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Hiking in Zion National Park


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Two days spent hiking in Zion National Park Utah.

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Hiking in Zion National Park

  1. 1. Zion Most Crowded & Most Organized Park
  2. 2. Much of the park can only be accessed by bus
  3. 3. Our first stop was our motel to park our car and take two buses into the park.
  4. 4. We climbed Walter’s Wiggles up to this view where we could see more ambitious hikers on the chain climbing to Angel’s Landing.
  5. 5. Daring hikers going to the top
  6. 6. J j View from Scout’s Landing v
  7. 7. Headed Back Down
  8. 8. Coming down from Angel’s Landing we took a route under the weeping walls to Zion Lodge
  9. 9. We hiked Watchman Trail the next morning and Northcrest in the afternoon but the trails were not quite as spectacular or difficult although this view was pretty great.
  10. 10. NMountain View Northcrest Trail