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The Zamboni Effect: How User Management Makes Email Smoother


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We were recently invited to Toronto to speak at the ExactTarget CONNECT Global Tour conference there about how social login and user management can augment and amplify email marketing programs. We decided to take location into account and put as many zambonis in the deck as possible. Naturally. Check out the deck to learn about how user management and social data management from social login can bring a host of new possibilities to your email marketing.

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The Zamboni Effect: How User Management Makes Email Smoother

  1. 1. The Zamboni EffectHow User Data Management Makes Email Smoother
  2. 2. User Data Email Marketing (and Vice Versa) User Data Management Email Marketing
  3. 3. PLATFORM (not sexy)
  4. 4. What do you keep in your Social Data Warehouse? Demographics/ Profile Other 1st Party Declared Interest Graph Inferred Data (GraphDive) Social Graph Purchased Data
  5. 5. • First / Last Name • Email • Age • Gender • Location • Relationship Status Demographics / Profile Other 1st Party Declared Interest Graph Inferred Data (GraphDive) Social Graph Purchased Data • “Likes” • Pages Likes • Videos Watched • Movies • Games • Friends • Followers • Fans • **Friends’ Data** • Ask them anything you want on your .com • Cat or Dog? • Cable provider • Vegetarian? • Political leanings) • Age • Education • Marital Status • Location • Household income • Average size of mortgage • Family size • Subscriptions • Donations
  6. 6. Improved Email Delivery We’re GOOD! We PROMISE! We’re GOOD! We can PROVE IT!
  7. 7. PLATFORMS ARE BORING (until you use them for something cool)
  8. 8. There’s nothing more interesting or sexier than zambonis
  9. 9. *Top Google Image Result for “Sexy Zamboni” Go Badgers!
  10. 10. The Zamboni Effect User barriers, drop-offs, bad data, abandonment Rough data and UX chopped away Clean, precise segementations User data cleaned and consolidated 4 3 1 2
  11. 11. Smooth intake with User Management Removing Barriers from Registration and Subscription • No drop-off from double opt-in • Get more accurate data more easily • Eliminate form fatigue • (+ increase additional data collection) • No more “fat finger” mistakes • AND ESPECIALLY ON MOBILE!!!
  12. 12. Smooth outbound with User Management Better Personalization and Segmentation • Leverage »» Social Profile »» First Party Data • Enrich »» automated segmentations »» email flows »» campaigns »» responses to triggers to be more relevant
  13. 13. Clean Data Rough Data The Zamboni Refresh New Login Event
  14. 14. TAKEAWAYS
  15. 15. • Make registration easy • Eliminate form fatigue for better data • Don’t ignore the mobile experience • Connect personal info to checkout process Remove Barriers when Possible
  16. 16. Personally Identifiable Information BE CLEAR
  17. 17. Use your data Personalize and target
  18. 18. Thanks, eh! | @supnah | @janrain