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Home automation


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  • Hi Janis,
    I got here from Instructables. I want to use an Arduino, attach a usb finger print scanner for security to my car. It seems that it is possible to use the scanner, load and memorize the scan, compare it to a new inscan If all is the same than the car has permission to start. I am not a programmer but I can solder. Can you help me? Is it feasible to so this?
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Home automation

  1. 1. Home automation and sensors Quantify Self meetup, Combinat56, Munich 2012.05.10 by Janis Alnis• Home automation becomes popular thanks to Internet.• Below my mentors house in Zurich.• Webcam, control of lights , window jalousie via iPhone.• Professional systems KNX and X10 are expensive.
  2. 2. How it startedOnline real-time Geiger counterto monitor radioactivity in airLive near Garching ForschungsreaktorAssembled 2 weeks before Fukushima Fukushima 11 March • Geiger tube clicks are counted by Arduino microcontroller • USB connection with Linux PC webserver that makes graphs • No effect of Fukushima. Increased radiation during rain observed. That is normal effect. • Wrote a description at
  3. 3. Android phone cam as radiation detector Natural radiation: • background radiation • flights in airplanes • Potassium 40K KNO3 fertilizer, Pokelsaltz bananas
  4. 4. Low cost, low power consumption Linux boards• Every board has some compatibility problems.• Mini notebooks are best in compatibility. Ubuntu 10.10.• Mobile phones best in power consumption and functionality. Android programming not easy. Alix-PC NanosG20 Foxboard Beagleboard Bifferboard Raspberry Pi Samsung i5500
  5. 5. WLAN router webserver for automation• Pocket router TP-LINK WR703N.• 400 MHz CPU. 1 W power consumption.• OpenWRT linux. Still works as router.• USB hub, flash memory stick, HDD, NAS, FTP• HD Webcam + 1 W power, Logitech C270• USB sound card: Internet radio, mp3 player• USB GSM modem• Webserver: weather forecast, revolvermaps, Pachube graphs• Arduino home automation via USB: temperature, light, PIR alarm, sound level, switches Internet controlled power outlets wireless temperature sensors 433 MHz.Selling on Ebay – kind of World conquering.AU, IT, CL, SG, PT, LV .Offering cloud storage.Car number plate detection Singapure.
  6. 6. Keep in touch with mom 2000 km awayElderly people – no computer skills.Simpler solution needed.• Router + Webcam• WiFi client, internet from neighbours• SIP phone, Skype phone, smartphone•Arduino temperature, PIR motion det.
  7. 7. Mobile Webcam for places without internet and power• See if right time to go to skatepark , play football or ice hockey.• MobileWebcam.apk for Android, free, good support from developer.• 1 HD photo/10 min. 20 MB/day. GSM O2 data 15 EUR/month. Samsung 90 EUR.• Weather-proof box with LiPo 4V, 16 Ah. 2-3 months attendance free. Box 50 EUR.• Solar charging possible.
  8. 8. Temperature sensor for Pachube – Cosm• Video and temperature monitoring from anywhere• Free Windows software, cloud storage• USB thermometer stick• Alarms by email • software motion detection • movie generation
  9. 9. Summary barbara320.gotdns.comTried different low power Linux boards for home automation .Wrote descriptions at ambitions fullfilled:• Can talk to mom and see how she is via a router.• Autonomous GSM webcam works: Uses: summer house, construction site, graffiti prevention, bird nest, sport meetups, events, old people remote care, cemeteries, lakes, parking lots, skiing hill, plant growth, time lapse video.Commercialization of ideas -not my strong side.May be write or join some EU project?• EU Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) to improve peoples lives• EU objective: Health• Aging Europe• Improve life quality of older people
  10. 10. Appendix: my QS data Sleep length and quality monitor Weight Temperature sensor in bed (blue)120118116114112110108106104102100 2-Jan 1-Feb 2-Mar 1-Apr 1-May 31-May Snorking during night Vibration or sound intensity