customer subscriptions to newsletter emails, and thank-you emails of a sales call to the customer after initial contact, with links of interest and e-learning catalog content, as well as emails to the sales force and managers. Various auto-generated reports include sales orders by date range, by sales leads, by e-learning courses, and dollars generated per contact.Superlative Enterprises 3/03 - 09/09Self Employed Database and Software Developer • Contract Software Development involving MySQL, Access, Sybase, Excel or other database and spreadsheet development across various industries as required by customer. Application development included a brokerage firm for the transportation industry, following freight, commissions, weight of shipments versus cost, and mileage. Reports were generated in Excel spreadsheets to display budgets, forecasting and trend analysis, and other necessary data extractions. Other applications include database and spreadsheet applications for a health and fitness club and its sports leagues, office management accounting, membership rolls, and order inventory on hand. A similar database application was utilized in a surplus outlet warehouse.Baxter Health Care 3/02 - 02/03SQL Sybase Developer • This position involved the creation of SQL stored procedures, queries, reports, tables, data storage and retrieval, XML data conversion, documentation and testing applicable to information necessary to maintain a suite of applications for the execution and monitoring of kidney dialysis machines and its related Supply Chain, including prescriptions and the associated business logic, delivery schedules, appointments, customer and physician data, and the conversation of database information into XML for later exports to mainframe servers, as well as imports of the server data back to the Supply Chain database.JP Morgan Chase 2/01 - 03/02Senior Sybase Developer • Heavily SQL based loan and commission/bonus compensation applications used complex stored procedures and triggers to calculate and performs numerous functions on the amount of commissions, bonuses, disbursements and other pay outs to primary and secondary loan officers. This system performed both file feed and manual imports, table maintenance, statistic and security reports, as well as the addition, editing and deletions of employees, an employees compensation plan, branch maintenance and reports, tracks loans, plan adjustments, and other features. User functions and capabilities are determined by their security access level.MetraComp 9/00 - 12/00Oracle Developer • Short term contractor using Oracle stored procedures and queries for new development or enhancements of applications that work in conjunction with and support health care insurance, workmans compensation, claims, invoices, and other insurance related services. Enhancements to Excel spreadsheet reports included new graphs, calculations or new reports as necessary.HealthPlan Services 12/98 - 9/00SQL Developer
  4. 4. • Chief SQL database developer for the interface and various system, security, maintenance, and billing operations of three administrative enrollment and reporting systems pertaining to the enrollment and maintenance of health care for an individual, a case, or a company. The applications track billing statements, produces various reports, monthly processing and renewals, accepts new carriers and plans, financial specs, and handles database system security and data integrity pertaining to the applications. • A standalone legacy insurance application written in Pascal was converted to utilize Excel spreadsheets to manage individual sales data in a mobile fashion. The entire application was designed to fit on a single floppy drive for portability while on the road.ICON Solutions 10/96 - 11/98Senior Database Developer • Part of a four person development team that created an application providing database and account calculations and maintenance for new existing corporate accounts and sub-ledgers, database upkeep of accounts, the assignment of services to accounts and providing robust account contact information in various report formats as required. • A separate application for a medical facility included a reporting system utilizing Word for processing documents dynamically generated according to a user’s customization, and Excel spreadsheets to capture data in various report formats.McNeil Consumer Products of Johnson & Johnson 6/94 - 10/96SQL Developer • Designed and enhanced a Procurement Analysis and Reporting System, used by Purchasing and Accounting departments for trend forecasting, manufacturing, inventory, and non-inventory analysis and reports, as well as Economic Order Quantity reporting.Progress Lighting 4/91 - 6/94Database Developer • Main developer of new and continuing applications for the Billing and Manufacturing departments in the area of residential and commercial lighting. The applications were a first for the company, moving away from mainframe and into the area of personal computer use to access database data. The applications included data conversion and all areas related to the manufacturing process, such as production, inventory, invoice and billing and current to future sales and projections. Several individual Excel projects and spreadsheets were created for the Chief Financial Officer as required, including financial, budgets, data comparisons and forecasts.EDUCATION / CERTIFICATIONSU.S. Air Force 4/83 - 8/83Electronics, Communications and Navigation - Overall GPA 4.0Rational Rose Object Oriented Programming, version 8PowerBuilder, versions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8