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Local organic fruit for the workplace!


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Local organic fruit for the workplace!

  1. 1. How to start a simply successful wellness program Get fresh, organically grown fruit delivered for your employees. It’s a wellness program every company can benefit from!
  2. 2. Our Mission We help companies boost their employees’ health by bringing the best of San Diego’s farms to the workplace. We’re a family owned business working hard to bring local farmers together with busy people…to improve the health and welfare of both.
  3. 3. Fresh fruit is a smart wellness tactic Because it promotes healthy change  “the purpose of worksite wellness programs is to improve the health and productivity of the staff & reduce health-related costs by helping to change towards a healthy lifestyle.” Source: Larry Chapman, WebMD Health Services  only a few of us eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day  we spend 60% of our waking hours at work - we need to be eating 3 out of 5 of those fruit and veggies while at work!  eating more fruit & veggies is the 2nd most important cancer prevention strategy after giving up smoking!
  4. 4. Fresh fruit in the break room Is a small gesture with a big payback  promotes wellness - fresh fruit once a week is a simple way to show your employees that their health is important to your company  improves morale - a simple act that creates happiness in the workplace enhancing the wellbeing of your employees  reduces illness by promoting healthy habits – fresh fruit snacks help employees avoid vending machine temptations  enhances your corporate image and builds employee loyalty
  5. 5. A fresh fruit day at your office Is a simple & effective wellness program  it’s so easy to execute – place your order and we do the rest. No metrics, no cumbersome regulations. We even bring you a serving basket!  you get full employee engagement - our fruit is usually gone in about 10 minutes! This is an inclusive program that everyone will enjoy  very cost effective – what other wellness program costs less than $2.50 per person?  you’ll see positive results – healthy employees are up to 20% more productive than those in poor health
  6. 6. Offer fresh fruit instead Fruit is the gold standard for a healthy snack  it’s a quick, tasty snack that low in calories and high in fiber  chock-full of vitamins and minerals that boost energy and health  makes us happy with their bright, colorful and appealing with an almost infinite variety to try!  may help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer  proven to help maintain a healthy weight…did someone say “biometrics?”
  7. 7. Choose Daily Harvest’s fruit Local is fresher - Organic is safer Fresh picked from local farms is tasty & nutritious  comes from local farms in San Diego and Central Valley  our fruit is picked at it’s peak  hand packed and personally delivered by us  seasonal, fresh, tasty and sweet  naturally, organically grown vs. warehouse or store bought  harvested from anywhere in the world  often picked before fully ripened  commercially shipped  picking early affects both flavor and nutritional value  can be sprayed, waxed, or gassed
  8. 8. Hand picked, carefully packed and personally delivered
  9. 9. “ ” It’s what you think that matters to us Cali Bamboo We are a San Diego based company and have been a Daily Harvest Market Fresh to Office customer for over 10 months. Everyone has been very impressed with the freshness, quality, and variety of our weekly deliveries, and we love that it is all organic or locally grown. Ordering from Daily Harvest Market even helped us get ranked as a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s Healthiest Companies award this year!
  10. 10. Get fresh fruit in your break room! Go to  choose the size and quantity of fruit or veggie boxes that’s right for your company  order by Friday - we deliver to San Diego businesses every Monday & Wednesday  we bring you a serving basket with your first order  no delivery fee for $25 minimum order  Find out about our other Fresh to Office programs, like our Fresh to Desk Farm Boxes and Mobile Farm Stand
  11. 11. Fresh picked farm boxes Bringing healthy habits home
  12. 12. Healthy San Diego companies with fresh fruit in their breakrooms The Ken Blanchard Company BioMed Realty Sentek Cali Bamboo Dudek SKLZ Receptos MaintenanceNet Intellisus Human Longevity Leichtag Foundation Novatel Thermo-Fisher Chirotouch Underground Elephant Mindstream Grant Thornton LLP Your Name Here!
  13. 13. “ ” We are a health conscious company and wanted to provide healthy snacks for our team. We started with one Daily Harvest delivery per week, but our employees loved the fruit so much, we added a second delivery mid-week! The delivery is convenient and provides a nice variety of ripe and in-season organic fruits. We also like the fact that we are supporting local farms & businesses. I highly recommend you give it a try. We have amazing clients who care MaintenanceNet
  14. 14. Get started today Choices for every size company  Starting at just $28 a week for a small office (perfect for 7-10 people)  Contact us by email:  Call us at: 760-560-3867  Or just order online at  Special offer: Get your first large box 50% off with weekly delivery (perfect for 30 to 40 people)  Many of our partners pay for their fruit with their Wellness Dollars
  15. 15. Pick your box and delivery schedule  Small (for 10 people) 18 servings $28  Medium (for 15 people) 30 servings $43  Large (for 30+ people) 65 servings $69.50  Choose Weekly, Bimonthly, Monthly or just once in a while  Our wellness partnership starts with your first box!
  16. 16. Oh yes, we also have a mobile farm stand! We come out on a regular schedule so your employees can shop local right at work.