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Ids100 lesson plan


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Ids100 lesson plan

  1. 1. IDS 100 Information Literacy Instruction General Overview of Library Resources and ServicesDescription: The main purpose of this instruction is to provide the students with theintroductory information about the library, show available library resources in traditional andonline environments and to teach how to access and search them. The instruction is not courseintegrated or assignment-related (eventhough it can be). The instruction targets a 50–75 minutesession.Information Literacy Competencies Addressed:The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficientlyThe information literate student retrieves information online or in person using a variety ofmethods.  Uses various search systems to retrieve information in a variety of formats  Uses specialized online or in person services available at the College of Mount St. Joseph library to retrieve information needed (interlibrary loan, OhioLINK, OPAC, reserves)Learning Outcomes:By the end of the instruction session, students will become familiar with the library and itsservices and have basic knowledge of available recourses, know how and where to access libraryresources, how to check the library record online.Pedagogy:Cephalonian method of library instruction will be used. The librarian walks students through thelibrary website, presenting library services and resources to them – by answering students’questions about these resources and by maintaining interactive mode throughout the sessionkeeping the students engaged. The librarian provides the students with the questions. Thequestions (printed on cards) are distributed to the students in the beginning of the session. Seethe Appendix 2. The answers to the questions will provide the following information:Question 1: about the library electronic catalog, how to access and search it.Question 2: about the OhioLINK borrowing, OhioLINK catalog, how to access and search it;about Interlibrary Loan borrowing.Question 3: about the library articles databases, how to access them. If time permits brieflyshow a basic search in an EBSCOHost database (i.e Academic Search Complete).Question 4: about how to find reserved materials (traditional and electronic).Question 5: about the library hours of operation, how to contact a reference librarian.Question 6: about renewing the library materials and briefly about borrowing policies (loanperiods and fines for students); library card and library record.Students access the library website simultaneously, following the librarian.Technology: Overhead projector, computers. During the instruction, each student has access toa laptop PC with the Internet connection.Supporting materials: Guide to Library Services and Resources; Cards with questions (SeeAppendixes) Janna Hoglund. Phone 513 244-4880. Email 1
  2. 2. APPENDIX 1 GUIDE to Using Library Services and Resources Archbishop Alter LibraryProvides access to :- Approx. 100 000 books and 300 journals and magazines.- Over 140 electronic databases. Thousands of electronic journals and e-books. Millions of full text articles.- The collections of 90 Ohio libraries through the OhioLINK resource sharing program.1. Library Website -  Access your library account: (renew, track your OhioLINK requests, cancel requests)  Search Library Catalog “Focus”  Search OhioLINK Catalog and order books through OhioLINK Tutorial: How to search Focus and OhioLINK catalogs Janna Hoglund. Phone 513 244-4880. Email 2
  3. 3.  Order via Interlibrary Loan  Search the Library Databases o Index A-Z o By Subject  Course Reserves: ; electronic reserves –  Research Help - o Basic research tips o Evaluating websites . Journal vs. Magazines o Citation Manuals - Off Campus Access - Library is open: Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 10pm; Friday 7:30am – 5 pm; Saturday10:00 am – 5:00 pm; Sunday 12 pm – 10am. Look for the information about the special hoursand days on the library home page.4. Ask A Librarian: Consult in-person with a librarian at the Research & Instruction Desk Call a librarian at 513-244-4307 Email at or Chat online via KnowItNow AcademicLibrary Self-Guided Tour Janna Hoglund. Phone 513 244-4880. Email 3
  4. 4. APPENDIX 2 Questions1. I want to find a book or a video in the library. How do I do that? Browsing the stacks might be great, but kind of time consuming…2. I am looking for the book “The Book Thief” in our library. It is checked out. I really do not want to buy it. Can I borrow the book from somewhere else?3. I found an article via google, but I have to pay in order to access the full text. Do we have electronic articles in the library? How do I find them? Do I have to pay for them?4. My instructor told me that he had placed some books on reserve for our class. I cannot find them. Can you help me?5. I am planning on working on my paper during the coming weekend. Can I get help from a librarian on a weekend? How do I contact a librarian?6. My books are due soon. How do I renew them? Janna Hoglund. Phone 513 244-4880. Email 4