Slm principles


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Slm principles

  1. 1. Southeast Asia Student-led (Campus) Vision: ! To glorify GOD by launching spiritual movements in every campus in South East Asia that will raise up Christ-centered multiplying disciples who will be lifetime movement builders so that everyone would know someone who truly follows Jesus. ! ถวายเกียรติแดพระเจาโดยการสรางกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณในทุกมหาวิทยาลัยใน ประเทศไทยเพื่อสรางนักทวีคูณฝายวิญญาณที่มีพระเยซูคริสตเปนศูนยกลางของ ชีวิต เปนผูที่สรางกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณตลอดชีวิต เพื่อใหทุก ๆ คนจะรูจักบางคนทีติดตามพระเยซูอยางแทจริง ่OUR MOVEMENT STRATEGY ! Win ! Build (& Train) ! SendOUR VALUES ! Faith ! Growth ! FruitfulnessOUR CULTURE ! Value-driven ! Local Ownership ! Kingdom Perspective ! Learning Environment ! Shared LeadershipASEA SLM SUCCESS CRITERIA Giving away Spiritually Multiplying Leaders (SML) who continue to disciple forChrist and build spiritual movements for a lifetime. สงผูนําที่เปนนักทวีคูณฝายวิญญาณ ผูที่จะสรางสาวกและกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณตลอดชีวิต
  2. 2. THE STUDENT-LED MOVEMENTStudent-Led Movements is: 1. Developing strong spiritual movements on a few strategic campuses. 2. Every campus having at least a small group of students committed to build a movement there. 3. Seeing our student leaders continue on building movements for a lifetime. -การพัฒนากลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณใหเขมแข็งในมหาวิทยาลัย -ทุกมหาวิทยาลัยมีกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณโดยนักศึกษาอยางนอยหนึ่งกลุมที่ ทุมเทในการสรางกลุมพลัง -นักศึกษาผูนําไดสรางกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณตอไปตลอดชีวิตของเขาTHE SLM STRATEGIES ! Base Campus Strategy ! Catalytic Campus StrategySTUDENT-LED MOVEMENT ! BASE CAMPUS: A few of the most strategic universities have a staff team working full time in it. ! Short-term Goal: In 5 years the university will have 1% of the population a mover or multiplier. ! Long-term Goal: To raise up student leaders through WBTS and who are personallyexperiencing leading a movement on their campus so that after they graduate, 75% willcontinue to build movements for a lifetime to reach their generation.-มี Staff ทํางานเต็มเวลาในมหาวิทยาลัยหลัก-เปาหมายระยะสั้น คือภายใน 5 ป จะมี mover หรือ multiplier 1% ของจํานวนนักศึกษา ทั้งหมด-เปาหมายระยะยาว คือเพื่อสรางนักศึกษาผูนําโดย WBTS ใหมีประสบการณสวนตัวในการนํากลุมพลังฝายวิญญาณในมหาวิทยาลัยของเขา
  3. 3. และเมื่อสําเร็จการศึกษาจะมี 75% ที่จะยังคงสรางกลุมพลังฝายวิญญาตลอดชีวิตตอไป เพื่อประกาศแกคนในรุนของเขาBASE SUCCESS CRITERIA(Staff in one location for five years). It may take a while to reach this, but this is wherewe are going regardless of context.A. The Individual staff ! In 3-5 years each campus staff has a minimum of 120 people in their chain. ! In 3-5 years each campus staff has 4 generations, not counting themselves.B. The university ! In 5 years we’ll have 1% of student population either mover or multiplier. ! In 5 years wie’ll be in the saturation/continuation stage. (For very large universities over 100,000, you may need to divide the school up into sections and see each section as one base university.)C. The graduates1. 75% of graduating movers/multipliers will be a multiplier in two years of graduation.2. 100% of graduating movers/multipliers are in a database internet network of somekind.มี Staff ทํางานอยูในมหาวิทยาลัยเดิม 5 ปA. The Individual staff -ใน 3-5 ป Staff ทุกคนมีสาวกอยางนอย 120 คน -ใน 3-5 ป Staff ทุกคน มีสาวก 4 รุน ไมรวมตัว Staff เองB. The university -ใน 5 ป เราจะมี mover หรือ multiplier 1% ของจํานวนนักศึกษา -ใน 5 ป เราจะอยูในระดับ Saturation/Continuation (สําหรับ มหาวิทยาลัยที่มีนักศึกษาเกิน 100,000 คน อาจจะแบงเปนกลุม ๆ โดยกลุม ๆ นั้น เปนเหมือนมหาวิทยาลัยหลัก)C. The graduates -75% ของ mover หรือ multiplier ในมหาวิทยาลัยจะเปน multiplierใน 2 ป -100% ของ mover หรือ multiplier จะมีขอมูลในฐานระบบเครือขาย
  4. 4. ! CATALYTIC MINISTRY: Staff building movements in many schools by finding and training 1-3 peoplewho are committed to build a movement in each of the schools. ! Short-term Goal: Catalytic: It is the expansion rate of beginning a movement in new schoolseach year. ! Long-term Goal: On every campus there is at least a small group of students who are committedto build a movement on their campus.CATALYTIC SUCCESS CRITERIAA. Each staff has a minimum of 200 people in their chain in 5 years. Each staff canhave between 10 to 15 universities.B. Total number of schools expansion rate: How many new catalytic schools to openup each year. ! If your current catalytic presence is in 1-20% of all schools nationwide, then you need to expand by 70% of the number of schools you already in. ! If your current catalytic presence is in 21-50% of all schools nationwide, then you need to expand by 50% of the number of schools you already in. ! If your current catalytic presence is in 51-100% of all schools nationwide, then you need to expand by 20% of the number of schools you already in.C. The graduates 75% of graduating movers/multipliers will be a multiplier in two yearsof graduation.STUDENT-LED MOVEMENT ! STAFF ROLE: The role of Student-led Movement Staff is to raise up student leaders who willhelp build movements everywhere for a lifetime. สรางนักศึกษาผูนําที่จะชวยสรางกลุมพลังทุกแหงหนตลอดชีวิตของเขา
  5. 5. Phases of the Movement defined and clarified PENETRATION Staff Do Student Do • Find existing leaders and challenge • Looking for another PKV to be them to reach the vision challenged with the vision • Train the existing leaders • Let them train the other students and • Make a discipleship group lead them to discipleship Note: • Our goal in penetration stage is to raise up 1st generation leaders in every Target Audience in the campus or every campus in the city. CONCENTRATION Staff Do Student Do • Empower students to lead • Students doing MAWL to other students • Training other “student trainers” • Multiplying what they are doing (WBTS) • Strengthening spiritual & personal maturity of other student leaders Note: • The goal in the concentration stage is to have a large pool of spiritually multiplying student leaders who will eventually be the ones to open other Target Audience in the campus or others campuses in the city. • The movement is ready to move to saturation stage if there are enough leaders to reach the Target Area or the whole school and the movement is moving close towards having 1% of the population are movers and multipliers.
  6. 6. SATURATION Staff Do Student Do• Staff totally leaves the leading to the • Students leading and mobilizing students prayer movements all over the Target• Staff only serve as coach Area • Students are self-run, self-resourcing and self-reproducing • Students do evangelism as a lifestyleNote:• The movement is ready to move to continuation stage if at least 1% of the population are movers and multipliers to ensure a continuous production of leaders (the critical mass) in all years. This also ensures that the saturation stage of the movement is maintained. CONTINUATION Staff Do Student Do• DNA keeper • Student leadership• Staff coaches students how to • Students choose the right target choose the right target area and area (campus) and send the right how to send them team• Staff coaches how to open new • Students open new campuses campusesNote:• Always go where you can find the greatest number of leaders.• Student-led movements will collapse if the staff will take over the leadership.