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My most recent portfolio of work including architecture interior design projects and paintings.

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Cookston Portfolio

  1. 1. janiseCOOKSTON
  3. 3. hotels
  4. 4. hotels My hotel design experience includes work with two separate design firms whose primary focus is hotel and resort projects. During my time with Peggy Dye and Associates in Birmingham, Alabama, I worked on several major flag hotels across the country, both redesign and new construction. I then went on to work with Architects Van Lom Group in Portland, Oregon where we completed the schematic design for the Hotel at New Sisters Village, a 93-unit boutique hotel designed within an 1880’s theme and set to be an icon for the tourist city of Sisters, OR. I have worked on the following hotel projects:  Fairfield Inn Lumberton, NC  Fairfield Inn El Centro, CA  Fairfield Inn Provo, UT  Fairfield Inn Savannah, GA  Fairfield Inn Redding, CA  Best Western Birmingham, AL  Clarion Hotel Portland, OR  Hampton Inn and Suites Merced, CA  The Hotel at New Sisters Village Sisters, OR Guest Room | Fairfield Inn—Savannah, GA 4
  5. 5. Lobby | Fairfield Inn—Savannah, GA Breakfast Area | Clarion Hotel—Portland, OR Guest Suite | Hampton Inn and Suites—Merced, CA 5
  6. 6. the hotel at new sisters village SISTERS, OR | 79,500 SF Front Exterior Elevation This boutique hotel was designed to be a landmark for the newly revitalized tourist town of Sisters, Oregon. The facility will offer space for small conventions, weddings and much-needed lodging for the city of Sisters. This three-story, wood frame building is proposed to be built in two phases, with the first phase having fifty-seven rooms, an indoor swimming pool, health spa, lobby and administrative space. Phase two will have an additional thirty-five suites. The design review and approval process for this project was extensive and involved several hearings before the Sisters Board of Commissioners. The hotel design is based on Sisters' 1880s theme, with some of the features inspired by the Pilot Butte Inn on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon which was constructed in 1917. The design calls for local river rock and pine, as well as vertical board-and-batten siding and gabled roofs. The hotel is to be located in the master planned community of Pine Meadow Village and is required to remain consistent with the existing architecture of the community. Bicycle and walking paths are proposed to connect the hotel to the existing master plan. The hotel's site placement allows for the full view of the Three Sisters mountains. By positioning the building to face southwest, the site plan takes advantage of natural solar opportunities. The hotel will incorporate sustainable design and building methods with the potential of LEED certification. For the schematic presentation package for this project I created an extensive 3D model using SketchUP™ and comprehensive renderings in Photoshop™. I also placed the final 3D model onto the site in Google Earth™ in order to conduct light and shadow studies as well as evaluate sight lines. I was responsible for completing a LEED™ rating analysis on the possible certification level opportunities, determining that this project would be best suited for seeking Silver Certification under the Commercial Interiors rating system. 6
  7. 7. Perspective at Front Entry 7
  8. 8. restaurants
  9. 9. the gallery STUDENT PROJECT | 9,298 SF ”Noise, crowding, pollution, and the sheer rush of our complex, modern society are rapidly becoming as oppressive to many indi- viduals as the worst kind of political dictatorship.” - Thomas F. Eagleton In our modern society we spend our microscheduled days rushing between work and the endless details of our private lives, always accelerating toward some ultimate, unseen fulfillment of convenience. Little encourages us to pause and look around, much less think or question. Each successive generation is redefining, some may argue losing, the concept of culture and com- munity. The Gallery seeks to bring back to life the vitality of the cultural center, a forum for the arts, an environment where conversation and community meet culture. The Gallery will feature a blend of fine food, fine wine and fine art. It will be a place that seeks to provide not simply a meal but a cultural experience, a sophisticated atmosphere tailored for the intellectual crowd, a metropolitan scene modern in style and urban in appeal. Elevation of Front Facade 9
  10. 10. First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan “For better or for worse, we are different people in different is architecture's task to stand as an eloquent reminder of our full potential.” - Alain de Botton 10
  11. 11. Entry Main Dining Bar 11
  12. 12. Mezzanine 12
  13. 13. Rooftop Patio Dining 13
  14. 14. Patio Water Feature/Art installation Patio Art installation 14
  15. 15. east STUDENT PROJECT | 4,785 SF East is an upscale Japanese restaurant and sushi bar catering to contemporary world travelers. It’s atmos- phere is modern Asian using sleek lines and a “less is more” philosophy. Dark woods and lightweight fabrics add to the Eastern feel. A large open lobby will provide sleek seating for waiting guests. The hostess stand will be a piece of art itself, standing out against it’s minimal- ist surroundings. Japanese prints are displayed throughout adding an artistic feel. The sushi bar will be distinct and unique as almost a restaurant unto itself. A quiet patio with calming water feature will take guests to memories of Japanese gardens. East will be equipped with Teppan grills and Hibachi seating that will add to the restaurant’s exclusive appeal. Enough tradition to be authentic, enough modern style to be the hottest spot in town. Main Dining Floor Plan 15
  16. 16. farmhouse PORTLAND, OR | 3,109 SF Front Facade This project involved a 3,000 square foot addition to the existing Farmhouse Restaurant. The new space was designed to house gambling/slot machines and a bar as well as billiards tables and a karaoke stage. The design priorities were to create cohesion with the existing building while creating an “old west” aesthetic in the new construction. kentucky fried chicken CAMAS, WA This façade renovation project was commissioned by Yum! Brand, the world’s largest restaurant company, as part of a campaign to upgrade multiple KFC restaurants nation- wide to meet a new national branding campaign. This project called for detailed demolition plans and elevations. All design work was monitored closely by a design representative from Yum! to assure the renovation followed the corporate branding outline. The scope of this project also included remodeling the restrooms to meet ADA accessibility standards. Front Facade 16
  17. 17. residentialSINGLE FAMILY
  18. 18. van lom house renovation PORTLAND, OR This renovation required extensive interior demolition and construction in order to prepare this 4,000 square foot house for sale. The house was built in the 1950s and still retained the original dated fixtures and finishes in disrepair. The scope of this project required replacing all flooring, removing wallpaper, retexturing walls, repairing drywall, replacing all base molding and trim as well as all plumbing fixtures for two and a half baths. Sustainable design was one of the top priorities. We replaced all pre-existing flooring with rapidly -renewable bamboo floors and Greenguard Certified carpet. All bathrooms were outfitted with dual flush toilets and Watersense faucets. The entire house was repainted with no VOC paints and all new lighting fixtures were Energy Star rated. After construction was completed the house Living Room | After was staged with furniture and accessories in neutral styles to appeal to the broadest range of buyers and enhance the sale. Placards were designed and placed throughout the house to call attention to the valuable eco-friendly design features. The $40,000 renovation took six months to complete and ultimately added $150,000 to the value of the house. Living Room | Before Second Bath | Before Master Bedroom | Before 18
  19. 19. Second Bath | After Master Bedroom | After 19
  20. 20. wolfgang puck condominium STUDENT PROJECT “Live, love, eat” is Wolfgang Puck’s motto for life, and therefore should be the driving force behind his new concept structure. Just as these words are uncomplicated and individual, the spaces we create will reflect this distinction. The “live” area will encompass power and energy by enhancing this open public space with the warmth of reds. Balance, comfort, and renewal will emanate from the “love” spaces with textures and colors that reflect the nature of the adjoining terrace. Working closely with the live area, The “eat” spaces will radiate inspira- tion and enthusiasm with vibrant citrus tones. While these three concepts are strongly independent they will work together in a harmony that Wolfgang himself has achieved not only in his culinary arts but also in his life. Inspiration Materials and Finishes 20
  21. 21. Second Floor Third Floor Rooftop Terrace 21
  22. 22. Main Living Room 22
  23. 23. Kitchen 23
  24. 24. residentialMULTI- FAMILY
  25. 25. holgate flats PORTLAND, OR These urban loft-style apartments were designed for a small lot on the east side of the city of Portland. The three story development has ten identical two-bedroom, two-bathroom units. With four available garage spaces and four reserved parking spaces. The bold colors and contemporary design of the exterior are intended to enhance the urban revitalization aesthetic emerging in this urban area of the city. The units boast ample daylighting and spacious outdoor balconies and patios. The building’s site design and orientation remain cohesive with the pedestrian oriented neighborhood. Front (South) Facade East Facade West Facade North Facade 25
  26. 26. blanton meadows apartments ALOHA, OR Front Facade patio Master bedroom Second bedroom closet closet Bath room Bath room kitchen entry dining living Perspective at Front Facade patio This sixteen unit development involved extensive wetland area reclamation and included the relocation of an existing waterway. These two-bedroom, two-bathroom units were designed to meet the standards of the LEED™ for Homes Typical Floor Plan rating system. 26
  27. 27. corporate
  28. 28. corporate headquarters STUDENT PROJECT | 13,330 SF operates on the core values of initiative, responsibility, teamwork, integrity, professionalism and flexibility. With this philosophy in mind, their space will utilize an open floor plan to encourage teamwork and communication. Their space is to be flexible but efficient in its layout. The environment will inspire creativity and support originality while maintaining a responsible professional image. The focus will be on bringing out distinct creative qualities of art in an easily-accessible manner. The de- sign will derive inspiration from all art forms and work with the existing architecture in a design that truly embraces the space. The space is to accommodate approximately 135 employees and be the na- tional headquarters overseeing all business affairs of’s regional and local of- fices and production facilities. The building was designed by Clive Wilkinson of Clive Wilkinson Architects and the interior design will reflect his design style and philoso- phy. The client desires a space that is open and encourages teamwork and communi- cation. Their space is to be flexible but efficient in its layout and adjacency require- ments. They require an environment that inspires creativity and supports originality all while maintaining a responsible professional image. The desired image for this project will reflect the fluid, open space and vibrant colors of the existing architecture. The focus will be on bringing out distinct creative qualities of art in an easily-accessible manner. The design should reflect the client’s philosophy and core values of initiative, responsibility, teamwork, integrity, profes- sionalism and flexibility. The space will encourage initiative, teamwork and flexibility by utilizing an open floor plan with communal work areas. It will also be important that the headquarters convey responsibility, integrity and professionalism by valuing function over all else. The design will derive inspiration from all art forms operating from Clive Wilkinson’s mantra “Architecture is the clothing of space.” Wilkinson Inspiration Images from Google Headquarters 28
  30. 30. Perspective at Lobby 30
  31. 31. Conference Table | Knoll: Scope Workstation | Herman Miller: My Studio Environments Workstation | Herman Miller: My Studio Environments 31
  32. 32. furniture + millwork
  33. 33. box The assignment for this student project was to research a noted furniture designer and become familiar with their design philosophy and body of work. Then create an object utilizing this research. The design was required to be a functional item focusing on concept. This lamp was modeled after the philosophy and work of Israeli furniture designer Ronen Kadushin. 33
  34. 34. anillo table This student project required an evaluation of a designer chair and then development of a compli- ment piece. I designed the Anillo table to work distinctly with the Globus chair by Jesus Gasca. The table reflects the Scandanavian style and simplicity of the chair and utilizes the same materials of beech plywood and chromed steel. 34
  35. 35. tudor millwork Elevation of Finished Millwork Solution For this student project I was challenged to develop a millwork solution inspired by the research of a specific period in history and the development of furniture design during that period. I was specifically assigned the Tudor of the Early Renaissance. My proposed solution for this renovation was based off of a partial floor plan and elevation of existing conditions. The finished design reflected the Tudor Preliminary Design Sketch design aesthetic. 35
  36. 36. the wall workstation The challenge of this project was to create an interior implied environment by designing a “wall that has it all.” The requirements were that it was to be self-supporting, have integrated lighting, both task and ambient, and have visual communication between both sides. My design also provides easy-access electrical and telecom- munication outlets, overhead storage and art display space. The plan for this piece was a study of additive and subtractive forms in 3D mass. 36
  37. 37. art
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. 39
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. 42