NJSL Staff Development Day


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NJSL Staff Development Day

  1. 1. Enhancing Productivity with Web 2.0 Freebies NJSL Staff Development Day May 20 2009 Presented by Janie Hermann Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/josephrobertson/419101649/sizes/l/
  2. 2.  Created and hosted by bluemountains.net  Search via tags and text for Creative Commons pictures posted to flickr  Creative Commons licensing allows you to use the photos based upon user specifications (ie: attribution, non-commercial, etc.) http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/ FlickrCC
  3. 3.  Facebook is much more than quizzes and games  Create fan pages for an organization  Promote an event  Share photos and documents http://facebook.com Facebook
  4. 4.  Create, Share, and Store quot;to doquot; lists for everything from your Christmas shopping to daily task list  Lists are stored online and accessible from any computer via your account  Share your lists with others via RSS  Save for future reference – great for packing lists http://tadalist.com/ Tada List
  5. 5.  Lists accessible via computer, phone or email  Color code, add stars for priorities, share with others  Keep notes within lists and add details  Add to your list from email before you forget http://gubb.net http://gubb.net/m. Gubb
  6. 6.  Both allow you to send and share very large files without freezing up email or taking down a network!  No registration required  YouSendIt will hold the file for 30 days and send an email to the recipient  Senduit lets you determine how long the file stays live (up to 30 days). Provides you with a download link. http://senduit.com http://yousendit.com Senduit/YouSendIt
  7. 7. Senduit
  8. 8. Senduit
  9. 9. Senduit
  10. 10. Senduit
  11. 11.  Online photo editing in your browser  No program installation required  Import pictures from your PC or online  Some features require premium subscription  Integrates seamlessly with flickr http://www.picnik.com Picnik
  12. 12. Picnik
  13. 13. Picnik
  14. 14. Picnik
  15. 15.  Polling and Scheduling made easy  No need to create an account  Schedule a meeting and be assured you have the best possible date  Easy to update http://doodle.ch Doodle
  16. 16.  Quickly converts files from one format to another  Eliminates need for conversion software  Convert text, image, video, and sound files (large array of file extensions available)  Conversions emailed for downloading http://www.zamzar.com Zamzar
  17. 17.  No account required  Just like a hotel wake up call  Eliminate worry about missing flights, morning meetings, etc  Schedule regular reminder phone calls with a free account http://www.wakerupper.com/ Wakerupper
  18. 18.  Motto: See how the experts do it  “Experts” in a variety of areas post short how-to videos  Viewers can comment and rate  Easy to share and post videos http://www.monkeysee.com/ MonkeySee
  19. 19.  A great place to host videos  An alternative to YouTube  Allows large file uploads  No commercial content allowed  Respect is required http://www.vimeo.com Vimeo
  20. 20.  PBwiki has recently become PBworks  Collaborative workspace (not just wikis anymore)  Able to share spreadsheets, presentations, etc  Complete history and audit trail created http://www.pbworks.com PBworks
  21. 21.  Think of it as YouTube for PowerPoint  A great place to share your own PowerPoint presentations and slidecasts or to view what others have posted  Create a social network with others who share your interests http://www.slideshare.net Slideshare
  22. 22. Constantly Scan Tech Blogs,Tech News Sites and the Popular Media!  PC Magazine ◦ Top 101 Sites ◦ Best Free Stuff  SEOmoz’s Web 2.0 Awards  The Webware 100 Awards  Time Magazine’s 50 Coolest Websites  Filehippo (freeware with some shareware) How to locate “Freebies”
  23. 23. Work email: jhermann@princetonlibrary.org Gmail: janieh@gmail.com Twitter/Flickr/Slideshare: JanieH YIM: janielianne Meebo/GTalk: JanieH Facebook: Janie Hermann in NJ Blog: librarygarden.blogspot.com Find Me!