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Viaf and isni ifla 2014 08-15


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ISNI and VIAF have a partially overlapping scope but ISNI's database and system allow online corrections and enhancements and end user input. Manual corrections in ISNI are flagged such that they will take effect on VIAF clusters.

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Viaf and isni ifla 2014 08-15

  1. 1. VIAF Global Council - Lyon, France 15 August 2014 VIAF and ISNI Synchronisation Janifer Gatenby EMEA Program Manager Metadata
  2. 2. cross-domain bridging-domains Libraries Text Rights Trade Sources Music Rights Encyclopaedias Researchers & Professional Granting organisations Professional Societies Article databases Theses databases Archives and Museums
  3. 3. ISNI Status at July 2014 • 8.01 million assigned ISNIs (was 1 million 2 years ago) • 15.4 million links; ISNI as linked data • ORCID Registration process is accessing ISNI • New members: Harvard University, La Trobe University and COPYRUS (Russia) • Linked Content Coalition names ISNI as # 1 strategy Databases Assigned Links Research 12 836,142 1,845,165 Text rights 7 129,816 692,580 Music 5 315,918 450,717 Libraries & trade 4 6.8 million 12,356,010 Organisations 3 446, 237 109,204 
  4. 4. Current ISNI Sources 30…and growing GENERAL SOURCES Bowker Books in Print BOWKER The European Library (48 national libraries) TEL Virtual International Authority File (33 libraries) VIAF RIGHTS MANAGEMENT Access Copyright, Canada ACCE Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, UK ALCS Centrum Dienstverlening Auteurs- en aanverwante Rechten, Netherlands CEDA Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos CEDR Irish Copyright Licensing Agency ICLA Prolitteris, Switzerland PROL VG WORT, Germany VGWO MUSIC American Musicological Society AMS British Library Sound Archive BLSA International Performers’ Database Association IPDA MusicBrainz MUBZ RESEARCHERS AND PROFESSIONALS American Musicological Society AMS Authors Guild AGLD British Library Theses BRTH Digital Author identifier, Netherlands DAI Jisc Names Project, UK JNAM La Trobe University AU:VLU Modern Languages Association MLA OCLC Theses OCLCT ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network ODIN AuthorClaim and RePec OPENL Proquest Theses PROQ Scholar Universe, Proquest SCHU Electronic tables of content ZETO ORGANISATIONS American Chemical Society ACS Boekenbank, Belgium BOEK Bowker Publishers BOWP Publishers Licensing Society, UK PLS Ringgold RING
  5. 5. VIAF and ISNI are Complementary VIAF Scope • Persons • Organisations • Works / uniform titles • Expressions • Meetings • Geographic • All public data ISNI Scope • Persons – + musicians, researchers • Organisations • (excluding sparse) • (excluding undifferentiated) • Includes private data
  6. 6. VIAF and ISNI are Complementary VIAF Role • Ingest authority records from the world’s major national and research libraries • Make clusters • Expose and diffuse ISNI Role • Create permanent IDs – By batch – On demand • Diffuse those IDs – Libraries, trade, rights management, professional societies, educational institutions
  7. 7. VIAF and ISNI are Complementary VIAF System • Harvester • Clustering mechanism (re-clustered monthly) • 5 web interface languages • Download in multiple formats • Linked data & SRU  1 million personal visitors p.a. ISNI System • Batch load • Online request API • Web site (English only) – Allows end user input – Member input and correction – 16+ indexes • SRU; linked data • Quality Team monitoring & correcting • Diffusion, including corrections
  8. 8. 2012 Synchronisation ISNI to VIAF • ISNI / VIAF identifiers 2013 • Full records; ISNI a VIAF source 2014 • ISNI records, verification mark
  9. 9. VIAF ingest into ISNI • VIAF provides full file each month • ISNI compares previous & current files & creates separate files for processing – Deletes (VIAF cluster ID in old but not new) • If assigned or has other sources, source becomes ISNI – Contents changed – Sources added or deleted – New (VIAF cluster ID in new but not old) – Re-matches VIAF deletes • VIAF cluster movement reports for BL and BnF
  10. 10. VIAF Global Council - Lyon, France 15 August 2014 Maintaining Clusters
  11. 11. Mixed identities Source 1 Source 2 Source 1 Cluster Error Source Error
  12. 12. End User Note Dear Sir / Madam, The ISNI 0000000117488848 refers to "Marco Antonio Casanova", Professor at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. I am not the author of "Fragmentos póstumos. - Nietzsche uma introdução filosófica" or "Segunda consideração intempestiva da utilidade e desvantagem da história para a vida". The author of these works is "Marco Antonio dos Santos Casa Nova". You may confirm this information by consulting our CVs at the Brazilian Research Council: Marco Antonio Casanova (me): Marco Antonio dos Santos Casa Nova (the other author):
  13. 13. I Correction – Source Error • Reply to End User Thank you for using the ISNI database and suggesting improvements to your record. There is now another ISNI record for Marco Antonio dos Santos Casa Nova (ISNI 0000 0004 3077 6045). I have corrected your record, removed the erroneous titles and added a link to your online CV (Lattes database). If you have any further queries, please let me know. • Email to Source I am part of the the ISNI Quality Team (experts from the British Library and Bibliothèque nationale de France in charge of the quality of the ISNI database). We perform manual checking and corrections in the ISNI database such as splits, merges/deduplications and data corrections. ISNI Quality team received a request from an enduser about ISNI records 0000 0001 1748 8848 and 0000 0004 3077 6045, VIAF 19998588 and their related Authority record XXX 109895029 mixes 2 identities (see the snapshot below) : 1/ Marco Antonio Casanova (ISNI 0000 0001 1748 8848) 2/ Nova, Marco Antonio dos Santos Casa (ISNI 0000 0004 3077 6045) Philosoph, and author of "Segunda consideração intempestiva da utilidade e desvantagem da história para a vida" I hope this information will be useful. = Source 1 Source ISNI Source ISNI
  14. 14. Correction – Cluster Error Source ISNI Source ISNI • ISNI marks its two records as verified & sends to VIAF • These records are given the same status as XA records in VIAF clustering. • No two XA records may occur in the same cluster
  15. 15. End User Note • It seems 2 ISNIs has been assigned to the French singer Laïka Fatien (born 1968 in Paris): ISNI 0000 0000 8065 8419 and ISNI 0000 0000 7238 637X. I think the last one can be deleted.
  16. 16. Correction – Merged duplicate • Reply to End User • Thank you for using the ISNI database and providing us with information about the duplicate records for Laïka Fatien. • • There is now just one record on the ISNI database for this identity – ISNI: 0000 0000 8065 8419. • • If you have any further queries, please let me know. • Notification to VIAF via ISNI record • ISNI record contains verification note (i.e. treat as XA) • ISNI record contains 2 VIAF cluster identifiers VIAF A VIAF B = ISNI VIAF A VIAF B
  17. 17. ISNI Quality Team • Samples data regularly – c. 2% VIAF clusters have mixed identities – Duplicate clusters are higher, nearer 5% • Makes corrections at cluster level – Merges, splits, error notifications – Access to cataloguing client / macros • Makes system recommendations • Gives approval for single source assignment • Responds to End User input • Sends emails to sources for error correction (12 VIAF sources currently participating)
  18. 18. ISNI System Notification (Push process) Someone else has matched & details You probably need to take action
  19. 19. ISNI Assignment Agency • Matching, merging and splitting infrastructure • Correction of errors • Sampling and anomaly checks, • e.g. date anomalies, unlikely mixture of sources • Pseudonym splitting • Re-importing and re-matching • Diagnostic indexes and reports • Enrichment – e.g. Wikipedia, Dewey • Notification system
  20. 20. VIAF ISNI Interoperability Task Force • Met in Paris 22-23 April 2014 • Representatives from – Bibliothèque nationale de France – Biblioteca Nacional de España – British Library – Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – Sudoc – OCLC (VIAF system) – OCLC Leiden (ISNI Assignment Agency)
  21. 21. Recommendations to VIAF at OCLC • Use profession and other disambiguating data • Investigate making an anomaly report • Investigate changing the clustering rules to flag and prevent a record with a mixed identity from entering the clusters where 2 or more sources have established separate identity • Investigate changing the clustering rules to prevent duplicate clusters. • Provide deprecated VIAF Ids in the distributed data • Treat records from ISNI that are flagged as manual as XA records • Include ISNI in RDF • Remove test from ISNI icon • Only show one name form for ISNI in the wheel • Investigate why SUDOC titles are not appearing
  22. 22. Recommendations to ISNI at OCLC • Flag manual merges and splits (joint specification to be made) • Indicate to VIAF that a VIAF source needs to be split from a VIAF cluster (joint specification to be made) • Keep up to date with VIAF • Produce anomaly reports • Produce notifications to VIAF sources • [Provide only one ISNI record per VIAF cluster ID; make split off records ISNI source] • [Provide records with ISNI source to VIAF]
  23. 23. Recommendations to VIAF Council • Mark undifferentiated authorities or consider not supplying them to VIAF • Include nationality, particularly for own national identities • Use VIAF in authority control and select VIAF cluster ID – Also use ISNI • If a mixed identity is found in VIAF or ISNI, use either the public interface or [preferably] the member interface of ISNI to request resolution by the ISNI Quality Team. All manual corrections made in ISNI will come to VIAF as records with XA status to ensure merges or splits.
  24. 24. VIAF Global Council - Lyon, France 15 August 2014 Become Involved Jointly let’s maintain clusters
  25. 25. The ISNI Quality Team • Board members are British Library and Bibliothèque nationale de France (Representing CENL) • Seeking Associate Members – KB, Netherlands in process – Control own identities – Access to client maintenance software – Access to restricted data – Provide back-up for end user responses
  26. 26. ISNI Members • View whole database (but not restricted fields) • Access to compare screen; can merge • Reports on request – ISNIs – simple report or enhanced – Cluster movement report – Diagnostic reports • Statistics and links
  27. 27. ISNI Database: Member view Member view Public view
  28. 28. Public view – only see assigned
  29. 29. Member view – list of additional data displayed (if not private) • Related identities • Related persons • Related organisations • Nationality • Gender • Keyword or key phrase • Dewey classification • Publisher • Dates active • Associated countries • Provisional records • Including links to possible matches, if applicable
  30. 30. Private data • Dates • Personal Affiliations • Titles of works These can be masked from the public and from member view. However most sources allow titles to be seen by other members to facilitate merging.
  31. 31. Do not merge Anything that looks suspicious : Report it in a general note and the QT will review This title belongs to This is not the same person
  32. 32. ISNI Statistics Basic statistics Cross matches VIAF matches
  33. 33. La Trobe University: 1,864 VIAF Links Linked Data:
  34. 34. Janifer Gatenby EMEA Program Manager Metadata Explore. Share. Magnify.