The Complete Guide to Guest Posting


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A step-by-step guide to guest posting to get quality targeted traffic to a site.

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The Complete Guide to Guest Posting

  1. 1. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 1 - The Complete Guide To Guest Blogging The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business by Janus Ng InternetMarketingClarity.comCopyright 2011@ 1-
  2. 2. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 2 - IntroductionIf you ask me what my biggest pain was when building my online business, without a doubt, its gotto be traffic generation.Id been struggling with getting traffic to my sites for almost two years since I decided to start myown business online.Within that period, I purchased countless traffic generation courses, and was absorbed by the trivialand confusing traffic methods that not only drained me, but got me little resutls.I only realize now what my problems were. First is definitely my mindset. I was guilty of being anopportunist, thinking that there must be a “secret” tactic that the gurus are not teaching us to get thekind of traffic they get to their sites. So subconsciously I was chasing for the shiny thing that I hopesomehow some ethical guru decides to reveal to us.Secondly, I guess another mindset problem, is that I focused on wrong thing. I wanted to makemoney so much that I forgot I should have first figured out what my business goals are, who mycustomers are, what their pains are, and what they desperately want, in the first place.In other words, I got caught in the “traffic is money” concept and got carried away. I didnt realizethat my success depended on how much value I brought to my prospective customers. Without thatfigured out, I dont have a solid foundation for my business to build on.Only when I have a business building foundation set up will any traffic generation strategiesbecome meaningful.So with that said, I hope if you are like me two years ago, I have made my point clear. Although itmay sound irrelevant that I bring this up in a Traffic Generation report, I hope you understand thatthe key to your success online is having your business designed properly before you go out anddrive traffic.When you have a good business building foundation, meaning that you know exactly your businessand personal goals, your customers, the value youre going to create (in the form of a product orservice, or recommended products or services), and your business model, traffic will flow to yourbusiness.Copyright 2011@ 2-
  3. 3. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 3 -Then and only then will traffic generation becomes meaningful and effective. Focus Is KeyI mentioned above that I focused on making money too much that I lost perspective of whatmattered. When it comes to traffic generation, you also want to focus on the essential things.When you have been working online for more than one week, you will quickly suffer frominformation overload.You are likely to have learned more than you need to know. And more than you will take action on.Its exactly the case with traffic generation. You have probably heard so many traffic driving tacticsthat you become overwhelmed and dont know where to start. You may even suffer fromprocrastination because you are too frightened to take action.But it doesnt have to be that way. After you finish reading this report, you will feel relieved andrealize that all you need is to drive traffic to your blog/site/business is to focus on ONE singletraffic generation strategy that is easy, takes way less time, yet powerful and effective.And that is Guest Posting (or guest blogging)!This report is about using the best traffic generation strategy that is the best use of your time,leverages the web to its biggest extent, and gets you the most results in the long term. It helpsbuild your online business in the shortest amount of time.So lets dive in...Copyright 2011@ 3-
  4. 4. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 4 - Section 1: Basic QuestionsWhat is Guest Posting?If you havent tried guest posting before, you may be wondering what exactly guest posting is.By definition, guest posting is the act of writing for another blog or website with the purpose ofgetting targeted traffic, quality backlinks, gaining exposure and building relationships with the blogowner and your prospective customers.Guest post is a win-win relationship between a marketer or writer (i.e. you) and a larger site that hasthe traffic, SEO juice, and a readership that you want to attract to your own site. It is a win-winbecause the bigger site needs content. Good content.Bigger sites like Huffington Post and Mashable and lots of other large niche blogs are all huntingfor great content on a daily basis. That need the content to retain and grow their customers.Guest posting is similar to article marketing where you submit an article to an article directory tomarket your site/blog. If your article is approved and published, you get the benefits of a fewbacklinks to your site in the authors bio box, some traffic, and exposure.You get all of the above with guest posting. The difference is that guest posting is much moreeffective and powerful. You get leveraged traffic from other bigger sites related to your niche. Sothe traffic and exposure youre getting are huge and targeted.Who Can Use Guest Posting?Copyright 2011@ 4-
  5. 5. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 5 -One of the major concerns of people looking to guest post is whether it works in every niche. A lotof people wonder if guest posting is workable and effective in niches other than the “make moneyonline” niche.The short answer is absolutely. Guest posting is very effective and possible in other niches. It isbased on the idea of creating useful, valuable content for other peoples sites in your niche inexchange for traffic, backlinks and exposure. So this marketing strategy is really practical andeffective in other niches as well.The only difficulty is that it might be a little bit harder to find blogs (which well cover later in thisreport) to write for if youre not in the make money online niche. But the upside is that youd getmore results from guest posting because you might be one of the few guest bloggers in your niche.So provided that there are blogs in your niche, anybody in any niche can use guest posting tomarket a site.What Are The Benefits of Guest Blogging?Guest posting is really a powerful way to leverage other popular blogs in your niche to achieve yourmarketing needs. Its so powerful that it deserves a report like this one.Depending on the reasons you guest post, you will want to write for different kinds of blogs, andstructure your guest post differently to get the results/benefits you want.But in general here are five major benefits of guest posting: 1. Getting Targeted Traffic - This is top reason why most people, myself included, write guest posts. Guest posting is one of the best ways to get highly targeted, highly convertible traffic to your site. This is the power of leveraged traffic, because youre writing for bigger, more popular blogs related to your niche. If youre creating value to the readers, they will follow your site, stick with your site, and very likely to become subscribers to your site. 2. Gaining Subscribers - If getting traffic is your primary goal, then after your primary goal is achieved, your next objective should be converting the traffic into subscribers. After all, traffic means nothing if you cant convert them to sales or subscribers, right? If your guest post provides genuine value and you have an effective opt-in system in place, you can get as much as 100 subscribers from as little as 400 visitors to your site. That can be achieved by writing just one guest post! So imagine if you use guest posting regularly and consistently as your traffic and lead generation strategy. You can build your online business in the shortest time with the least cost.Copyright 2011@ 5-
  6. 6. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 6 - 3. Building Backlinks - We all know that quality backlinks are good for SEO purposes. The more quality backlinks pointing to your site, the higher ranking your site will get. The beauty of guest posting is that youre not just building backlinks for the sake of building backlinks. Youre getting quality traffic in the first place along with the attached benefits of building authority backlinks. So youre killing two birds with one stone. Not to mention that there are other birds you can kill with this one stone. So in my opinion guest blogging is the easiest way and best use of my time to gain good backlinks. After you use guest blogging to drive traffic and build backlinks, you dont want to go back and do the tedious blog commenting or other link building tasks anymore. 4. Gaining Exposure - Guest posting in a popular, high traffic blog is the quickest and smartest way to gain exposure., for example, gets tens of thousands of visitors every DAY. If you managed to have your guest post published on a site like, you can gain exposure to thousands of people who are interested in something you have to say. If you become a regular guest blogger, you can easily build your brand by getting featured repeatedly on the more popular sites in your niche. 5. Gaining Credibility - When your posts appear on a popular blog, you gain the benefit of the implied endorsement from the blog owner. The readers of the blog are more likely to trust you because subconsciously they believe that the blog owner (who they trust already) is endorsing your work by approving to publish your post on his/her blog.I hope by now you are convinced that guest posting is one of the best ways to market your onlinebusiness. I also hope that you are eager to take action. If so, lets move on to the next section. Section 2: Getting StartedBe Aware Of This Before Getting Started Guest Posting...Before you start guest posting, there is one important thing you should be aware of.You should NEVER do guest posting without getting clarity of your goals in the first place.You should be clear about your goals for guest posting first.Based on the 5 benefits Ive listed above, take a moment and think about the following question.What Are Your Main Goals?Copyright 2011@ 6-
  7. 7. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 7 -When you decide to guest post, think about what your goals are. This helps you make the best useof your time in the long run. Let me explain. If your primary goals are to get traffic and build a listof subscribers quickly, you want to write for big blogs. Writing for small blogs to get traffic andsubscribers will be a waste of time. For example, one big blog getting 50,000 of daily visitors isbetter than ten smaller blogs with 2,000 daily visitors.The same is true, and even more so, if your primary goal is to gain subscribers, exposure, orcredibility.On the other hand, if your main goal is to build backlinks, youre better off targeting smaller blogs.This is because a couple of (say, 5) good ranking smaller blogs get your better backlinking resultsthan one big blog. For instance, a big blog such as Problogger won’t give you the kind of results as5 high quality pagerank 4 blogs with the varied anchor texts to the same page.So in summary, the only time when you want to write for smaller blogs is when you want to buildbacklinks. Otherwise, youre always better off writing for big blogs in your niche. Section 3: Getting Optimal Results5 Steps for Guest BloggingIf you know the steps of guest blogging and stick with them, you will get the best results.Following the following 4 steps helps you get your guest post published on the biggest blogs inyour niche and you get the benefits you want. Here they are:Step 1: Prepare Your Site/Landing Page - The number one reason behind guest posting is to gettraffic to your site. Whether you want to drive traffic to your blog or a landing page, you shouldoptimize it to capture your new audience. Otherwise, theres no point sending new visitors to yoursite, right? So your primary goal is to have these new prospective customers to opt-in or return toyour business.For example, if you are linking back to a blog, then make sure you have at the minimum a couple ofyour best articles already displayed. Better yet, you have more articles ready to be posted in thenext few days.If youre linking to your opt-in page, be sure you have a free offer thats ready to be given away inexchange for an opt-in.If you are linking back to a sales page, then make sure it is live with a visible call to action in place.Step 2: Research - Before you start to write your first blog post, the first thing you want to do isCopyright 2011@ 7-
  8. 8. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 8 -research. This means reading through the blog, getting an idea of how the blog works, knowingmore about the blog owner, getting a feel of what kind of posts or content are published. You cantake a look at a couple or even dozens of other guest posts published on the blog. This will greatlyincrease your chance of success of your post being accepted.This process is important because a post that works on one blog may not work well on another blog.For example, DailyBlogTips, a popular blog prefer list posts. On the other hand,SmartPassiveIncome, another popular blog with comparable alexa ranking, prefers fresh, uniqueposts. So you definitely want to understand what kind of post to write for each blog.Step 3: Writing - While you write the best content for your own blog, when you do guest posting,you should write with even higher standards. If you know that you are going to get the attentionfrom a popular blog host, or a lot of readers, and these people could be your prospects, wouldnt yougive your best?So try to research for the best topic, the best solution to a problem dying to be solved, and do yourbest to make your post unique and informative. Create value that is practical and meaningful foryour readers. As a general rule of thumb, the more unique and valuable your content is, the moreresults you get out of it.After youre finished writing, dont forget to proofread it. Make sure its clear of any grammaticalerrors. And that its clear and presentable for the blog host and your readers.Step 4: Submitting – The submitting process is one of the important aspects of guest posting.While there are times when you want to submit a pitch before writing a guest post, most of time itsbest to write before pitching. This saves time for both the blog host and the guest author. If yousend the post along with your first email, the blog host can easily give it a quick scan and takefurther action.Its also important to bear in mind that youre as polite as possible in your email or when interactingwith the blog host. Heres an example of an email that works well: Hi [blog host name], I just completed a guest post for [blog name] titled [post title]. I have attached it to this email in a .txt file. Id love to know what you think. Thanks so much, [your name]Copyright 2011@ 8-
  9. 9. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 9 -Step 5: Interaction - Always interact with your readers whove made comments on your guestposts. This is one of the ways your prospective customer find you. Interacting with your readers istremendously important because this is a chance youre telling the readers that you care. Youre alsotelling the blog host that you respect the blog. So youre not just there for the traffic but really givevalue to all parties.Step 6: Promote Your Guest Post – After you get your guest post published, theres one last step.Now its time to focus your efforts to promote that guest post. There are a few ways to do this.You can make a post on your own site about your published post with a link to that blog. You canalso link the article on your social networks and link back to it from your site.Every link benefits the search rank of that article. The more traffic you get to that site the better. Itwill also help your chances with the site owner if you ever want to post again.So those are the 4 steps to optimize the results of guest posting. And remember, guest posting is anextension of your brand and also the site your are posting on. For a highly effective guest post,remember to do your due diligence.If you follow the same steps and focus on this strategy consistently (like guest posting once aweek), I guarantee that you will get great results.Now lets move on to the other important aspects of guest blogging... Section 4: Finding Guest Posting BlogsHow to Find BlogsFinding suitable blogs in your niche to guest post may seem like a pain at first. But once you finishreading this section, it gets a lot easier. You can get started right away with one of the followingmethods: 1. Technorati – The easiest way to get started and find bigger blogs in your niche is through this blog directory. This may not be the best way to find smaller blogs, youll want to discover big blogs in your niche if youre ready to guest post on these blogs. 2. Google Blog Search - Google of course is another great way to find big blogs in your niche. When youre at Google Blog Search, just enter your niche and it will return with a list of blogs. Make a list of some of the top blogs and check if theres a guest posting page. Even if dont have a guest posting page, you can always contact the blog owner and ask if they accept guest posts.Copyright 2011@ 9-
  10. 10. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 10 - 3. MyBlogGuest - This is a blogging community that provides the best quality for both the bloggers and guest authors. Here you can not only use its blog directory to find blogs from a variety of niches, but the blogs you find already allow guest posting. It makes your guest posting process much easier and more effective. 4. Search Engines – If you prefer to use the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), you can find suitable blogs to guest post, too. Heres a technique you can use to discover blogs that accept guest posts in your niche. Just type your niche name + keywords related to guest posting. Here are some examples: Your niche + guest posting Your niche + guest blogging Your niche + write for us Your niche + “guest posting” Your niche + “guest blogging” Your niche + “write for us”There are many other keyword phrases you can use to search for blogs allowing guest blogging.But even if you use the above technique, you should be able to gather a list of blogs just to getstarted guest posting. You can even start submitting with a list of 5 blogs.Remember, the point here is to take action, do the guest posting, its not about perfecting the searchprocess. The more you write for other blogs, the more confident you become. You are also awareof the common practice of each blog so you can optimize your guest posting for better results. Section 5: Writing Guest PostsHow to Develop ContentCreating content is one of the major problems online marketers have. If youre stuck, here are someuseful resources to help you come up with topic ideas and generate great content quickly. 1. Visit Top Blogs in Your Niche – Reading through a few popular posts on some of the larger blogs in your niche really helps you come up with ideas on what to write and how you want to present your posts. 2. Forums – Forums is a wonderful resource to help you generate content. Just take a look at the recent threads with high volumes of views and replies. You learn what people are looking for and what make them excited. You can easily come up with guest post ideas and content to write on.Copyright 2011@ 10 -
  11. 11. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 11 - 3. Social Media – Social media is an effective way to generate topic ideas. Use your favorite social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, etc.) to learn what people are sharing. At the same time you get lots of idea of what people are interested in.The above are just three of the effective tools to help you get started and generated guest post ideas.There are many other ways to get ideas for contents. But sometimes its better to focus on enoughresources and take action, rather than learning all the techniques and get too overwhelmed to doanything! ConclusionAlthough this is a short report, I have done my best to share with you all the important aspects ofguest posting to help you succeed with this powerful marketing strategy. I hope I can help you getthe most benefits out of guest posting for your marketing needs.However, with that said, the best way to truly get results is by taking action. Get started, keep yourguest posting consistent. You will see results almost immediately. Youll be happy to spend time onthe things that are essential. I know this will help you grow your online business in the shortesttime!So now is your turn to follow the steps in this report and start getting traffic, subscribers andpromoting your business to the people who want to hear what you have to say.To your success and happiness,InternetMarketingClarity.comCopyright 2011@ 11 -
  12. 12. The Ultimate Way To Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Business 12 - Thanks!Thanks so much for the opportunity to help you generate traffic to grow your online business.If you like this report, feel free to share it with your friends!Copyright 2011@ 12 -